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Chapter 478: Conspiracy

Chapter 478: Conspiracy

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The desert was cold and silent.

Eternal Night had already been removed and Marvin was standing on top of the Black Dragon's corpse while holding his spear. He looked extremely arrogant.

But he knew that even if Weeping Sky was quite useful against the Black Dragons, it wouldn't be as overbearing against the other Dragons.

Sure enough, the sky shook and a small Green Dragon slowly descended.

"You are quite clever."

"Marvin, right? I heard of your name. You have been in the limelight in Feinan recently."

"I loathed Ikarina, thus I helped you. To repay me, you wouldn't mind not plundering our Dragon Treasures?"

Modana kept a certain distance from Marvin. Green Dragons were crafty and cautious and wouldn't rashly make a move against powerhouses.

Marvin smiled, "You said it yourself, you loathed Ikarina. By blocking her, you helped yourself."

"Maybe in your mind, Ikarina is far less threatening than me, a mere Human. Am I wrong?"

The Green Dragon revealed her sinister teeth. "If you are that smart, then you should run away."

"I'm not a waste like the Black Dragon. My spells can easily tear you to shreds!"

Marvin frowned.

Green Dragons were really too troublesome.

Her Dragon Breath was poisonous. Even with Marvin's current resistances, he might not be able to survive.

Let alone when her Draconic magic was mixed in. Marvin might not necessarily win when fighting in the open.

He glanced toward the ancient well.

The Green Dragon's reaction was very fast.

She coldly groaned and faintly flapped her wings, causing two breezes to suddenly sweep over.

In an instant, two groups of Kobolds appeared in the originally empty desert!

On top of that, two toad-like lifeforms quietly appeared and then quickly vanished.

They should be hiding underground.

The Kobolds were set up in an unwavering formation between Marvin and the well.

Marvin shivered.

'Wyrmwarped Kobolds… And Hobbler Decoys…'

'[White Slaads]...'

They weren't average monsters!

It was well-known that Kobolds had a bit of Dragon bloodline, but few Dragons would get in contact with Kobolds, though Green Dragons were some of those that did.

The Ancient Green Dragon's [Dominate] was enough to control a pack of elite Kobolds!

Those Wyrmwarped Kobolds and Hobbler Decoys summoned by Modana were even level 20 Half-Legends!

An ordinary Legend would find it very hard to deal with these dozen or so monsters.

And there were even Legend Monsters, White Slaads.

Although they hadn't become Black Slaads, their final evolution, they were still very troublesome.

They would hide underground, ready to mortally wound their enemy anytime.

The Green Dragon was trying to intimidate Marvin!

This was the nature of Green Dragons. Facing a weak enemy, they would directly act using Dragon Breath or attack with their tails.

However, when facing a powerhouse, they were unwilling to take the initiative to start a fight. They used intimidation and other means to force their enemies away without fighting.

Marvin glanced at his interface.

Just as expected, Modana had used intimidation skills during their discussion.

These skills should have a strong effect with Dragon Might's bonus.

But Marvin didn't feel anything.

Marvin's willpower was very high now, and along with Weeping Sky's immunity to Dragon Might, it allowed him to remain calm in such a situation.

"Last warning."

Modana flapped her wings, somewhat impatient.

The Kobolds howled loudly, ready to swarm him at any moment.

These level 20 Kobolds might be able to trouble Marvin.

"Leave. Otherwise I won't mind turning you into a puddle of acid!"

[Major Intimidate]!

Modana's sentence even seemed like a low roar!

But what puzzled Modana was that her Intimidate didn't have any effect.

Marvin was still completely calm.

This was a rare outcome.

Most Human Legends, many even stronger than Marvin, would be unable to resist her Intimidation.

This was natural fear from a weak race toward a lifeform at the top of the food chain. It couldn't be changed.

'Do I really have to attack?'

Modana looked at the Dragon Slaying Spear in Marvin's hands and felt a bit nervous.

She saw the scene of Marvin killing Ikarina very clearly. it was direct and efficient, leaving no way out.

Although her Draconic Magic was an advantage that Ikarina didn't have and allowed Modana to use various tricks, the risks were too high when facing this kind of opponent.

While Modana was still hesitating, Marvin had already made a decision.

[Earth Perception] let him feel that the layer of light on top of the ancient well was already gone.

Marvin then disappeared, charging toward the well like lightning!

The Green Dragon roared and pounced at him.

At the same time, the Kobolds howled and brandished their weapons, trying to block Marvin's path!

