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Chapter 494: Dream Guardian

Chapter 494: Dream Guardian

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An Abominations wasn't really a lifeform of the Abyss, but rather an Astral monster.

The appearance of Abominations was quite similar to that of Humans, but their bodies were quite hideous because they had gone through some kind of mystical radiation.

This left their bodies as strong as diamond, and the cuffs on their limbs were the tools used by Balkh to control them.

Killing Abominations would definitely alert Balkh that someone was intruding into his territory.

Few people would do this because it would make their enemies more vigilant.

But Marvin decided to do the very opposite.

The two Assassins failing their task showed that Balkh had a lot of experience dealing with assassinations.

Although Ruler of the Night was a Legend rogue class, it didn't have the specialized assassination abilities of Ace Assassins. Marvin's power lay in melee battles. Whether it was a duel or a group battle, Ruler of the Night's characteristics would give him a huge helping hand.

Since ordinary assassination methods didn't work on Balkh, Marvin thought he might as well force him out into a direct confrontation to kill him.

He instinctively didn't want to approach the Demonic Altar.

Who knew whether the altar was linked to the Abyss Plane… Carelessly getting dragged into the Abyss would be too laughable.

This time, Ding and Jessica weren't there to bring him back.


Azure Leaf flashed and before the Abomination could let out a sound, its head fell to the ground!

But Marvin didn't relax.

He didn't receive any experience, which meant that the Abomination wasn't dead!

Sure enough, the headless Abomination suddenly turned around, its cuffed hands striking toward Marvin!

Marvin frowned and used Shadow Step to move out of the path of his opponent's attack. Shortly after, he ruthlessly slashed down with the dagger in his left hand, cutting off the Abomination's arm!

The Great Elven King's daggers were definitely a huge boost to Marvin's fighting strength.

If it had been another person from the Camp, that person might have needed several slashes to sever the Abomination's arm.

But the bonuses of his daggers had triggered when striking the Legendary Monster.

These bonuses made fighting more fast and convenient for Marvin.

He casually approached and the Abomination's powerful defense buckled under his attacks. Before long, it was cut into pieces by Marvin.

Although the process wasn't quite what he had expected, he still killed an Abomination, as planned.

The Abomination gave a great amount of experience to Marvin, but he wasn't concerned about that.

He checked his [Night Kill] passive.

Under that was a secondary ability called [Spirit Orb].

Spirit Orb was a very powerful special ability that had already been activated by Marvin in Saruha. Before now, he hadn't been able to figure out how to use it.

But he accidentally found out recently that Spirit Orb wasn't a passive skill.

If he wanted to absorb the soul of the dead, he would have to activate the Spirit Orb ability. During the process, Marvin's stamina would be spent twice as fast.

Marvin just used that skill before killing the Abomination.

Afterwards, the data shown for Spirit Orb changed to [6/200].

It was 0 just before.

This meant that the value of the Abomination's soul was equal to 6 units of soul points.

If he accumulated 200, Marvin would be able to get a single-use soul ability.

Marvin didn't know about the specific skill, but since he knew about the ability's usefulness, he wouldn't mind stocking up on soul points, just in case he needed it.

Fortunately for him, there were many monsters on the Withered Leaf Promenade. These monsters were all Legend Monsters and the quality of their souls shouldn't be too bad. He might even be able to fill up the Spirit Orb before meeting Balkh.

He was looking forward to what kind of ability he would learn from the Spirit Orb.

In Feinan, soul-related abilities weren't weak.

After getting rid of the Abomination, Marvin kept going forward.

There were many monsters wandering on the Withered Leaf Promenade. Besides Abominations, Trappers and Trolls were also troublesome enemies.

These two lifeforms had powerful concealment abilities, especially the wicked Trappers. If not for Marvin carrying dozens of Sun Spheres, he might also have had a huge headache.

But regardless, just with his overpowering strength, Marvin kept speeding through the Withered Leaf Promenade while clearing it of monsters.


On the other side of the Crimson Wasteland.

A rainbow appeared through the space and stably landed on the desolate ground.

Three shadows appeared above the rainbow, walking down from it before landing on the Crimson Wasteland.

"Crimson Wasteland… It's been many years..." A male voice could be heard sighing among them.

Another man expressionlessly turned around and asked, "Is it necessary? Chasing a brat that just became a Legend?"

A delicate woman was behind them. If Marvin had been there, he would have recognized her.

Surprisingly, this was the Dream God's Divine Servant, Ambella.

Ambella solemnly insisted, "He is a threat."

"Swift, don't think that you are unequalled after defeating Kedra. Before God assigns you as the 2nd Divine Servant, you still need to listen to my orders."

Swift snorted, dissatisfaction apparent in his eyes.

"To me, the real threat is in Feinan!"

"Do you still remember the damn Lorant? That old deer and that group of Druids? Oh right, Thousand Leaves Forest is also very restless. I heard the Wood Elves have a War Saint! This is a Domain that can be reached by High Elves." Swift coldly scoffed, "To be honest, I don't really see what that kid has besides good luck."

"Chasing across planes and using two Dream Guardians to kill a kid who just became a Legend... Ambella, I really don't understand!"

Ambella sneered, "You don't understand? Oh, that's right."

"Two hundred years ago we were both Dream Guardians, and now I am the 1st Divine Servant while you are still a Guardian."

Swift's face reddened. The other Guardian apparently didn't want to be brought into this and simply stood out of the way.

The rainbow was gradually dissipating. Ambella reiterated, "Marvin must die."

"If you can complete this mission... Maybe… I'll think of your previous request."

Swift's eyes shone. He wanted to say something in response, but Ambella had already disappeared.

She had a more important mission in Feinan.

"Don't mind it too much. Ambella is actually worried about you underestimating the enemy," the other Dream Guardian gently said as he approached.

"I know, Wayn!" Swift suddenly changed his attitude. His eyes turned amber as he gazed into the distance while muttering, "Regardless of who you are, death is the only outcome if you meet me in the Crimson Wasteland!"