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Chapter 475: 3rd Floor

Chapter 475: 3rd Floor

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After they reached an agreement, the page of the Book of Nalu automatically flew up and a faint yellow light spread out from the thin page.

The light covered the Destroyer and the latter's movements suddenly stopped.

It felt like time came to a standstill.

The Book of Nalu could confuse people immensely, and even the ancient Destroyer couldn't resist.

Marvin didn't dare to tarry and quickly rushed to get what he needed.

He already had the Book of Forgiveness and only had to hand it over.

As for the page of the Book of Nalu, because of the resonance between the pages, he didn't waste too much time on it and got the page.

He glanced at it, the page was unexpectedly the last page of the book of Nalu, the 11th page.

It was called [Reincarnation].

Reincarnation was sealed in an ancient amber. If not for the Book of Nalu's pages resonating, no one would have noticed that this ancient amber contained a magical book page.

After taking care of those two things, he used the remaining time to look for the Wisdom Chapter.

Fortunately, the Book of Nalu needed to spend a lot of energy to control the Destroyer and was too busy to pay attention to what Marvin was doing.

This made it a lot easier for Marvin.

After all, he had to quickly find the Wisdom Chapter that would help him suppress the Book of Nalu.

A minute later, Marvin appeared at the edge of the lake.

After quickly taking a water breathing potion, he dove into the lake.

The layout at the bottom of the lake was very ingenious. The covers of the books were enclosed by special shells and air bubbles were there to prevent the books from being corroded by water.

Finding the Wisdom Chapter wouldn't be easy. Marvin had to use Earth Perception and managed to find a conspicuous shell among the countless shells.

This shell was quite intricate and it looked very sturdy, but there was a layer of strange decorations on it.

It took a few seconds for Marvin to remember where he had seen that design before. It was the mark of the Ancient God of Wisdom.

That was most likely the Wisdom Chapter.

Time was pressing, so Marvin could only gamble.

Moreover, Fati was already dead. There was nothing to stop Marvin from plundering wantonly.

Although he was looking for the ancient book he needed, it didn't stop him from taking all the books he saw on the way.

After two and a half minutes, Marvin left the lake.

The shells in this area had almost all been cleared out by him!

Marvin estimated that he had taken roughly 20 to 30 books. He now had more than 50 books in his storage.

This could be considered cleaning up the Dragon Library.

After finishing this, Marvin hoped to keep going.

He was still thinking of going to plunder the books in other areas.

Most of the time, knowledge is power, especially when it involved a library of the Dragon Race. Who knew what treasure would be inside?

But time didn't allow for it.

The Book of Nalu roared, "Greedy brat! How many books do you need to get before you are satisfied?"

"The Destroyer is already regaining its mind. Although I can confuse it for a short time, it's just delaying its awakening!"

"If you keep dragging your feet, don't count on me!"

The Book of Nalu actually took the initiative to talk, which shocked Marvin.

In the past, this [Rebirth] page would use characters to communicate with Marvin.

For it to force itself to talk, it must really be unable to hold on.

After all, Destroyers were an incredibly terrifying ancient race.

Hearing this, Marvin gave up on his plan to keep going for more benefits and took the Book of Nalu to retreat.

The Dragon Soul had already told Marvin how to leave the Dragon Library. As long as he returned to his original place and said that Draconic sentence, he would be able to leave.

Although Marvin couldn't speak Draconic, the Book of Nalu had already recorded the Draconic words for him and Marvin only had to pronounce those words the way they were written.

The Destroyer re-awakened on the shore and dragged its huge body to slowly move forward.

After a few seconds, the forest was close to being destroyed.

This scene was something alarming even for Marvin, who had already experienced the Great Calamity.

He used his peak speed to return to the mountain peak and quickly read that sentence aloud.

A halo of darkness shrouded Marvin. He glanced at the Destroyer's sinister appearance before disappearing from the library!


Outside the pitch-black entrance, Marvin took a huge breath as if he had a new lease on life.

Although the whole process didn't seem so traumatizing, the Destroyer's smell truly made Marvin uncomfortable.

As for the Book of Nalu's exceptional display, it made Marvin more vigilant.

Thus, when he left the library, he chose to put the Book of Nalu's [Rebirth] page into an unused storage item.

When it noticed what was happening, the Book of Nalu roared, "You want to break the agreement? You promised to let me devour another page!"

Marvin laughed, "I don't plan to go against our deal."

"But, although I promised to let you devour another page, I didn't say when."

"The time will depend on my mood."

After saying this, he stopped bickering with the [Rebirth] page and put it in the depths of the storage item.

In order to be sure that this page of the strange Book of Nalu wouldn't do something shocking, he put the other page in the ancient amber into a different storage item.

That way, he could guarantee that the two pages were isolated.

In spite of this, Marvin was still somewhat worried.

'There seem to be some issues with that [Rebirth] page.'

'Although Rebirth was said to be the safest page of the Book of Nalu, after being nourished, the spirit of the page seems very formidable.'

Marvin's anxiety wasn't without reason.

This page of the Book of Nalu had swallowed a lot of Divine Source. Moreover, it was still controlling the souls of people like Raven and Madeline.

If it wasn't for Hathaway putting a restriction on his body before, Marvin might have already been controlled by it.

It became so active lately that Marvin also wanted to restrain it.

Without a way to properly control it, it would be better to keep it in storage.

As for that completely new page, [Reincarnation], Marvin was also quite interested. He would definitely research it when he had some time.

But he now noticed that his surroundings were a bit strange.

'Even if it's the same pitch-black entrance, the colors of the floor and the ceiling have changed!'

'This is definitely not the 2nd floor!'

Marvin looked at his surroundings in surprise.

He suddenly heard a discussion coming from a corner.

Marvin subconsciously used Stealth, but was startled when he saw an acquaintance.

'Hehe… Ikarina…'

'I didn't expect to directly reach the 3rd floor.'