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Chapter 479: Fairy

Chapter 479: Fairy

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The meteor was falling down pretty fast and quickly disappeared behind the horizon.

The three Dragons foolishly looked at it.

Ell couldn't help frowning.

Could this really be the Rainbow Spring's location?

Was the prophecy left behind by the Dragon God before his death so accurate?

Ell was naturally suspicious, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

But the other two Dragons didn't think so.

They considered the relics of the Dragon God as supreme treasures. With the appearance of the meteor, the Rainbow Spring had most likely appeared.

They immediately took advantage of Ell being distracted to rush to that valley.

The Red Dragon saw their impulsive actions and inwardly sneered before unhurriedly following.


This was a valley that couldn't be considered very vast, especially for the huge Dragons.

If not for their advanced Shapechange skills, going in would be very troublesome.

The valley wasn't very deep.

There was really a clear spring at the end of the valley.

The spring emitted a powerful strength, the three Dragons could feel it even from far away.

Moreover, they could sense that the power of the spring had the same root as them.

This was exactly like the legend.

"Rainbow Spring!"

"It's the true Rainbow Spring!"

The White Dragon and Blue Dragon were extremely moved, only Ell was hesitating.

This spring water seemed to originate from underground, and it wasn't scarce.

It was said that they only needed to drink a mouthful from the Rainbow Spring to be able to recover their former strength.

It looked like this Rainbow Spring was enough for all of the Chromatic Dragons to regain their powers.

"Looks like we don't have to fight to death." The White Dragon said in excitement, "His Highness Hartson left us enough inheritance."

"Indeed." The Blue Dragon agreed with his words. The two glanced at each other before rushing over, unable to endure any more.

Their eyes were filled with greed.

But Ell suddenly said with a cold voice, "What if this spring is poisonous?"

The other two Dragons snorted disdainfully, "Poison? Ell, stop being so suspicious."

"Are you planning to use [Detect Poison]?"

"I've never heard of a poison able to kill a Dragon in Feinan…"

Ell remained unmoved by the two Dragons mocking him.

He took two steps back instead.

As the currently strongest Chromatic Dragon, his strength has long since neared the Plane Guardians' level.

He was ruthless, vicious, and possesed exceptionally sharp instincts.

Being able to foresee danger was the reason for him surviving so long.

When he attacked the East Coast, it was his instinct that led him to dodge the Dragon Killer Sword as well as the follow-up attack of the Wizard Alliance.

Ever since then, he became even more cautious.

And now he had a feeling that there was an issue with this well.

Meanwhile, the other two Dragons already started drinking the spring water.


On the 3rd floor of the underground temple, two silhouettes appeared in front of the Teleportation Gate.

"We are too late." Kangen's face sank.

Copper Dragon Professor was beside him, but right now, he didn't look good.

"I did something unnecessary."

"I didn't expect that person's reprisals to be so heavy…"

Professor bitterly smiled, "I also didn't expect that the Rainbow Spring we were trying to prevent the Chromatic Dragons from getting was actually…"

He stopped his sentence and sighed.

The two were late for a reason.

They had various opportunities in the underground temple and uncovered a shocking secret.

This secret not only involved Dragon God's Hartson, but also Tidomas and the Nightmare Boundary itself!

This was a huge conspiracy!

And in the process, Professor was stopped and beat up by a powerful existence in a bad mood.

The Copper Dragon couldn't even retaliate.

The helpless feeling of only being able to hold it in was something the Copper Dragon hadn't experienced for a very long time.

When they finally arrived there, the Nightmare Boundary had already been opened.

Preventing this huge plot seemed unlikely.

"I hope nothing happens to Louise and Marvin." Kangen was still expressionless, "Maybe you should notify your fellow Dragons."

Professor nodded, "I already sent out what I learnt, they will be waiting for an opportunity to move."

"Right now, we still have to go in."

"After all, I can't let Louise and Marvin face such a frightening existence."

"Moreover, if that person's plot succeeds, the Nightmare Boundary will become his launching point."

"Feinan will be in huge danger…"

The two men glanced at each other, ultimately going in the Teleportation Gate.


Outside the Universe Magic Pool.

Under the lead of the three Great Gods, the Gods kept attacking the layer of the Universe Magic Pool.

Although they met bitter resistance, that resistance was annihilated.

Eric, the youth who took over an Astral Beast's body, had already died.

After taking down several Gods, the Great Elven King's life was also extinguished.

