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Chapter 480: Corrupt

Chapter 480: Corrupt

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"Stop her!" the Fairy anxiously shouted.

Marvin was stunned. The Green Dragon appeared way too quickly and Marvin's attention had been focused on the transparent entrance. He didn't have time to react.

As for the Fairy, it didn't seem to be very powerful and simply didn't have the strength to stop Modana.

"Woosh!" That Green silhouette rushed through the transparent entrance!

The Fairy covered its face with its palms as it wailed, "Over!"

"It's all over!" It was very depressed. "I've failed the task Sir Lance gave me."

Marvin didn't pay attention to its complaints, focusing on the changes of the transparent door instead!

That so-called seal didn't prevent Modana from entering.

Her body seemed to distort, which indicated that a considerably strong force field was inside.

But due to the Dragon Race's tenacious bodies, she managed to resist.

It looked like she was about to reach the statue when a powerful force burst out!

In an instant, a flame appeared on Modana's hand as she was about to touch the statue.


A miserable shriek burst out from Modana's mouth. Marvin could see that terrifying flame that was comparable to Divine Fire thoroughly scorching the Green Dragon!

But Modana was a Dragon, after all, so her Draconic Magic was also formidable.

She quickly made a powerful counterattack and kept using all kinds of magic in order to try to get rid of the negative effects.

However, her spells didn't seem to be very effective.

"Useless." The Fairy's tone contained a hint of pity. "Sir Lance's Divine Punishing Fire would even turn Gods to ashes!"

Marvin shivered before asking in bewilderment, "Then what were you worrying about?"

The Fairy explained while feeling vexed, "Each Millennium, Sir Lance would personally come here to strengthen the seal."

"The Dragon God's Divine Source isn't that easy to seal, after all, and furthermore, the Evil Spirit Sea's power is constantly corroding the seal."

"I am in charge of guarding this area. Usually, I would be able to handle normal situations."

"But my Magic Power is limited. Sir Lance didn't appear when he should have last millennium. Thus, I could only rely on my own strength to guard this seal. As time went on, I've been running out of Magic Power."

"In other words, even if the Divine Punishing Fire can still function, the seal itself is weakening."

"That wretched Green Dragon not only sent herself to death, she also left us some troubles!"

Marvin listened, puzzled.

At that time, behind the transparent door, the Green Dragon still seemed to be trying to struggle free.

But she was bound to be disappointed.

A big, rotten hand appeared from nowhere, reaching out to catch her.

A gloomy laughter followed. "Hehe…"

"My dear child, your help is greatly appreciated."

That was a familiar voice that could make others shiver in fear.

Marvin was startled and couldn't help but blurt out, "Tidomas!"

The Fairy glanced at Marvin strangely and said, "What Tidomas?"

"That's clearly the scoundrel, Hartson!"

Marvin's eyes widened.

The Fairy looked angrily at the situation behind the door. Green Dragon Modana was lightly grabbed by that big hand and terrifying Negative Energy was transmitted to her body.

The Divine Punishing Fire shockingly stopped burning.

But as a price, the Green Dragon began to rot everywhere.

"This is… Corrupting Ritual?"

Marvin crossed paths with Evil Spirits many times, from the low level Evil Spirit Envoys to the high level Evil Spirit Overlords. He knew that raw fighting strength wasn't the most terrifying side of the Evil Spirits. Rather, it was the irreversible ability to corrupt minds.

Regarding this point, the Evil Spirit Sea was more dreadful than Chaos Magic Power.

Most people corrupted by Devils ended up that way due to greed, while victims corrupted by Chaos Magic Power succumbed due to their wills not being firm enough.

But those corrupted by the Evil Spirit Sea fell because they were unable to resist that formidable strength!

There was a rumor in the Negative Energy Plane.

When the last Evil Spirit Overlord was born from the Evil Spirit Sea, the greatest beings would acknowledge allegiance, and the universe would experience the Evil Spirit Sea's tide.

Everything would be obliterated, only leaving the aura of putrefaction and lands filled with negative energy for the Evil Spirits.


Looking at Modana struggling powerlessly, Marvin's heart froze.

He hadn't expected that his trip to the Nightmare Boundary would be related to the Negative Energy Plane.

That voice was clearly the voice of the Tidomas he met before.

Marvin remembered that after he killed Diggles, Tidomas resented him.

Although he didn't know what that guy had planned, it looked very dangerous.

Marvin was certain that Tidomas would kill him if he had time.

This might be an Outer Plane, and with Tidomas' strength, if he wanted to kill Marvin, it would probably be as easy as crushing an insect!

After all, he was still far from being able to fight against a true God.

The most important matter right now was to figure out what was happening.

Marvin grabbed the Fairy and quickly asked, "Where is this place? Why did you say he was Hartson?"

"Tell me what you know, tell me everything."


In the valley.

Ell was looking coldly at the White Dragon and Blue Dragon crazily drinking from the Rainbow Spring.

The promise of formidable strength was truly enticing to him.

It had been many years since he felt the feeling of breaking through.

His strength had long since reached a bottleneck. Over the years, he looked throughout the universe for many treasures but never found a way to settle this problem.

And the Rainbow Spring before his eyes was definitely able to increase his strength!

This was an intense feeling that Ell couldn't bear.

But the reason Ell was so outstanding was his even more formidable instinct.

The more enticing something was, the more suspicious he was.

'No way, I need to find Modana to make it clear.'

The Red Dragon turned, intending to leave the valley.

He felt that he would be unable to continue resisting the temptation if he stayed.

In any case, the Rainbow Spring was flowing endlessly, so these two foolish Dragons wouldn't be able to finish it.

It would be fine to drink after making sure there was no issue with it.

But he didn't expect a painful howl to echo behind him just as he was about to leave!

Ell spun back around!

A piercing Dragon's roar burst out in the valley!

As Ell watched in shock, the Blue Dragon and the White Dragon were already unable to keep maintaining their Shapechange.

They were now in their original forms.

But what gave him chills was that whether it was the White Dragon's snow-white scales or the Blue Dragon's rough and sturdy skin, both started peeling off.

They were being replaced by rotting moss.

Their flesh began to fall down and even their skeletons could be seen!

A deep voice echoed beside Ell's ears, "You are clever."

"I'll give you a chance. Become my Deputy. You won't be like them, you'll become a true Corrupt Evil Dragon."