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Chapter 495: Trapper

Chapter 495: Trapper

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Leaves were falling quietly.

The dusty road seemed to have suffered greatly from the passage of time. Occasionally, a few shadows would flash by before frantically howling in anguish.

On the uneven ground, the dark green moss and deep red rocks hid countless dangers.

A Trapper was hiding behind a pile of rocks.

This Trapper, as was typical of his kind, was very patient.

Perhaps it was due to the Race's innate restriction… They couldn't move very fast.

The only threatening part was the bloody maw hidden under a rock.

A careless traveler would fall into the trap and end up in the Trapper's mouth.

This insatiable lifeform wouldn't let go of that opportunity. At that split second, it would spit out a very powerful acid that even Legend powerhouses wouldn't be able to keep resisting. As for ordinary people, they would basically be corroded into tasty flesh in an instant and absorbed through the Trapper's countless holes.

Naturally, most Legend powerhouses were very careful and wouldn't fall for a Trapper's ruse. Thus, these Trappers mostly fed on those ignorant shriveled Zombies.

But even the Trappers had to admit that Zombies tasted too bad and weren't very nutritious.

The Withered Leaf Promenade's Zombies were lifeforms in between Evil Spirits and the Undead. Even scholars were unable to get much of an idea about their origins, let alone the dumb Trappers.

This rather calm morning, it was only waiting for lunch.

A shadow appeared in the distance.

It was swaggering and from time to time, letting out some humanoid screams.

This pointed to the identity of the new arrival.

A pitiful shriveled Zombie.

It's just that the Trapper was sick of eating them. But in order to fill its belly, it still had to keep hiding under the rocks.

In order to increase its concealment, it even added a skill to disguise itself. This was one of the few spells it could use. It was very difficult to deceive the most powerful opponents, but because of the unique characteristics of Trappers, few people were willing to provoke them.

Killing a Trapper was very troublesome and there were very few benefits of doing so.

Just as before, the shriveled Zombie shambled over.

The Trapper impatiently prepared to eat this lunch.

But at that time, a demonlike shadow appeared from the fog.

It pierced through the fog like lightning and beheaded the Zombie before it could react!

The shrivelled zombie was a lot weaker than the Abomination and couldn't survive after being decapitated.

The Trapper was angry.

Its long-awaited lunch had been stolen.

It decided to take a closer look at this shadow.

Thus, it quietly moved its body that was merged with the earth and gradually approached the shadow.

It was common knowledge in the Crimson Wasteland that Trappers could control their bodies and lengthen them at will so that they could cover entire ravines.

If the shadow passed through that road, it would inevitably step on it.

The disguise skill that the Trapper strenuously used had a pretty good effect, so it was confident in its ability to swallow that human who had deprived it of its meal.

But next second, a sphere flickering with light was thrown over.

The Trapper had yet to react when red-hot flames burst all over its body!

Following the terrible heat, its body began to shrink painfully, and its vocal organs issued a howling sound wave.

But that human turned a blind eye to its suffering.

He blankly stared at the Trapper's futile struggle before it was burnt to death.

'Using a Sun Sphere to deal with Trappers is truly a waste of resources!' Marvin shook his head, feeling the pain.

He endured the burnt smell and flipped over the Trapper's corpse. Sure enough, there were only trash items.

Trappers' bodies were very abnormal. Besides their preying abilities, they had digestive systems stronger than those of Dragons!

In many territories of the Abyss, many Demon Lords would raise some Trappers to dispose of trash. It showed how powerful their acidic abilities were.

In fact, if Marvin was interested, he could grab a few Trappers and gather the acid from their bodies.

Marvin had done similar quests in the game. This was a profound craft, dangerous, but very valuable.

Trapper acid with special enchantments could add a frightening corrosive curse to daggers. Even Legendary Armors could be corroded.

Unfortunately, Marvin didn't have a lot of time on his hands right now.

He didn't lack resources.

As the Overlord of what was considered the number one territory after the Great Calamity, Marvin naturally had far more resources than he did in his previous life.

In the game, items as valuable as Sun Spheres could only be used when clearing an important instance. It was the same even for the large guilds.

But for Marvin now, these items crafted by the Craftsman Tower's artisans were only normal consumables.

In any case, most of the craftsmen of the Craftsman Tower were minimally affected by Chaos Magic Power due to their profession's characteristics.

They made it through the initial disaster, but it would be very difficult to keep surviving on their own. So they had to cooperate.

And White River Valley was the best target. And for helping them, Marvin easily got some Sun Spheres.

Even so, using a Sun Sphere to deal with a Trapper was kind of a waste. If not because of time limitation, Marvin wouldn't have used them so prodigally.


As noon approached, the Crimson Wasteland's sky remained dusky. Fortunately, Legend powerhouses had quite accurate biological clocks so they didn't have much of an issue judging time.

Marvin killed his way forward, eliminating a vast number of monsters on the Withered Leaf Promenade and obtained a huge amount of experience, but this was already practically worthless to him. It let him increase the level of his Battle Gunner class, but this wouldn't have too much of an impact on his fighting strength.

The only thing he was happy about was that he didn't meet many Trappers on the way, only three.

He mostly ran into Zombies and Abominations.

It seemed like Balkh needed to pay a huge price to summon Trappers, or else he certainly would have summoned a lot more.

Checking his interface, he looked at his Spirit Orb ability which showed [196/200]. He could probably fill it completely by killing another lifeform with a rather good soul.

Marvin was very much looking forward to what kind of ability would appear at that time.

But he didn't have time to think about it right now.

A valley came into view on the road ahead.

The valley Balkh was living in.