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Chapter 490: Origin Leaves

Chapter 490: Origin Leaves

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Marvin was very interested in the Nature Leaves.

It had been one of his objectives on his trip to the Supreme Jungle.

But having what he was thinking about directly come out of Old Ent's mouth felt a bit uncomfortable.

Old Ent's shrewdness made it hard for people to adapt to it.

Marvin squinted. "What do I need to do?"

He didn't believe that group of old-fashioned Druids would give him Nature Leaves just because of his fame. They definitely needed something.

As expected, Old Ent gently explained, "Mister Marvin, I felt the aura of some Nature Leaves on you… Of course, you learnt various things and might not care about these skills, but Nature Leaves are the only way for Rangers to learn magic and the most standard way of increasing their abilities. You should already be clear about that."

"The withering of the World Tree is not only related to Feinan, but also related to the safety of the whole Universe. I believe you should have been able to realize this with your knowledge."

"Naturally, guarding the World Tree is our duty, not yours. But if you help us, we are willing to repay you."

Marvin instantly answered, "I need to know what the so-called 'help' is!"

Old Ent paused for a moment before slowly saying, "[Crimson Wasteland]."

Marvin immediately turned around after replying, "No way!"


What a joke!

Even though the Nature Leaves were valuable, the Crimson Wasteland was an extremely dangerous place. Marvin didn't need to risk his life for something like that!

What was the Crimson Wasteland?

It was a bloody battlefield.

It was a twisted plane where all kinds of lifeforms from the Universe gathered to fight each other.

Angels, Divine Servants, Demons, Devils, Evil Spirits, Beasts… and all kinds of Monsters!

That place was a killer's wonderland, as well as a powerhouse's paradise. It was a place where Grim Reapers liked to visit!

No one knew the origin of the Crimson Wasteland. It was said that after a terrifying war happened in a distant era, many ancient powerhouses fell. Their inheritances and treasures were buried in that mysterious land.

This legend was confirmed from time to time, as there would inevitably be more rumors of people digging out some Divine Treasure from a corner of the wasteland.

But to most people, this legend was just a joke.

The real purpose of this land lay in allowing people to improve through trial by fire.

Whether it was the God Realms, Hell, or the Abyss, they all acknowledged the Crimson Wasteland's existence.

Only the most promising Elites among the Lesser Gods, Demons, and Devils, were qualified to join the fighting in the Crimson Wasteland. They would be subject to inhuman training there, fighting each other until they reached a certain limit before leaving this frightening area.

Although there weren't many God powerhouses there, anyone found there would be at least a Legend powerhouse.

That place was full of the Universe's strongest beings and could be considered the Universe's arena.

Courageous adventurers wouldn't rashly step foot in the Crimson Wasteland. Anyone who entered there by mistake wouldn't return alive.

Only those Legend Wizards who reached the limit of their lifespans might brave the danger of death to see if they could find something special in this mysterious land that could extend their lives.

Ordinary people definitely wouldn't go there on their own.

As for Marvin, although the Nature Leaves were valuable items, they definitely weren't worth that much.

He wasn't impulsive enough to go to the Crimson Wasteland only to get some Nature Leaves.

But before he left the room, Old Ent's deep voice echoed out once again. "Please stay calm, Mister Marvin."

"I didn't get to tell you the whole reward."

Marvin slowly turned around, and said with an unpleasant expression, "I'm wondering whether you are trying to trap me or not. Do you think I'm not aware what kind of place the Crimson Wasteland is?"

Old Ent had a helpless expression. "It looks like the effects of our misunderstanding haven't been overcome yet. You still do not trust us."

"If not for the Council's lack of manpower, we would not entrust this matter to you."

"After all, compared to what you would go through, we are going to be paying a lot more."

Marvin frowned. "Although Nature Leaves are treasures, that clearly wouldn't be enough when the task is getting into the Crimson Wasteland."

Old Ent nodded, expressing his agreement, before suggesting, "What if they aren't ordinary Nature Leaves?"

"Furthermore, there is an important piece of information related to you."

"If you are patient enough to let me finish my story, I think you will be willing to help."

Marvin's expression showed some indecisiveness.

He had a feeling that since Old Ent dared to say this, Marvin definitely wouldn't be able to resist the offer once he heard it.

What was the reward he was so confident in that he thought would convince Marvin to enter the Crimson Wasteland for sure?

The next second, a golden light appeared in Old Ent's palm.

Marvin's breathing slowed. "Origin Leaves!"


Marvin sat down, carefully listening to Old Ent's story.

After half an hour, he smiled bitterly while walking out of the treehouse.

Old Ent's reward indeed made it simply impossible for Marvin to refuse.

Three Origin Leaves, plus a treasure that could help him break through the body's bottleneck!

If Old Ent had only offered the former, Marvin might have still been able to resist the temptation, but Marvin couldn't overlook the latter.

His biggest problem right now wasn't finding ways to train himself, but rather, the laws' restriction.

Although cultivating an Advanced False Divine Vessel could slowly break this bottleneck, it would take some time.

And Old Ent's method could greatly reduce this period. It was a kind of trick method.

Marvin knew the method was effective because it wasn't just in the Druids' history; he had also heard of it in the past.

Old Ent didn't deceive him about the existence of the method.

Marvin hesitated for a long time before finally agreeing to take this task.

Origin Leaves were the most precious Nature Leaves, taken from the top of the World Tree. They gathered the strongest power of the Nature God.

Three Origin Leaves were enough for the Migratory Bird Council to feel the pain of losing them.

Among those, the first leaf was treated as a down payment and was already in Marvin's hands.

Just as Marvin had wanted, this Origin Leaf had an Advanced Shapechanging skill fused into it.

Marvin used the Origin Leaf and immediately acquired the following Ranger ability:

[Advanced Shapechanging – Royal Griffin]

[Description: After using the spell, the user will have the attributes and abilities of a Royal Griffin for three hours. Usable once daily.]


This was a very powerful ability.

The Royal Griffin was the ultimate evolution of the Griffins. It was even a rank higher than the Golden Griffin and was many times stronger than the Blue Griffins and other common Griffins.

Its melee abilities were just a bit weaker than those of Dragons!