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Chapter 492: Eisengel [Two in One]

Chapter 492: Eisengel [Two in One]

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That man didn't relax when he saw Marvin's doubtful expression, instead becoming more vigilant.

From what he knew, all newcomers would be informed of the rules before joining the Crimson Battlefield.

There was clearly something wrong about this guy suddenly appearing in this sensitive area.

Especially in such troubled times.

The man's wrists shook, turning into a mirage in an instant while attacking!

Marvin frowned.

The Crimson Wasteland was truly dangerous. He didn't even do anything, yet the other side already attacked him!

But he was no coward. That man in front of him was admittedly quite strong, but Marvin was still very confident.

Shadow Step!

Facing the opponent's high-speed attack, Marvin casually dodged.

Godly Dexterity was still able to overpower most of his opponents.

He quickly reverse-slashed, only to hear the sound of his opponent blocking it!

'Good reaction speed!' Marvin noted, feeling somewhat startled.

This man was very fast, but what seemed most significant was his reaction speed!

He used a single one-handed weapon, with nothing in his other hand. That way, regardless of whether he was attacking or defending, he could quickly maneuver his blade.

As everyone knew, long weapons actually were at a disadvantage in very close quarter melee battles.

Marvin's Shadow Step followed by the reverse slash was something few people would be able to react to. An expert might be able to dodge, but that would give Marvin the upper hand.

However, that man actually blocked the attack.

His reaction speed and bodily coordination were top class.

His Dexterity might not have reached Godly Dexterity, but Marvin was sure that it was at least at 27.

This was very rare for the natives to achieve, as they didn't have Marvin's Essence Absorption System, after all.

Both of them threw out attacks and countered each other's moves.

Marvin's twin daggers had the advantage in melee and thus he kept sticking close to his enemy.

His opponent clearly understood that point too. He tried to increase his distance from Marvin, but Marvin's speed and reactions were in no way inferior.

The two fought for a while, with neither of them gaining much of an advantage over the other.

Marvin wasn't going at full strength because he still didn't know about the circumstances.

As for his opponent, he seemed to be saving his energy too. 'Probing, maybe?'

Thinking of this, Marvin suddenly retreated, taking the initiative to distance himself from his enemy.

"I truly just arrived at the Crimson Wasteland. I'm not too clear about factions," he quickly reasserted.

The bulging veins on his opponent's arms gradually calmed down.

He looked seriously at Marvin for a while before suddenly shouting, "Red Witch?!"

In response, a scarlet shadow slowly appeared in the vast paddy field.

Marvin shivered. That woman's hiding skill was extremely good. Although she was pretty far away, it was still impressive that she was able to evade Marvin's perception.

A sexy red-gowned woman appeared between Marvin and the scarred man.

She had a thick layer of makeup on her face and exaggerated blood-red lipstick!

Red Witch squinted and said in a rough voice, "An impure Human with a Devil bloodline…"

The man brandished his blade and sneered, "Then he is a spy from the [Devil Pond]?"

He seemed ready to attack as he said these words.

But Red Witch stopped him. "Ronan, wait!"

"I just traced the Teleportation Gate he used. It's another one, not from the Crimson Wasteland."

Ronan frowned as he insisted, "Couldn't the Devils be using another plane as their springboard? This happened to [Eisengel] before."

Red Witch shook her head, "Unlikely. I don't believe the Devils would be able to use that plane as a springboard."

"What do you mean?" Ronan asked.

Red Witch seriously said, "I mean that he came from the prime material plane, Feinan."

Ronan's eyes widened.

Marvin shrugged. "Looks like I didn't get to become a spy for long before the suspicions got washed away?"

Ronan thought for a bit before putting down the blade in his hand and telling Marvin, "It's normal for some to not be able to adapt to this kind of thing the first time."

"You'll get used to it after experiencing it a few times."

"Isn't that place called the [Crimson Wasteland] after all?"


The two men walked through the paddy field.

Red Witch stayed hidden. According to Ronan, this woman wouldn't easily show herself.

Ronan and Red Witch were partners. Of course, they didn't voluntarily choose each other. They were assigned to work together by the camp.

The camp they talked about was called [Eisengel] and was the base of operations of the Humans in the Crimson Wasteland.

The Crimson Wasteland was a very terrifying land of slaughter. There were all kinds of things there, from Angels to Demons, from Evil Spirits to Beasts, but naturally, Humans had the most people.

The Humans were powerhouses that came from all corners of the Universe. It was rare to see anyone below the Legend rank here because they would die very fast.

Even so, mankind's status in the Crimson Wasteland wasn't stable. They needed to work together and protect each other.

Eisengel was the biggest human colony in the area.

Eisengel and the few surrounding groups, Devil Pond, Mushroom City, and Dark Abyss, were hostile to each other.

If two sides met in the wild, they would definitely have a battle to the death.

Battle was the theme of the Crimson Wasteland.

And the existence of these camps allowed the powerhouses to have a resting place in between battles.

Eisengel was named after its founder, the Legend Wizard Eisengel. The vast field of rice straw was said to cover over six hundred thousand square meters and concealed the camp's entrance.

Ronan and Red Witch were one of the patrols of Eisengel. When they met Marvin, they were on their last day of duty.

After this day, they would return to Eisengel to report their findings.

The camp provided the members with protection and necessary information, as well as a platform for communication. But joining a faction also required one to perform services and carry their own weight.

Examples included patrolling or completing some missions released by the camp.

Although patrolling was very dull and took a long time, it was relatively safer.

And the missions released by the camps were rather dangerous. Even Legend powerhouses didn't dare to take them lightly.