The North Guardian, that unknown old man who kept carrying a jar of wine and scrounging meals in the barbarian tribe, also died from too much injuries.

The Universe Magic Pool's 3rd layer was already ruptured.

The Gods' plans were about to be successful.

It was as if they could already see the 4th Fate Tablet waving at them.

Only the West Guardian, the Cloud Monk, was still alive.

The Cloud Monk had Longevity and Nirvana Rebirth.

Despite being killed several times by the High Gods, he kept tenaciously resurrecting.

This resurrection ability was different from the Gods' Divine Source, it was a pure miracle of the human body.

The Cloud Monk's power made the Gods speechless.

Despite the hostility, many Gods couldn't help but admire him. But they could also feel that the Cloud Monk's aura of Longevity was continuously weakening.

He might only be able to resurrect a few more times. He was also reaching his limit.

When the time came, there would be no one else to stop them.

At that time, Anuba, the God of Dawn and Protection suddenly stopped his attack.

He looked at the other two Great Gods and said, "I need to leave for a bit."

The other two weren't surprised, "It's that one?"

"Indeed, that group of stupid Dragons couldn't solve that problem. Feinan is our world, not his."

"And… There seem to be some old grudges between you. It'll be better to settle this before we enter Feinan."

Anuba Grant nodded and disappeared.

The Gods were in uproar.

At this time, what was more important than attacking the Universe Magic Pool? What could make the Great God of Dawn and Protection, Anuba Grant, to personally leave?


Under the ancient well, paths extended in different ways.

This was a complete maze, spreading in all directions.

Despite Marvin making marks on the way, after taking a path, he still ended up lost.

This place was like the caves of the Dwarven Kingdom.

'When did Dragons start digging holes?'

'Could this be the work of a sandworm? Even if it was a Lesser Dragon species, it was rarely related to Chromatic Dragons, would the Chromatic Dragon God let them enter the Nightmare Boundary?'

'Isn't this an ancient well? How could a well have so many passageways?'

Marvin became increasingly suspicious as he moved forward.

He felt that there was something wrong with the information received by the Metallic Dragons.

There might even be an issue with the Chromatic Dragons' information.

This Nightmare Boundary was strange in all aspects.

Dragon God Hartson wasn't a good person. Even if he was the Chromatic Dragon God and swore to forever protect his descendants, he was still inherently an Evil God.

And he came from another corner of the Universe.

He was beaten up by Wizard God Lance and ultimately fell silently. Like the Nightmare Boundary, everything was mysterious.

Him choosing Tidomas to guard his corpse was also an enigma.

After dealing with the Dragon Soul, Marvin was already doubtful about Tidomas' identity.

Did this place really conceal the Crystal Statue?

This was like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Marvin was depressed. He couldn't determine which path to take and decided to simply keep going forward.

He was extremely quick and didn't meet any monster on his way. Soon, something strange happened on the path.

He apparently left the maze.

This was a wide underground space, and a locked door was at the end of the space.

This entrance had countless runes and locks, looking quite sturdy.

But the entrance itself was transparent.

Through this entrance, Marvin could see a faintly discernible statue!

[Crystal Statue]!

Marvin squinted.

Could this really be a relic left by Dragon God Hartson?

Who would have thought that when he was about to step forward, a pure white light shone from the stone wall.

That was a fairy looking lifeform.

It had a small pair of wings and had a humanoid appearance.

But its voice was old and prideful, "Stay! Kid!"

"Who are you? You dare enter Sir Lance's seal?"

Marvin was dumbstruck.

This place was related to Wizard God Lance?

Marvin doubtfully looked at the Fairy. That thing seemed to lack Magic Power and didn't look threatening.

"Who are you?"

"Isn't this Dragon God Hartson's Nightmare Boundary? How could this be related to Wizard God Lance?"

The Fairy proudly said, "Since you know of Wizard God Lance's name, you should obediently get out of here!"

"Dragon God Hartson had conspired with the Evil Spirit World in order to invade Feinan, and the Nightmare Boundary was his springboard."

"This is where Sir Lance foiled the Dragon God's plot, it is also sealing the passage between the Evil Spirit World and Nightmare Boundary. It's not a place a Human like you should approach."

Marvin was stunned.

But before he could recover, a green shadow emerged from another entrance and rushed over!

"Crystal Statue!"

"This is mine!"

Green Dragon Modana!