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Chapter 474: Destroyer

Chapter 474: Destroyer

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As the Librarian of the Chromatic Dragons' library, Fati had every part of this island under her control.

But Marvin was told by the Dragon Soul that there was one place that wasn't under Fati's control!

That was the Sea of Nothingness outside the island.

The Sea of Nothingness looked like a sea, but it was in essence a space separating the library from the external plane.

This space was similar to the Shadow Plane.

It acted as a cover and a defense, preventing outside lifeforms from entering the library. Marvin could effectively avoid Fati's attention there.

The only complication was that there were potential unknown existences in the Sea of Nothingness.

Moreover, the Dragon Library was equivalent to a Demi-Plane, and the borders of planes always had various kinds of things, some of which could be dangerous.

But Fati had the advantage right now, so Marvin could only take a risk.

Sure enough, he was successful.

When he rushed into the Sea of Nothingness, he could clearly feel that the Throwing Knives Formation that had been following him across the island suddenly lost its target.

Fati lost track of Marvin.

Since the Sea of Nothingness wasn't a genuine sea, it felt like moving in space. It was very difficult.

Using his own power, he moved very slowly.

Thus, he didn't go far in the Sea of Nothingness, instead choosing to stay on the edge!

He would return to land from time to time before rushing back to the Sea of Nothingness as soon as he was found by Fati.


These actions made the Draconic Sorcerer feel extremely irritated.

She sternly shouted, "You think yourself clever, but you are just walking to your doom."

"A random Space Storm will tear you to shreds!"

As her voice echoed on the edge of the island, the Throwing Knives Formation kept appearing and disappearing, which created a strange sight.

It was clear that she was very crafty from the way she kept herself hidden.

Thanks to her rich battle experience, Fati had guessed Marvin's fighting style from his appearance, and thus was hiding herself.

In this aspect, Draconic Sorcerers had an overpowered innate skill, allowing them to cast spells while in motion or hiding. This was a natural advantage of Dragon Magic.

But Marvin was just as crafty. He didn't believe Fati's threat.

If there really was such a threat, would Fati kindly warn him about it?

Space Storms and other arcane interferences were frightening phenomena that would appear at the points of contact between planes. But they definitely wouldn't appear in the Dragon Library. Otherwise, this island would have disappeared long ago. When Dragon God Hartson created the island, he made it so that it wouldn't be easily destroyed. The edge of this Demi-Plane should be safe.

But Fati didn't dare go into the Sea of Nothingness.

This meant that even she feared some of the things in the sea.

Marvin was fast as lightning, moving around the seashore, frequently going in and out, and hiding. This not only made it very hard for Fati to lock onto him, but would also help catch her off guard.

He had already activated Earth Perception, trying to locate Fati's position in order to kill her, but the Draconic Sorcerer was quite cunning and didn't expose any traces.

Marvin had a lot of experience with fighting against these kinds of casters.

He had to keep moving to trick the other side into revealing their position!

His movements weren't random, and in fact, he was baiting the Throwing Knives Formation and other spells.

Fati kept using the Throwing Knives Formation, a spell that wouldn't show her location. However, the distance that a channeled spell could cover was limited.

Marvin only needed to find a rough range before putting emphasis on that area with [Earth Perception].

This method had allowed him to kill many Legend Wizards in PK.

He didn't believe that Fati's experience could be richer than his!

While continuously moving, Marvin noticed something strange about the Sea of Nothingness.

This sea was too quiet.

Although it was made of nothingness, there should still be some small lifeforms, yet Marvin didn't see any.

Thick chains marked with many eerie runes kept drifting in the sea.

The runes were of mixed types. There were Draconic runes, old Elvish runes, and ancient Common runes.

This was all Marvin could guess with his knowledge.

After all, his energy was mainly focused on his battle with Fati.

What kinds of creatures were locked at the end of these chains?

If there was a lifeform that made Librarian Fati afraid, then why was it locked up here?

The Dragon Library was considered a strategic spot, where knowledge was gathered to be passed on. Although most of the knowledge of the Dragons was passed through their bloodlines, an inheritance like this would be incomplete. A library was still needed.

As Marvin was dealing with Fati's magic while wandering at the edge of the island, he finally found a huge monster!

At the end of the chains, a creature taller than a Mechanical Titan had its eyes closed, lying in the darkness.

Black algae were twisting across its body, which along with its face, was covered in bruises. Sharp fangs peeked out from the corner of its lips.

Even with its eyes closed, it was frightening enough.

'What the hell is this?!'

Marvin was apprehensive.

Ever since he gained the willpower increase from the Witch's Tear, he would rarely feel fear.

He would even be able to resist an Archdevil's intimidation.

But this frightening lifeform sleeping in the Sea of Nothingness made him shiver in fear.

Those chains were already quite thick, but compared to its body, they seemed like slim strings.

