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Chapter 497: Altar

Chapter 497: Altar

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At the entrance of the valley, a great amount of Devilish aura had been released.

Marvin had just used Shapeshift Sorcerer's Shadow-shape and began wandering around the valley.

Nearby, he found the corpses of a few Trappers hanging on stakes.

A Trapper's corpse looked like a nauseating mass of human skins, and they looked disgustingly sinister, hanging there from the stakes.

Marvin had decided to use Shadow-shape because it was naturally resistant to the fog's afflictions, preventing any rash or corroding effect from appearing on his body.

And the Devilish aura was a true provocation.

Marvin's body had an inheritance from Devils, so this kind of aura couldn't be concealed from a powerful Demon.

It was common knowledge that Demons and Devils were arch-enemies!

Regardless of the place, once a Greater Demon and Greater Devil met, they would always fight to the death. Of course, the Demons would usually be violent and direct while the Devils would act crafty and sly.

Marvin purposefully leaked his own aura in order to attract Balkh's attention.

Although he didn't know what was happening in the valley, he kept having that bad feeling.

It was obviously not a smart move to enter the territory of a Demon Wizard.

He was trying to lure the snake out of its hole. If Balkh could be angered and provoked, it would be even better.

Unfortunately, after a fair amount of time passed, there was still no sign of activity in the valley.

Marvin couldn't help but frown.


The terrifying experiments were still progressing near the altar.

Balkh coldly watched the struggling Human. The latter's eyes were completely white and foam came out of his mouth as his whole body was constantly twitching.

These were the distinctive signs of a Demon Spawn taking over a body.

He wasn't very pleased with the outcome.

He wanted someone with a clear head and a strong body, someone able to lead troops to battle. He didn't want to end up with a group of Demons that knew nothing about strategy and only wanted to charge in and kill.

The latter were almost everywhere in the Abyss, while the former simply couldn't be found.

The Magic Dragon's warning was ignored by Balkh.

As an intelligent Demon Wizard, Balkh wasn't interested in this so-called "arch-enemy" relationship.

If that Human with some Devil bloodline wanted to charge in, interfere with his experiment, and challenge his prestige, then he wouldn't mind killing him.

But luring him out of his valley… This method might work against most Demons, but it wouldn't work against Balkh.

He only told his pet one thing: "Continue monitoring."

"If he tries to charge in, tell 29th to prepare for battle."

The Magic Dragon nodded before asking, "What if 29th loses?"

Balkh sneered, "Then let that Human come to find me at the altar."


A scream came from the man's mouth and then his expression suddenly returned to being calm again!

Delight flashed in Balkh's eyes and focused his attention back on his experiment!


Marvin paced back and forth at the entrance of the valley for a long time, but there was still no movement from the enemy.

He had a feeling that he was being watched. He thought that Balkh would come out soon, but the other party was still not moving, which surprised Marvin.

He changed his opinion about Balkh.

That guy wasn't an ordinary Demon Wizard at all.

He could actually resist the pressure of the intensely antagonistic relationship between Demons and Devils. This meant that fame and dignity weren't particularly important to him.

That guy was either a genius… Or a lunatic.

Regardless of which one it was, it wasn't good for Marvin.

Since Balkh didn't take the bait, Marvin's plan to lure the snake out of its hole had failed.

He was probably observing him and trying to gauge his strength. Thus, staying around for too long would be very dangerous.

At this time, the only path remaining for Marvin was a direct attack!

In essence, Marvin was a very lazy person. If he could steal a chicken directly, he wouldn't bother making it complicated, and if he could assassinate someone, he wouldn't start a duel. But from another point of view, Marvin was also a very decisive and cruel person.

Now that his first plan had clearly failed, he quickly moved on to his second plan.

He cancelled his Shadow-shape.

The fog in the valley seemed to have some awareness and actually slightly rushed forward at him in response.

Marvin sneered.

The fog was clearly being controlled by someone. Even if it wasn't Balkh, some other Demon could be helping.

But based on the information he got from the camp, Balkh worked alone, and besides that Magic Dragon Pet who never left his side, there were few other Demons that often associated with him here.

The one controlling the fog right now wasn't Balkh, it was that mystical Magic Dragon.

A creature like the Magic Dragon was a pet Wizards yearned for. They could provide a great increase in one's Magic Power and also hasten one's casting speed.

