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Chapter 489: Shadow

Chapter 489: Shadow

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Marvin seldom thought about his former enemy since Saruha's events.

The Shadow Prince's God Realm had been blown up by a missile made by the Ancient Gnomes, which was something everyone knew.

It was to the point that even Marvin himself overlooked Glynos.

But this shadow… He definitely wasn't wrong about it.

This was definitely a diminished version of Glynos' Divine Source.

In the game, Marvin got to directly witness Glynos' Divine Source when he killed him.

It left a lasting impression on him and he never forgot about it.

He looked at the continuously swaying shadow in Old Ent's hands and couldn't help but blurt out, "Shadow Prince!"

The Great Druids all had expressions of surprise.

Old Ent slowly said, "If Glynos were still around, he would indeed be the first target of our suspicions."

"But thanks to that missile, he already fell into an eternal slumber and should not be of any threat to the World Tree."

"Even if he wanted to steal Nature Power, he would not be able to enter the World Tree."

Marvin frowned.

He didn't have any way to convince these Druids.

He couldn't say that he had seen the appearance of Glynos' Divine Source in his previous life, right?

But his instincts told him that this was definitely Glynos!

'He actually survived.'

'How did he do it?'

Marvin was even more alert.

Although he could still try to negotiate with many others, he and Glynos were mortal enemies.

If the Shadow Prince got a new lease on life through absorbing Nature Power and returned to Feinan, Marvin definitely would be his first target!

Moreover, Marvin knew that the Ancient Nature God's slumber was just a false appearance.

After this powerful God connected his body with the World Tree, his soul and consciousness left his physical body to pursue traces of the Wizard God in the Primal Chaos Fringe.

If Glynos managed to discover the hiding location of the Nature God's body, he might really be able to absorb the Nature Power unhindered.

Naturally, he probably wouldn't dare to absorb it directly. He might have just used the Nature God's body as a bridge to absorb the power of the World Tree.

It was just like what Diggles did.

But at that time, Diggles was relatively crazy. In order to absorb power, he connected his entire plane onto the World Tree.

Because his rate of absorption had been relatively slow, there wasn't any reaction from Feinan's World Tree. But now, Glynos was absorbing the power faster than the entire Decaying Plateau had been doing it!

This made sense to Marvin. That missile explosion put Glynos very close to death, so he truly needed a great amount of power.

A God with a completely shattered God Realm was like a bottomless pit, enough to keep drawing power from the World Tree until it went dry.

As for the main World Tree, it wouldn't be affected too badly because of the Laws' restrictions.

This hypothesis appeared in Marvin's mind in an instant.

Even if it was just a conjecture, he was at least 80% confident.

The Nature God hid his body in the depths of the Universe, and Glynos also went into eternal exile.

If he accidentally met the Nature God's body during his exile, then such a situation might happen!

The more Marvin thought about it, the more he felt that it was the only possible explanation.

After all, besides Glynos and himself, there were only a handful of powerhouses with the Shadow Domain. But of those, there was not a single one that would be able to absorb the power of Feinan's World Tree and cause such an effect!

The Nature Power was bound to have strengthened due to the passage of time. Ordinary people simply couldn't take in so much power!

It was something only Gods could do.


Marvin didn't keep putting his conjecture forward. He only vaguely mentioned another thing: This matter of the Nature Power weakening might not be an issue with Feinan's World Tree, but instead one with the Nature God's body.

This hypothesis shocked the Great Druids.

It hadn't occurred to them that others could steal Nature Power through the powerful Ancient Nature God.

But after thinking carefully, they realized that the Ancient Nature God had left this world for so long.

His power and privileges were delegated to Feinan's World Tree, to the point that the Nature Magic System could be learnt through the Nature Leaves.

Even powerful Druids were unable to communicate with the Ancient Nature God.

That included Heavenly Deer Lorant. Before he descended, he was one of the relatively loved companions of the Ancient Nature God.

Old Ent was also unable to connect to the Ancient Nature God.

If the hiding place of the Ancient Nature God was really discovered, then in theory, such a situation could happen.

Since things came to this, Marvin didn't want to keep bickering with the Migratory Bird Council on those small details.

After all, from the Migratory Bird Council, he already found out that Endless Ocean hadn't been punished but was instead taken to the [Green Sea Paradise] by another Great Druid. They would follow the tracks of the Ancient Nature God there and might meet some good fortune.

As for Constantine and O'Brien, they had departed from Jadeite City first.

They left a letter to Marvin, the content of which was very simple. There seemed to be some issues at the North's Night Walker stronghold. They had to settle that.

Marvin already knew that the Night Walkers had a stronghold in the northeast and O'Brien very rarely appeared on the rest of the continent because he was usually guarding that place.

In the northeast, under a huge crack, resided the terrifying Molten Clan. It was said to be communicating with a few Abyssal Planes and frequently had Demons crawling out from within.

This was also where the Dwarves used to live.

Not long ago, O'Brien beheaded a Molten Overlord there, but he hadn't expected a new disaster to strike so soon.

'Could it be a Demon?'

Marvin shook his head in silence after reading the letter.

He remained speechless for a while.

As it turned out, he had gone through a lot of troubles and rushed to Jadeite City, only to find out that no one was waiting for him there.

Shadow Thief Owl had also left Jadeite City, heading to Lavis.

It looked like he was still anxious about his grandmother's "remains".

In Jadeite City, there was only Old Ent, who had deceived him.

"Since you already found out that I'm not the one who stole the Nature Power, I believe you could lend me Jadeite City's Long Distance Teleportation Array?"

"I want to go to Lavis Dukedom first."

Marvin raised his request.

Since he came all the way to the North, he might as well take a look at the current Lavis Dukedom.

After the Demons' assault, under Daniela's directives, what was the current state of this Sorcerer country?

Moreover, Lavis was close to the North's Three Cities. Marvin was thinking of taking a look there.

Last time, his meeting with Valkyrie Eve wasn't that friendly. Her servant was really too bothersome and almost let Dark Phoenix go free. If not for Hathaway's timely appearance, Marvin might not have been able to successfully kill Dark Phoenix.

Marvin was, of course, not looking for trouble. Eve had a lot of potential and was worth having as a hidden ally.

Even if they couldn't form an actual alliance, he still needed to prevent them from becoming enemies. After all, there was only a small number of true powerhouses in this world.

But he didn't expect Old Ent to suddenly inquire, "I wonder if Mister Marvin is interested in Nature Leaves?"