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Chapter 488: Familiar Shadow

Chapter 488: Familiar Shadow

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After learning this information, Marvin was almost certain that the Supreme Jungle's Nature Power had truly been reduced.

This reduction was quite worrying.

He suddenly remembered that he once entered the World Tree in order to kill Diggles.

'Is this the reason behind the Migratory Bird Council's suspicions toward me?'

Marvin quickly came to this conclusion.

This was entirely justifiable.

In the eyes of the Migratory Bird Council, Marvin was someone that appeared out of nowhere. And apart from him, it seemed that no one had gotten close to the World Tree recently except for that apostle, but she was already dead.

This was troublesome.

Marvin thought for a moment. Old Ent's goal was very clear. He wanted to confirm whether or not Marvin was responsible for the weakening of the Nature Power.

Since that was the case, he openly headed toward Jadeite City without concealing himself.

He soon reached the depths of the Sanctuary.

The distant forest became more lush and flourishing and the trees were extremely tall. White clouds covered the treetops, gradually revealing a city standing amidst the clouds!

This was Jadeite City, a city established in the trees and clouds!

The Great Druids lived there, guarding the World Tree and the inheritances of the past. From what Marvin knew, there were two slumbering Guardian Dragons there!

Upon reaching the edge of Jadeite City, he activated his Domains!

Shadow, and Slaughter!

In an instant, he felt someone's gaze on him.

It was a gaze coming from above the sea of clouds.

Marvin smiled.

After releasing his own power in the Sanctuary, he was naturally noticed by its owner.

That was the effect Marvin wanted. After all, removing the misunderstanding between him and the Migratory Bird Council was something that needed to be done first.


The atmosphere was somewhat awkward inside a treehouse with twisted roots.

After the greetings, a few Great Druids sank into silence, as if they were asleep.

Only the Chairman of the Migratory Bird Council, Old Ent, kept studying Marvin, like he found him very fascinating.

Since Marvin didn't do anything wrong, he wasn't worried about his scrutiny.

But he also couldn't explain that he had already come to the Supreme Jungle before in his previous life, causing him to realize that the Nature Power had decreased in intensity. Thus, he pretended to be unaware.

"Respected Chairman." Marvin cleared his throat and looked at Old Ent. "Just as your letter requested, I have arrived."

"Forgive me for being blunt. I'm not calling into question the Council's judgement, but the matter of Endless Ocean does not seem to follow reason. We all know how powerful Dark Phoenix was. If not for the four totemic pillars sealing her power, I wouldn't have been able to kill her."

Marvin obviously knew by now that the four totemic pillars wouldn't be the focus of their discussion, but they all still had to keep up appearances.

As expected, after this remark was made, the Great Druids had awkward expressions on their faces.

Marvin inwardly laughed.

These Great Druids were too honest and weren't able to lie.

Seeing their demeanors, Endless Ocean should be fine.

The so-called judgement should be for him. The entire time, the goal was to lure him to Jadeite City.

Thinking of this, Marvin couldn't help grinning.

As long as he could confirm that he was unrelated to the loss of Nature Power, these Great Druids would feel ashamed for doubting him.

At that time, if Marvin wanted to get some benefits, wouldn't it be easy with his tricks?

At that time, Old Ent eventually spoke, "Sorry, Mister Marvin. We seem to have made an error of judgement."

"We previously deceived you. Endless Ocean did not receive a life imprisonment sentence. On the contrary, her participation in the annihilation of Dark Phoenix was enough to annul her sin of stealing the four totemic pillars."

"In fact, we didn't make things difficult for her at all."

Marvin raised an eyebrow.

That old fox caught him unprepared.

He apologized directly… Could it be that he already realized that he had the wrong person?

Moreover, he wanted to skim over the fact that Marvin had been summoned here with such a light apology?

Isn't that too wrong?

Marvin rolled his eyes and pretended to be furious. "Eh? You sent me a letter just to lie to me?"

"I didn't expect the majestic Migratory Bird Council to deceive others, especially their own ally."

The Great Druids had unsightly expressions.

Old Ent sighed, giving Marvin a complex glance before slowly saying, "This matter is too complicated. I am very sorry for the methods we used."

"If you understood the crux of the matter, I am sure that you would forgive our difficulties."

Marvin cursed inwardly. The old fox clearly wanted to deal with the matter without giving him any concessions.

But Marvin still politely asked, "I want to hear, what's the so-called crux of the matter?"

Sky Fury coughed, interjecting, "Marvin, this matter concerns the core of the Supreme Jungle, I'm afraid we can't…"

But Old Ent waved his hand. "It is not an issue. We have to give Mister Marvin an explanation."

"Letting him know the whole story can resolve the misunderstanding between us."

Hearing Old Ent's sincere tone, Marvin felt slightly uncomfortable.

The Druids are extremely conservative and were rarely willing to leak such important information.

Marvin came with the intention of getting a few benefits while bringing Constantine and Endless Ocean back, but he didn't expect that he would be getting involved in the core secrets of the Supreme Jungle.

What was Old Ent's plan?

Not waiting for Marvin's refusal, Old Ent started narrating.

Marvin could only choose to helplessly listen.


Old Ent's story was very brief and concise, but the content was far more serious than Marvin had imagined. No wonder these Druids had seemed antagonistic to Marvin and coerced him to come.

The World Tree was withering.

This wasn't a trivial matter. It was actually a major event in Feinan!

Marvin never heard about that in the game!

It was surely a variable brought about by his transmigration.

After hearing this, Marvin sank into contemplation.

'The World Tree's withering is definitely caused by someone and not natural. A shadow was shown in the Divination, so no wonder they doubted me. I entered the World Tree a few months ago, after all!'

'Could it be that someone was behind me at that time?'

Thinking of this, Marvin couldn't help feeling a chill.

He stared at the shadow in Old Tree's hands and felt that it was familiar.

He felt as if he had seen it somewhere before, but there were no traces of it in his memories.

Old Ent's voice echoed, "We previously suspected you of being behind the withering of the World Tree. After all, a Ruler of the Night with the Shadow Domain fits the Divination."

"But I just saw another Domain on your body and understood that the matter was unrelated to you."

"The Shadow in the Divination is very sinister but pure. It is definitely an expert with only one Domain."

"We are very sorry for doubting you."

Marvin suddenly shivered.

He just recalled why that shadow felt so familiar!