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Chapter 481: Hartson’s Scheme

Chapter 481: Hartson’s Scheme

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Following this evil voice, a middle-aged man with a blurry face appeared at the entrance of the valley.

Ell looked at the approaching man with shock and asked in a quivering voice, "Are you Tidomas?"

The man laughed. "Tidomas is a good subordinate."

"I made his reputation shake the entire Universe, I didn't let him down."

"But don't misunderstand, dear child. I am your supreme God."

"I am Hartson."


"Tidomas is Dragon God Hartson?"

"The Dragon God's fall was actually a trick?"

Outside the transparent entrance, Marvin had listened intently to that Fairy, and the conclusions from his analysis made him shake his head silently.

Because he met that Dragon Soul, Marvin more or less knew the entire process.

From the Fairy, Marvin learnt that Dragon God Hartson had made many attempts to control the world while he was alive.

He had already joined the Evil Spirit Sea and united with the Negative Energy Plane's other Overlords in order to enter Feinan.

But his plan was foiled right at the start by Wizard God Lance.

During his final attempt, he was deprived of some of his Divine Source by the Wizard God and sealed in the Nightmare Boundary.

At the same time, Hartson promised to seal the Nightmare Boundary.

The Black Dragon Race's betrayal and the Chromatic Dragons' civil war were actually just pretexts he used.

In his fight with Lance, he lost.

But he wasn't resigned to his fate.

He wanted to make a comeback.

But this would be forever impossible while Lance was there.

And Dragon God Hartson had ruled over half of the Twin Planes for a very long time. Along with his long travel through the Universe, he didn't have long left to live.

Thus, he made a bold decision.

He began setting up his fall.

Before playing dead, he summoned his most loyal Dragon Tomb Guardian, the true Tidomas, to his side. He gave the order that only Tidomas could guard his "corpse".

After careful calculations, the time the Dragon God fell was about the time Lance led the Night Monarch and the others on an expedition outside Feinan. At that time, the Wizard God seemed to have overlooked his plot.

In short, the real Tidomas became a scapegoat.

Even his soul was imprisoned underground.

He offered his own Divine Source to the Evil Spirit Sea.

Even though that powerful existence developing in the Evil Spirit Sea had yet to be born, it still had a hazy consciousness.

It accepted Hartson's offering.

Hartson's entire Chromatic Dragon Cemetery was dragged to the Negative Energy Plane and his transformation was complete.

From that point on, the world had a new Evil Spirit World, the [Evil Dragon Cemetery]!

He stole Tidomas' name and body so that if the Wizard God tried to use a Divination skill, there would be an interference caused by the Evil Spirit Sea.

This trick was apparently successful.

The Wizard God wouldn't care about a Corrupt Dragon. After all, he had many things to deal with.

Hartson began to silently save his strength.

He also gradually spread all kinds of rumors and so-called prophecies.

After many years, the only thing people knew about the matter was that Tidomas betrayed the Dragon God and was tempted by the Evil Spirit Sea, becoming an Evil Spirit Overlord.

And no one knew that the Evil Spirit Overlord was Hartson himself!

With the help of the Evil Spirits' power, he found another way to keep on living.

Moreover, he was unwilling to accept his situation and still wanted to enter Feinan.

This mysterious Prime Material Plane was not only vast and fertile, but it was also hiding the secret of the Universe's upper limit of power.

Thus, it attracted the attention of various planes.

In short, Hartson didn't give up on invading Feinan.

Diggles was something he was proud of.

He bewitched Diggles into being active in Feinan while being the mastermind in the back, influencing him while staying low-key, and continued remaining careful after Diggles was defeated.

This was what happened until the news of the Wizard God's fall.

The Great Calamity was set in motion, making Hartson more and more restless.

Taking advantage of the Gods attacking the Universe Magic Pool, he put his plan in motion.

Drawn by his temptation, the Chromatic Dragons gathered and finally opened the Nightmare Boundary.

Green Dragon Modana and the others didn't know that Hartson himself couldn't take the initiative to open the Nightmare Boundary. This was his oath to Lance.

But it would be a different matter if others opened it.

The Nightmare Boundary was a whole new world. In Hartson's eyes, it was the perfect springboard.

Through this world, the Evil Dragon Cemetery's Evil Spirits could directly march on Feinan!

This was a rare way to bypass the Universe Magic Pool, but was very effective.

He could arrive before the Gods and sink the place into corruption.

The prerequisite was that he had to open this entrance's seal and regain his Crystal Statue.

That so-called prophecy was correct. Whoever held the Crystal Statue could control the Chromatic Dragons.

This was because it contained a part of Dragon God Hartson's Divine Source before he became a corrupted Evil Dragon Overlord.

This part was now extremely important to Harston.

But like the opening of the Nightmare Boundary, he couldn't open the seal himself and could only urge the Chromatic Dragons to do everything for him.

Green Dragon Modana's struggle was weakening the power of the seal while she was pulled toward the Negative Energy Plane.

"This isn't good!"

The Fairy saw the situation behind the door and was quite upset. "If it continues, she will be corrupted completely."

"Afterwards, she will be able to take the Crystal Statue and Hartson will have it his way. I can't let that happen!"

It rushed to the seal and took the Crystal Statue!

"Hey! Human!"

As it held the Crystal Statue, the Fairy looked worriedly at Marvin. "Can I trust you?

Marvin shrugged. "That depends on what you are planning."

The Fairy sized up Marvin before abruptly remarking, "You definitely didn't come to the Nightmare Boundary without an aim. You want some benefits?"

Marvin didn't know how to answer.

He originally came to the Nightmare Boundary in order to try his luck while conveniently doing a favor for Professor. He didn't have too much of a goal there.

But before he could say anything, the Fairy resolutely declared, "As long as you accept a condition, I'll give you this Crystal Statue."

"I can sense a False Divine Vessel on you… But its level is too low."

"If you agree, I'll give you a better one, and… I'll tell you how to break through your strength's bottleneck. But if you plan on ascending to Godhood, I won't be able to help you too much."