'No wonder Fati is scared of the Sea of Nothingness. If that lifeform awakened…'

Marvin didn't dare to imagine.

The stronger one became, the stronger their awareness of danger would be.

With his strength, even without a spell or skill to determine that thing's strength, he could still feel that it was formidable.

There was the aura of Destruction.

'Forget it, I still need to hurry back to the island, creating too many disturbances isn't always good.'

Marvin looked at it a few times before moving away.

The Sea of Nothingness was the first place that gave him such an oppressive feeling.

At the same time, he had also roughly found Fati's location!

It was time to make a move!


Forest area.

Fati's figure was also moving quickly.

She had used her Dragon Race shapeshifting skill to turn into a jumping squirrel, and afterwards created a fake Magic Mirror Image.

Through it, she could keep steadily working on the Throwing Knives Formation.

She believed it would trick Marvin.

Just as expected, when that hateful human came out of the Sea of Nothingness, he first rushed toward that Magic Mirror Image.

Fati inwardly sneered when she saw Marvin's pale complexion.

'He was most likely scared by that frightening existence in the Sea of Nothingness.'

A frightening Destroyer was simply not something an ordinary Legend could contend against. Fortunately, that kid was quite quick-witted and didn't wake it up, or else the consequences would have been too scary.

Thinking of this, Fati became even angrier.

'This repulsive and greedy human actually dared to invade the Dragon Race's forbidden ground. He must be cut to pieces!'

As she thought of this, Marvin was already quickly approaching that Magic Mirror Image.

She could even clearly see his daggers unsheathed. He apparently was ready to behead it!


Fati was quite proud of herself. She had already prepared a powerful transfiguration spell and was about to cast it.

But the sky suddenly darkened. In fact, it wasn't just the sky; her entire surroundings were covered in darkness!

An ice-cold voice echoed beside her ears, "Even if you turned into a squirrel, you can't hide the smell of Dragon shit…"

Then, she felt pain spreading through her nerves.

Her transfiguration spell failed as she was pierced against a tree by a spear!


Before getting onto the island, Marvin had already noticed that Magic Mirror Image.

A young Assassin would naturally be tricked.

But an experienced killer would be able to use the clues to find her main body.

These methods were textbook fighting techniques for Legend Wizards, and Marvin couldn't be tricked so easily.

What rushed toward the Magic Mirror Image was his Shadow Doppelganger.

Marvin's skills had been strengthened after advancing to Ruler of the Night, like the recently used Shadow Doppelganger and Eternal Night!

Shadow Doppelganger could be used more often and the Doppelganger's abilities were closer in effectiveness to his own now.

As for the powerful control-type skill Eternal Night, its area of effect had been expanded!

No matter how calm one was, when one's surroundings suddenly sank into Eternal Night, one would make some mistakes, creating some fluctuations in the mind.

Marvin could only roughly judge the size of the area, but in the split second that Eternal Night descended, Fati's fluctuation was caught by Earth Perception.

What followed was simple killing.

Night Boundary would let Marvin move quickly through the curtain of darkness.

And the weapon wasn't Azure Leaf, but Weeping Sky!

This Dragon Slaying Spear was the reason Marvin dared to fight against the Draconic Sorcerer.

Originally, he didn't want to fight Fati because a Legend Caster Divine Servant was too troublesome an opponent.

Who knew how many times that one could be reborn? Ordinary people wouldn't bother trying to fight her.

But when Fati appeared in front of him, he had to react. That woman was from the Dragon Race, after all!

Draconic Sorcerers inherited the advantages of Dragons and would naturally inherit their weak points too.

Weeping Sky had absorbed the blood of countless Dragons and would target anything with Dragon blood.

This spear nailed Fati on a great tree and the latter's Divine Source shockingly collapsed!

Insta kill!

A great amount of logs flashed in front of Marvin.

He ignored those about the experience points. He was more interested in the two points of Comprehension!

This Draconic Sorcerer gave him two points, which was already quite good. This was equivalent to the reward given by killing Advanced Divine Servants.

As long as he gathered ten points, he would be able to level up Ruler of the Night to level 2.

Leveling up once for Legend classes meant a huge increase in power.

Especially for a powerful class like Ruler of the Night. From Marvin's experience, once he reached level 3, he would be able to display his most powerful aspect.

As for level 5 Ruler of the Night, he would be able to eradicate a common God in the open with that much strength.

In theory, if he could reach level 9, he would be more or less at the level of a Plane Guardian and would be able to resist High Gods.

It was just that the process would be very troublesome.

The previous Marvin didn't reach this stage and even chose a different path, ascension.

His attributes had changed and even his class followed another path.

Thus, he regretfully didn't know about the later stages of the Ruler of the Night class.

He was bound to have to feel around in the dark on his new path.