But that race lived in a very distant and uncommon plane. Very few could capture a Magic Dragon to keep as a pet.

As for Balkh's Magic Dragon, he had most likely gotten it from a lucky encounter… Or perhaps his father, Demon Lord Balkh, used his own resources or forces to catch it.

In any case, when facing a Demon Wizard with an altar and a Magic Dragon, it wouldn't be too bad to be overly prudent.

Marvin used his Legend skill, [Summon – Shadow Dragon]!

A large Teleportation Gate suddenly took form.

But this time, his specialty [Double Efficiency] didn't trigger. Only six Shadow Dragons appeared above the valley.

But Marvin felt it was already enough for such a small valley!

The Dragons' roars echoed from the gate overbearingly.

Marvin didn't want to give the other side too much time to react.

Just as the summoning of the Dragons was completed, he started using his own Shapechange ability, [Advanced Shapechanging – Royal Griffin]!

Under the effect of the blazing Nature Power, Marvin's body began to frantically twist and transform.

His body transformed into a Griffin's in an instant!

That Griffin was different from ordinary Griffin. There seemed to be a crown on its head and it was covered in golden feathers, and emitting a golden halo!

Marvin subconsciously checked his interface:

[Royal Griffin (Legend)]

[Origin: Advanced Shapechanging]

[Ability 1: Fighting Halo – (+5 Courage)]

[Ability 2: Affliction immunity – Immunity to all negative status effects]

[Ability 3: Bloody Roar – Issues a roar that forces those in the target area to undergo a willpower check. Those who fail become intimidated.]


The change on his interface dazzled Marvin.

He didn't have time to look carefully but came to a conclusion after a quick glance: Powerful!

The Royal Griffin was worthy of being the most powerful Griffin. All the abilities he gained were heaven-defying. The Migratory Bird Council truly bled this time. It seemed that the Half-God Minsk was very important to them.

Marvin didn't think too much about it. After transforming into a Royal Griffin, he directly used [Bloody Roar]!

As the Griffin's roar echoed out, the moving fog surprisingly attenuated a bit and Marvin could see the structure of the valley clearly!

This valley wasn't very big, so he could see the demonic altar in the distance!

Marvin roared and directly rushed through the foggy area alongside the six murderous-looking Shadow Dragons!

The fog would inflict frightening side effects on Humans or most other Races, but the Royal Griffin's immunity turned the fog into nothing more than decoration. As for the Shadow Dragons, they were originally shadow lifeforms, and it was very difficult to corrode or curse them.

The six monsters rushed in the valley one after the other, making the huge valley shudder.

As Marvin flew quickly across the valley, he glanced at the tall Demon next to the altar.

Balkh was very outstanding for a Demon.

He was using a disguise on himself to look more elegant and gentle.

But he couldn't conceal his natural aura of craziness and slaughter. This was definitely a Greater Demon!

'What is he doing?'

Marvin was puzzled.

On the side of the altar, there was a man lying down, twitching erratically!

'That guy is conducting experiments!'

Marvin detected many cages in the depths of the valley!

All kinds of Humans were in the cages, strong, weak, old, young, male, and female!

There was no anger in these people's eyes. It looked like they had already lost hope.

Until the Griffin's roar woke them up!


After becoming a Royal Griffin, Marvin was still able to talk. As he charged toward Balkh, he bellowed, "It's time to end your sinister experiments!"

The six Shadow Dragons circled in the sky, sealing all possible escape routes.

Because the valley was a bit narrow, Marvin didn't have them come down.

When he broke through the fog, he needed the Shadow Dragons as a cover, but for a melee battle, he could probe on his own first.

Balkh was clearly in a bad mood when his experiment got interrupted by Marvin.

He suddenly looked up, but the frightening Griffin's claw had already grabbed his head!

Marvin ruthlessly tore Balkh's head to pieces!

But he immediately thought to himself, 'There is something wrong!'

Marvin's heart sank. Just as he expected, Balkh resurrected in the altar!

'Abyssal spells are truly a bit strange.'

Marvin started to feel a burning pain from his claws!

This was due to the immunity. If he had been in his normal form, his body would have probably already started festering!

"You actually dare to challenge a Demon Wizard at his altar?"

"Have you never been taught common knowledge about the Abyss, young Druid?"

Balkh coldly raised his sheep-head staff and aimed at Marvin, who had flown back into the air.