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Chapter 470: Biting Book

Chapter 470: Biting Book

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Regardless of the relation between this woman and Butterfly, her origins were clearly frightening.

She was actually related to the Night Monarch.

And on the following murals, Marvin saw a battle report coming from far in the Universe.

Afterwards, there were many people on the mural, looking sorrowful while learning of the report's content.

Marvin guessed that it was most likely the news of the Night Monarch falling in battle.

Because on the next mural, they were all building a tomb.

That tomb was located south of the High Elves' Thousand Leaves Forest. It seemed to be the location of the current Night Monarch's Tomb.

The woman on the mural was depicted relentlessly guarding the tomb, with sorrow on her face.

She never left up until the last mural.

Marvin didn't know the rest of the story because there was no mural showing it.


'Obviously, Butterfly is related to that woman. Maybe it's her.'

'It was rumored that the High Elves' Royal Family can live forever because they are direct descendants of the Ancient Elven God. If Butterfly is really a High Elf, then her being able to live from ancient times till now wouldn't be surprising.'

'After the end of the 2nd Era, not all High Elves entered the Sanctuary. A few chose to stay, albeit not necessarily in Thousand Leaves Forest.'

Marvin was thinking calmly.

If this was the case, then it explained Butterfly's previous behavior.

She might have used something to seal her memory. Becoming a happy and clueless Wood Elf with no strength might had been the best choice for her.

But the content on the mural might have triggered her memories back.

Thus she said she was regretting.

She shouldn't have, but there were some things one couldn't run from.

And thus she chose to leave.

Marvin recalled that on the other side of the Teleportation Door was a dense and lush forest.

He felt it was familiar, because it was the place he advanced to Night Walker at!

She went back to see him.


'Seems like Professor knew.'

Marvin remembered that when everyone was about to stop Butterfly from going to the underground temple, Professor made the final decision on his own.

The wise and shrewd Copper Dragon clearly knew about this.

Did he want Butterfly to regain her memories?

Although that decision might be disrespecting Butterfly's own will, Marvin still understood Professor's motive.

The current Feinan desperately lacked peak powerhouses.

The Great Elven King already died. This news had yet to spread out, but most powerhouses should already know.

Only two Plane Guardians remained, relying on the Universe Magic Pool to drag the battle, but how long could they really last?

This was the biggest unknown factor.

Once the Plane Guardians became unable to stop the Gods' approach, Feinan would become even more chaotic. How many people would still be able to escape?

Marvin would also choose the same and awaken the memories of a hidden and powerful powerhouse in such times.

After all, he did also request Eric's help.

Marvin would use every single resource he could muster to resist against the invaders.

The Copper Dragon's thoughts were obviously aligned with his.


After he finished reading the murals, Marvin's mood was heavy.

He didn't know what kind of move Butterfly would make, but since Professor woke up her memories, he most likely had a plan prepared for her.

In any case, this ancient High Elven Queen was a peak powerhouse who followed the Night Monarch on his expeditions.

She was even able to directly use a Teleportation Door inside the underground temple, her strength was definitely not below Dark Phoenix's.

Feinan having one more powerhouse on the level of the Plane Guardians, this would certainly be a good thing.

Naturally, this didn't take into account the case of Butterfly resealing her memories to forget again and keep on living without a care.

But this possibility was really too low.


Marvin adjusted his mood before continuing on.

Under the lighting of the bonfire, the underground temple's 2nd layer didn't feel that gloomy, but there were still things that could easily scare people.

After turning a corner for example, there might be some [Biting Book]s that would attack for no reason.

This kind of Biting Books looked no different from ordinary books, but it could float in the air, and once the pages opened, it would display its ferocious teeth.

Biting Books were the product of ancient books being contaminated by magic.

Marvin had been caught off guard by a few Biting Books and almost fell to their teeth.

The Biting Books were more or less the same as Darkness Worms, they were creatures holding bits of Divinity.

But unlike the Darkness Worms, after destroying a Biting Book, he could get a page.

These pages were pages from the original books. A page alone might be useless, but had he gathered enough pages he could possibly form a book, or a chapter and recreate the ancient books.

If time allowed for it, Marvin would farm this place for the Biting Books.

He could definitely gather some ancient books.

Many ancient books had some formidable uses. They had been written before the creation of the Universe Magic Pool, when Ancient Wizards were still in presence.

They relied on their own will to link up and trade with the Chaos Power. Instead of relying on an external Magic Pool, the Ancient Wizards were relying on their own Magic Pool as well as their spell runes or spell matrixes.

The so-called New Wizards in the Post-Calamity era were in fact a kind of rebirth of the Ancient Wizards.

It's just that the aptitudes required of this kind of people aspiring to become the New Wizards were very harsh, it was a lot harder than becoming a Wizard during the Wizard Era.

Only people with firm willpower could walk the Ancient Wizard's path.

But getting on this path didn't necessarily mean it would be a pleasant trip.

Without the Universe Magic Pool's help, they wouldn't be able to study new spells.

At this point, Ancient Wizards' books were very useful.

Many ancient books would have runic spells written in them, and although this wouldn't be very useful to Marvin, Wayne would most likely need these.

Otherwise, even with Magic Power, having no spells to use would be an awkward situation.

If the former Hathaway was there, it wouldn't have been so bad, she could let Wayne reference her Legend spells.

But the current Hathaway broke her curse and had been reborn. She became an Anzed Witch.

Although Wayne left for the wilderness, Marvin still paid attention to those things.

'After this matter is over, I'll ask Professor if he has time to farm those ancient books.' Marvin thought as he kept going forward.

The pages kept accumulating in his hands, but they all belonged to three different types of spellbooks.

One of them was an index. Marvin estimated that this book amounted to about 30 pages. With the current gathering probability, he would need to farm at least 100 books.

This was definitely a very strenuous task.

The Biting Books had a great resistance to the [Azure Leaf]s, and they were also considerably fast. Even with Marvin's Godly Dexterity, he would suffer a loss if he wasn't careful.

Rather than counting on luck to farm those and waste time, it would be a lot better to put a priority to locating the library earlier.

Maybe the Chromatic Dragons' library had some records of ancient spells.

But even though the Dragon Soul told him the way to find the library, that method wasn't fast nor convenient.

The Dragon Soul told him that the closer to the library, the higher the density of Biting Books' appearance there would be.

But such a clue undoubtedly annoyed Marvin.

He could only rely on his instincts and rush toward the areas filled with Biting Books.

Fighting on his way, he killed about twenty Biting Books and gained over twenty pages. But his luck was quite pitiful, he didn't gather a single point of Divinity.

In front of him was a dark hall.

Marvin cautiously approached, paying special attention to the entrances on both sides. The Biting Books especially liked to hide behind these treacherous corners to sneak attack.

After being bitten a few times, Marvin more or less figured their patterns.

But he was quite surprised not receiving any sneak attack after he entered the hall.

'Did I go the wrong way? Did I not walk toward the dense Biting Books area?'

Marvin frowned.

He suddenly felt something amiss.

The 2nd layer was different from the 1st one, almost every area had bonfires and braziers!

But this hall was pitch-black.

Marvin then glanced at the braziers on the sides.

They were purposefully extinguished.

'Someone came first!' Marvin instantly inferred.

He rushed forward, and sure enough, a black clothed woman appeared in front of him.

She was facing the frantic attacks of a dozen Biting Books.

That woman's skin seemed like steel and the Biting Books simply couldn't pierce through it!

'Black Dragon?'


Marvin grinned and casually took out Weeping Sky.