However, he didn't have much time to do so.

This gave him a sense of urgency.


'I need to quickly find the Chapter of Wisdom. I also don't know how it's going on the Chromatic Dragons' side. The Nightmare Boundary has yet to open.'

'As for that Black Dragon… She actually dared to betray me, much too reckless.'

Killing intent flashed in Marvin's eyes.

But he had to admit that Ikarina was a lot craftier than her husband.

She only thought of using Fati's strength to kill him, and even if she failed, she wouldn't care too much about it.

As for Izaka, she must have guessed that since he signed a contract, Marvin wouldn't be able to kill him.

Moreover, Marvin really wouldn't kill Izaka. Having a Black Dragon was still quite useful to Marvin.

Thus she felt that it was safe enough to be bold.

It was just that both she and Fati had underestimated Marvin's strength.

If he met her again in the underground temple, Marvin wouldn't let Ikarina off lightly. He wouldn't give her a chance to speak.


After her death, Fati's belongings directly fell away and were destroyed into fine powder.

Marvin was quite helpless about it.

Dragonic Sorcerers were usually quite wealthy, but that old woman was really stingy. She had bound those items to her own life.

If she died, everything in her storage item would be automatically destroyed.

This was the mindset of not letting her killer gain anything.

In fact, many Legend Wizards would do this if the conditions allowed it.

This was also the reason Marvin disliked fighting Legend Wizards.

Those guys were very rich, but he couldn't get anything from killing them. They were so dishonest!


After checking Fati's corpse more closely, he gained nothing, as he had expected. Marvin then began to run quickly through the forest toward the lake.

If he wasn't wrong, the Wisdom Chapter should be hidden there.

The Book of Nalu was a powerful item, and Marvin had a feeling that he would be able to gather the pages and re-form the book one day.

But he still wouldn't be arrogant enough to think that he was stronger than the Berserk Lord.

Even a God went mad after reading it and exploded, so Marvin needed something to restrain it.

And the Dragon Soul mentioned that the Wisdom Chapter was able to.

Marvin had a faint impression of that item. It seemed to be a treasure left behind by the Ancient God of Wisdom.

The wisdom of the ancestors was written in it as well as many pieces of knowledge regarding the world's laws.

After turning into data, it would be an item that would at least give [Willpower +5].

How could Marvin pass up that kind of item?

But as he was crazily running along, the whole island suddenly began to shake!

Marvin looked with shock toward the Sea of Nothingness.

Because the shaking was coming from the borders.

Marvin suddenly paled.

The Sea began to flare up as countless chains suddenly broke free and flew into the sky!

'What's going on?!'

Marvin watched as that huge monster slowly rose up from the Sea of Nothingness.

The algae on its body fell, like a mummy's bandages being unwrapped!

"My duty, is Destruction!'

A thunderous voice echoed in the sky.

The huge monster slowly opened its eyes.

Those eyes completely lacked vitality, looking like the eyes of a dead person.

But they were different from those of an undead. They felt like they were only filled with destruction.

At that time, the Book of Nalu in Marvin's pocket suddenly became hot!

This thing had become more and more lively recently. Marvin frowned as he wondered, 'Could that point of Divinity have made it more powerful?'

Marvin quickly opened the book, but before he could ask a question, letters already appeared on the book:


Marvin directly ignored the first line which was about the book taking joy in his misfortune.

–I feel the aura of a Destroyer, you are in great trouble, kid–

–Destroyers are rumored to be the never-before-seen sons of the God of Destruction–

–They were imprisoned by Ancient Gods as domain guardians–

–Normally, only after a domain's guardian died would a Destroyer be awakened...–

–It would destroy everything it sees!–


Marvin suddenly understood.

Although the Book of Nalu had bad intentions, if not for it, Marvin wouldn't have known about the origins of the Destroyer.

He killed Fati, and thus the Destroyer slumbering in the Sea of Nothingness was awakened.

This explained it well. If a guardian died, then it would most likely be due to an invader, so they would take them down with the Destroyer.

Marvin thought fast. For the Book of Nalu to come out on its own, it definitely had something in mind.

Could it be that it wanted Divine Source?

This time, Marvin wouldn't give it Divine Source so easily. Although he wasn't afraid of the Book of Nalu taking over his body, he still felt the book of Nalu was becoming more and more active. This wasn't good news.

It seemed like he needed to restrain it.

But next second, the Book of Nalu offered a deal which made Marvin slightly hesitate before accepting it.

The deal was very simple.

The Book of Nalu felt another page within the Dragon Library and wanted Marvin to help get it.

It wanted to swallow another page.

As a reward, it would confuse the Destroyer for three minutes!

Marvin sealed the deal.

Because after the Destroyer took its first step, half of the coast collapsed!

With it going forward step by step, it would soon destroy the Demi-Plane.