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Chapter 471: Threat

Chapter 471: Threat

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This was a pitch black hall.

If not for Darksight, Marvin wouldn't have had a chance to notice the Black Dragon beforehand.

He used Stealth while grasping Weeping Sky and slowly approached.

He chose to watch for the moment and not act rashly.

Even if these Biting Books couldn't do much to Ikarina, their numbers were a pain.

Marvin looked on as the Black Dragon grabbed them one by one and tore them to pieces.

As for the pages left behind by the ancient books, she carefully collected them.

She apparently hadn't noticed Marvin, this was a good news.

'She seems to be going toward the library.'

'Could the entrance to the 3rd floor be related to the library?'

Marvin's current knowledge about this whole situation was very limited, but he knew that the Chromatic Dragons would definitely rush to the 3rd floor before entering the Nightmare Boundary.

As for the Black Dragon, she was rushing toward the area filled with Biting Books.

Marvin tailed her, staying not too far, yet not too close.

He wasn't certain if the library had something to do with the 3rd floor's entrance, but the Black Dragon's path really coincided with Marvin's.

This was considered good news by Marvin.

After all, he didn't need to clear up the Biting Books himself.

The Black Dragon's body was clearly a lot stronger than his, she could directly tear those Biting Books bare-handed, and it proved very effective.

Soon, the two cleared the third hall, one in the front and one in hiding behind. After dealing with the last Biting Book, the Black Dragon eventually stopped.

In front was a long and narrow hallway, which was similar to the previous one, the 2nd floor seemed to have repetitive structure.

Countless halls and hallways using braziers as sources of light.

It's just that on the way, the Black Dragon was doing something weird.

Each time they passed by a brazier, she would extinguish the flames, plunging the surroundings into darkness..

These Wizard Flames were actually hard to extinguish, but the Black Dragon used a unique yet simple method.

She would directly swallow those flames.

That scene shocked Marvin.

The Dragon Race was truly one of the species at the peak of this world.


Black Dragon Ikarina suddenly stopped in this hall.

Marvin's heart tightened.

Sure enough, she turned toward Marvin's hiding spot.

"Who?" She said in a deep voice and with an imposing aura.

What was beyond Marvin's expectations was her usage of Common instead of Draconic!

This meant that she not only noticed him earlier, but also found out that the lifeform following her wasn't a Dragon!

Marvin stayed silent, secretly shifting position.

But his movement didn't escape the Black Dragon's eyes...

She squinted and pounced toward Marvin!

She could apparently feel Marvin's existence!

Marvin sneered, this was the outcome he wanted.

Black Dragons had too much confidence toward their own bodies, they would still charge unhesitantly even in human form!

Marvin didn't dodge her charge, on the contrary, he stopped hiding and shook his spear to welcome her.

When Weeping Sky appeared, the Black Dragon's expression suddenly changed.

But it was too late for her to retreat.

She had went all-out just now and left herself no safety margin. This was to be expected, there were very few things in this world that could threaten a Black Dragon, so they would rarely hold back.

But unfortunately for Ikarina, and her twin husband Izaka before her, it was none other than Marvin who she encountered.

Because of the restrictions of the advanced Shapeshift skill affecting Ikarina, Marvin's speed was definitely not inferior to the Black Dragon's.

In an instant, Weeping Sky was almost at her abdomen!

Ikarina suddenly stomped the ground, forcing herself to stop. She wanted to forcibly escape, but Marvin held her in check.

She retreated a bit and Marvin stuck to her, his cold voice suddenly echoing, "Don't try to escape, you should know that if I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead."

Ikarina froze.

She really stopped moving.

Because she already understood the situation.

"Turns out to be you…"

The Black Dragon woman looked at Marvin with a complicated expression.

Her eyes were filled with bitterness. This was clearly Marvin who had killed most of the Black Dragon Clan by himself!

He still captured her husband as his servant. Now there were only two Black Dragons remaining in Feinan, and he himself could decide the Fate of her entire Clan.

Regarding this person, Ikarina was filled with respect and dread.

She couldn't not worry. The Dragon Slaying Spear's name was too big. Her shapeshifted body couldn't compare to her Black Dragon body. As long as that spear accurately pierced, even if she wouldn't die, her vitality would be greatly injured.

Her mind was filled with even more doubts.

This Chromatic Dragons' secret operation was very covert in their eyes. The Dragon God Temple wasn't a place Humans would look for.

Black Dragon Ikarina had too many questions in mind, but she knew that right now, her life was in Marvin's hands. She wasn't in any position to ask anything.


"Look, as long as you cooperate, I won't do anything too bad."

Marvin's expression was very gentle, but it was very hateful in the Black Dragon's eyes.

He said in a low voice, "You should know of your husband's matters?"

The Black Dragon silently nodded.

She had a helpless expression.

Although all the Dragons feared [Weeping Sky], it was quite different for other Dragons!

As long as they had some spells or escaping skills, they wouldn't be powerless in front of a Dragon Slaying weapon.

Only the Black Dragons had this kind of flaw.

In the era before the creation of the Dragon Slaying Weapons, even the Wizard spell [Dragon Killer Sword] could only deal a limited amount of damage to the Black Dragons.

By relying on their physical bodies, they were unrestrained and tyrannical.

But it happened that this weapon fell into Marvin's hands. The hands of someone who was very good at finding opportunities.

From that point on, the Black Dragon Clan's fate had already been decided.


"I have no intention of killing you."

Marvin said while lightly pressing the Dragon Slaying Spear against Ikarina's abdomen, "Naturally, you might have a lot of questions after meeting me here. But I don't intend to answer those."

"Don't look at me in disbelief, I'm not some lunatic Dragon Slayer. I had no other choice before, who asked you to attack Hope City?"

"Now I only need you to help me with something, and I'll let you go."

Marvin's tone carried a hint of temptation, "Moreover, if you do a good job, I'll think about releasing your husband."

"But if you fail…"