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Chapter 491: Crimson Wasteland

Chapter 491: Crimson Wasteland

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Marvin always wanted to have a powerful Advanced Shapechange skill, he was now able to have one with this Origin Leaf.

The other two Origin Leaves were still in the Migratory Bird Council's hands. They didn't give them to Marvin, but Old Ent used his reputation to vouch for them, which was definitely worth no less than an Origin Leaf.

Since that was the case, Marvin no longer thought about it.

Compared to these valuable treasures, the words of Old Ent were the biggest reason behind his decision.

"If even you, Mister Marvin, are reluctant to go to the Crimson Wasteland because of how terrifying it is, then how many people in Feinan would be willing to go?"

"What I am saying is, the Crimson Wasteland is really a very frightening place, but that is only for those who lack sufficient strength, am I wrong?"

These were clearly words of praise from Old Ent.

But Marvin also realized: He was afraid of the Crimson Wasteland because of its rumors.

The Crimson Wasteland had yet to be opened in the game, and little was known about it apart from the rumors told by the commoners.

There would be Legends everywhere, and it was a place filled with Liches. But things had changed for Marvin.

He had almost forgotten how strong he had become now.

Although he was only a Level 1 Ruler of the Night, it was enough to handle most of the Divine Servants. Not mentioning his countless abilities and treasures, his fighting experience and awareness were also incomparable. Even those powerhouses training in the Crimson Wasteland might not necessarily be stronger than Marvin.

Furthermore, Marvin wasn't going to the Crimson Wasteland to fight.

The Migratory Bird Council sent him to look for someone.

That person was the descendant of the Ancient Nature God. It was said that the result of the union between the Ancient Nature God and a human woman resulted in a genuine Half-God.

He was called Minsk.

After the Ancient Nature God disappeared, the Migratory Bird Council believed that if anyone could find the Ancient Nature God, it could only be Minsk and his older sister.

As for the woman loved by the Ancient Nature God, she was in the Green Sea Paradise. The Migratory Bird Council had already sent Endless Ocean and another Druid.

Currently, only Minsk was unaccounted for, and as the Migratory Bird Council was lacking manpower, they requested Marvin's help.

This task sounded very unreasonable. After all, the Crimson Wasteland was said to be extremely vast and dangerous. Finding someone, even a Half-God, wouldn't be that easy.

However, Old Ent provided a detailed guidebook and some methods to help Marvin find Minsk. He believed that if Minsk was alive, finding him wouldn't be an issue.

As for whether he could persuade him to return to Feinan, this wasn't within Marvin's duties.

He only needed to give Minsk the letter written by Old Ent and his mission would be considered successful.

Of course, Marvin couldn't spend all his valuable time trying to accomplish the Druids' task, so they agreed that if he couldn't find Minsk within two weeks, he would have the right to drop the matter and return to Feinan on his own.

The Migratory Bird Council gave Marvin a kit containing the materials and a guidebook to build a stable Teleportation Gate.

Using that tool, Marvin could return to Feinan anytime.

After settling the details, Marvin handed the Familiar he caught at the edge of the forest to the Migratory Bird Council.

This was their territory, so it was better to tell them about the Devils' appearance.

Seeing the Familiar, the countenances of the Great Druids turned solemn.

They had already felt the aura of the Devils these days, and it was a great menace for them to come to threaten the Druids during such dangerous times.

They had to make proper preparations to resist.

The Druids had so many things to do.

Marvin could only express his sympathy.

He was already participating in the task to save the World Tree, so he couldn't help with defending against a potential army from Hell.

Marvin stayed for an afternoon in Jadeite City.

He wrote a few letters, one to Madeline, one to Anna, and one to Lola, letting them know where he was going while telling them to watch over White River Valley's atmosphere and report to him.

Although Marvin's trip to the Crimson Wasteland was an interplanar trip, he had gotten good enough that he could still somewhat use the Thousand Paper Crane, but its uses were very limited, so they had to be used sparingly.

After he finished resupplying, Marvin set foot on the path to the Crimson Wasteland with the help of Old Ent.


The Crimson Wasteland was a mysterious plane. It had a few entrances in Feinan.

The Migratory Bird Council, who had secret powers in Feinan since ancient times, naturally controlled a few of these entrances.

There was a Teleportation Gate leading to the Crimson Wasteland in a cave three hundred meters under Jadeite City.

That place was sealed all year round and would only open when three Great Druids joined their power to allow it.

Marvin made all his preparations and bid farewell to the Great Druids before entering the Teleportation Gate.

Each travel through a Teleportation Gate gave a different feeling to Marvin.

This time, the spatial unbalance gave a feeling of sadness. Sometimes he could see some sinister illusions.

Other times, he would feel some indescribable understanding.

These feelings were hazy, but they were clearly there, and only sensitive people would feel them.

In any case, after Marvin went through the Teleportation Gate, he felt an aura of desolation assaulting his senses.

He opened his eyes and saw a large amount of rice straws swaying in the desolate land in front of him.

These rice straws were completely dried yellow, yet they were insanely long, taller than Marvin!

They were swaying in the wind. A dark face vaguely appeared in the depths of the paddy field:


A harsh voice echoed behind Marvin.

Marvin turned around, on guard.

Behind him, there stood a large tent.

A man holding a rice straw was standing by the entrance. He had a long scar on his face and was holding a slender blade.

This blade was very different from Marvin's curved daggers. Marvin had never seen someone use that kind of weapon before.

It was more slender than ordinary knives, but seemed incomparably sharper.

The only thing Marvin felt happy about was that this man was speaking in Common. Although he had a weird accent, Marvin could still understand him.

"You better announce your faction right away. Otherwise, I won't mind destroying a potential threat."

The man spat out his rice straw, the knife in his hand suddenly flipping over as a cold light flashed.

In an instant, a powerful might surrounded Marvin!

'At least a level 3 Legend!'

Marvin immediately made an estimate.

But he was still at a loss about what the man had said. "Faction? What do you mean?"