Legends weren't much in this bloody land after all.


Hearing Ronan's introduction of the camp, Marvin started pondering.

The Crimson Wasteland's structure was more complex than he had thought.

The Druids didn't give him information about this camp. But this shouldn't be blamed on them.

The information that the Migratory Bird Council had was at least 300-400 years old.

And the ratio of the flow of time in the Crimson Wasteland was 1 to 6. The two weeks Marvin had promised in Feinan would be twelve weeks here. Close to three months.

He originally thought that he had a lot of time and could still hunt for some Divine Servants on the way to increase his power. But now it seemed that it would be far from simple.

He had to look at Eisengel first.


After Ronan and Marvin talked about a few simple matters, they continued in silence.

Information in the camp was considered quite valuable. Since Marvin was completely new, the old members had to tell him about some necessary rules, but for the rest, Marvin would have to buy the information himself.

Blood Essence Stones were used as the common currency in Eisengel. This kind of stone was a special product of the Crimson Wasteland and contained the purest type of energy, comparable to Divine Source.

It's just that the amount of energy contained within a Blood Essence Stone was very little compared to a God's Divine Source.

Some legends said that the reason the Crimson Wasteland was producing Blood Essence Stones was because the war waged in those days resulted in the fall of too many Gods.

After the Gods died, their blood and Divine Source mixed together in the earth, forming Blood Essence Stones.

In short, Marvin was now completely poor in a totally unfamiliar place.

This made him quite uncomfortable, but it also gave him an unprecedented feeling of excitement.

Perhaps, deep within his bones, his adventurous nature emerged once more.


The entrance to Eisengel was hidden deep within the paddy field. Each member of the camp knew the password.

After removing a scarecrow, a weasel would jump out.

This weasel would ask a certain question, and only if it heard the correct answer would it open the door to Eisengel.

That's right, Eisengel was hidden underground, surrounded by severe spells. This was also why the other forces couldn't inflict a deep blow to the weakened Humans.

Each time Eisengel changed the password, only the true members of Eisengel would learn about it.

It was said that a spy had once appeared in Eisengel which caused a huge uproar in the camp. It was almost invaded by the Abyss' Demons. Thus, Eisengel was very strict regarding outsiders.

Marvin entered Eisengel under the lead of Ronan and Red Witch.

After walking down the long tunnel for about ten minutes, Marvin was taken to a place similar to an interrogation room.

There, an old man wearing fancy glasses asked Marvin many questions for about half an hour.

And the whole time, there was a Wizard who was an expert at Divination in charge of testing whether Marvin was lying.

Naturally, Marvin couldn't give an answer to some questions. After all, everyone had their own secrets. Overall, Eisengel did great in this area.

After guaranteeing that Marvin wouldn't pose a threat to the camp and was truly standing on the side of mankind, they gave him a small medal.

This medal had Marvin's name on it and symbolized that Marvin was a new member of Eisengel.

After leaving the dark interrogation room, Marvin was taken to another cave.

There, a disabled person specialized in explaining the rules to newcomers quickly told Marvin the rules once.

Twenty minutes later, Marvin was finally able to walk freely in the underground Eisengel.


Eisengel was definitely not the biggest city Marvin had ever seen, but it was certainly the safest.

Regardless of where he went, he could feel the rich arcane energy.

A large number of spell arrays were constantly activated, with Wizards' Eyes watching all corners.

Maybe it was because the founder was a Legend Wizard, but Eisengel had quite a few Wizards.

Wizards of the Crimson Wasteland mostly came from Secondary Planes. They came here for their own various reasons, and some who weren't already Legends broke through, ultimately reaching the Legend Realm.

These people might have more willpower and creativity than Feinan's powerhouses.

Marvin strolled around casually and got a concrete understanding of Eisengel.

The underground city wasn't big, which could be inferred from the fact that it was described as a "camp".

This was basically a smaller version of a town. Although the Crimson Wasteland gathered Legends from all corners of the Universe, Legends were few in number and Eisengel wasn't the only gathering location of Humans.

From what that disabled person said, this place only had about 300-350 people living here all year long.

But one shouldn't look down on these numbers. Everyone there was a Legend powerhouse. There was hardly anyone without considerable fighting power.

Like the old man who explained the rules to Marvin, for example. He had once been quite formidable, but due to some special reasons, he retired and now worked in the camp's daily defense.

Everyone still needed to fight.


Eisengel could be further divided into five areas:

[Commercial District]: An area located in the northeastern part of the underground city. It encouraged free trade and had no taxes. Most would conduct their transactions by bartering. Although Blood Essence Stones could be used to purchase some things, it was hard to get the good stuff.

[Resting District]: Some residential areas in the southern part of the underground city. The district was enough for most of the people to take a rest, but the conditions weren't that great.

[Announcement and Accounting District]: The area where the camp released patrolling missions and other assignments. It was also the place to claim the rewards for completing the missions.

[Warehouse]: Eisengel's warehouse was hidden, and only the camp's higher-ups could access it.

[Eisengel Square]: A vast area with entertainment facilities as well as restaurants.

Besides those five areas, the others weren't worth being mentioned.

Marvin noticed that every passerby was on high alert.

Although Eisengel was said to be absolutely safe, it seemed that most people didn't actually think so.

Marvin's top priority was to find his own location in the Crimson Wasteland.

He had a map in hand which would be used to find the Half-God Minsk.

But that map was damaged. It only had a few landmarks left on it, which wouldn't be enough.

This meant that he needed to acquire a map of the Crimson Wasteland.

Fortunately, there was a similar kind of map available in Eisengel.

Unfortunately, it wasn't free.