But unfortunately, even if these lifeforms were close to the Legend Realm and were powerful, their speed couldn't even be compared to Marvin's!

Godly Dexterity wasn't just for show!


Marvin brushed past the Kobolds like a gust of wind and quickly reached the edge of the well.

At that time, a shadow suddenly emerged from the sand and stabbed toward Marvin's chest.

'I was waiting for you!' Marvin inwardly sneered.

He used Shadow Step and perfectly dodged the White Slaad's tongue.

This kind of sneak attack was what White Slaads were experts at. Their tongue stabs had immense penetrating power, and clueless adventurers would easily have their hearts pierced!

In the game, after Marvin ascended to Godhood, he came across an ancient vestige.

That vestige was full of Slaads of different colors, from the basic Slaads to the powerful White Slaads, there were even the most formidable Black Slaads. He experienced all their strengths.

Naturally, he knew their attacking style, thus dodging wasn't difficult.

He didn't want to kill these monsters right now, the priority was to get into the well before the Green Dragon!

Marvin would be at a disadvantage when fighting in the desert.

The Green Dragon could fly and use all kind of spells and had reinforcements while Marvin was alone and would only be on the defensive.

Rather than fighting her outside, it was better to get in the well.

Although this ancient well was a huge hole to Marvin, it was still a narrow well for the Green Dragon.

If Modana wanted to go in, she would have to use Shapechanging.

Regardless what shape she changed into, it wouldn't be as powerful as her main body.

Thus, Marvin's condition was very good.

Moreover, Marvin could feel that the terrain under the well was quite complicated, he might be able to sneak attack her.


Relying on his outstanding speed, the monsters couldn't stop Marvin from running away.

He quickly arrived in front of that huge hole.

With a glance, he could see that the hole wasn't too deep and was filled with entrances. It looked like a huge maze.

Hearing the wind behind him, Marvin unhesitantly jumped in!

He couldn't fly like a dragon, but he could use the Low Flight ability he learnt from the Dense Blood Nucleus.

Although this ability couldn't let Marvin fly freely, it was similar to the Feather Fall skill, he wouldn't crash on the ground but would softly land instead.

Marvin felt comfortable in the darkness of the well, in a blink he reached the ancient well's bottom.

A loud noise came from above.

The well's floor was made of soft sand and there was a total of five tunnel entrances. Each tunnel entrance had a different design.

Red flames, lush vegetation, desolate sand, undulating mountain range, swamps.

This seemed to signify the various terrains loved by the Chromatic Dragons.

There was nothing apart from this.

Just the five entrances.

Marvin raised his head, the Kobolds were already rushing over to kill him in the well.

He didn't hesitate anymore and entered the desert entrance!


Outside the well, the Green Dragon had on an unsightly expression.

She hesitated for a bit before ultimately Shapechanging to human form, charging in with her troops.

As for the Black Dragon's corpse, it was calmly lying there.

No one noticed that her blood was seeping into the vast desert, seemingly being absorbed, leaving no bloodstain.

No one noticed that pair of eyes glancing at this world.

"Black Dragon Blood…"

"So you moved ahead of time?" That powerful existence mumbled to himself.

He was standing outside the plane, overlooking the entire Nightmare Boundary, a sneer appearing on his face.

"Chromatic Dragons… My children… I waited for you for too long."

"Oh! There is a Metallic Dragon joining in on the fun.. Eh? The aura of a Human? Hold on… It's that guy… Interesting."

"Seems like this time, new and old hatred can be settled together."

Outside the Nightmare Boundary, that person snickered before turning into a shooting star slowly falling toward the Nightmare Boundary.


North of the Nightmare Boundary.

In the mountain range, three shadows were in a confrontation.

"Ell, although you are powerful, there is two of us. We aren't necessarily outmatched." The Blue Dragon coldly said, "The Rainbow Spring is the Chromatic Dragon Race's treasure, you can't keep it all for yourself."

"Exactly." The White Dragon on the side echoed his words.

Standing in front of them was the Ancient Red Dragon Ell.

These three Dragons seemed to have found the location of the Rainbow Spring in the mountain range and were in a confrontation.

Ultimately, because Ell was too powerful, the Blue and White Dragon had no choice but to temporarily join hands.

Ell sneered, "Idiots. This place is a possible location, that's all."

"It's rumored that the Rainbow Spring's appearance would be followed by a shooting star. It's broad daylight, how…"

He didn't get to finish his words.

A bright meteor was falling in the sky!