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Chapter 498: Abyssal Blood Pond

Chapter 498: Abyssal Blood Pond

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The Royal Griffin maneuvered quickly in the air and dodged Balkh's Acid Arrow!

That staff was imbued with an instant spell, but the Royal Griffin's attributes were too overwhelming so Marvin was able to easily dodge despite being at close range.

And Marvin was very pleased with the fact that Balkh believed he was a Druid.

After all, in most cases, transforming into a Griffin was a rare Druid ability.

If he had been another flying beast, that Acid Arrow would probably have hit!

But Marvin didn't dare to be careless.

The altar shone with a dark flickering light and the Magic Dragon was faintly visible, circling around it.

That being couldn't fight in melee, but it had similar effects to the altar and provided Balkh with endless Magic Power and buffs.

The battle was still ongoing. Balkh had the advantage because the Demon Wizard Altar was very frightening and Marvin didn't want to get closer.

Thus, at his order, the six Shadow Dragons charged toward the altar!

He wanted to forcibly destroy the altar!

After getting rid of it, the Demon Wizard would be far less threatening!


A golden shadow flashed through the sky. Marvin was very careful and didn't fly too high since the sky above the Withered Leaf Promenade was covered in spatial cracks. If he went too close to them, he would easily be drawn in.

He had also ordered the Shadow Dragons to hover at a lower altitude when they approached, but in spite of this, a Shadow Dragon had almost been dragged into a spatial crack.

Fortunately, the Shadow Dragons were lifeforms with high resistance to the pull of those spatial cracks. Marvin's order was quite timely.

The Shadow Dragons' bodies were like dark clouds descending on the small valley, charging imposingly at that altar.

But suddenly, the sheep-head staff in the Demon Wizard's hand let out a wail!

That wail carried a powerful intimidating force, and even Marvin wasn't immune to that willpower check, despite the abilities he gained from being a Royal Griffin!

Marvin stiffened and started falling through the air.

But this state only lasted for half a second before Marvin was able to readjust and keep flying again.

But those Shadow Dragons weren't as fortunate. Balkh started incanting and grey lights appeared at the corners of the altar!

[Legend Spell – Ghostly Death Ray]!
Six Death Rays accurately hit the six Shadow Dragons. These Shadow monsters weren't particularly resistant to Death Magic, so in an instant, three of them collapsed!

Two other Dragons seemed to be struggling, as their bodies started dissipating and they awkwardly fell to the ground, unable to move!

But the last Shadow Dragon stood tall against the destructive power of the Death Ray and still managed to pounce at the altar.

Marvin's heart sank.

Balkh was more difficult to handle than he had imagined!

That Shadow Dragon definitely wouldn't be able to break the altar alone.

Demon Wizard Altars were like Wizard Towers. They had all kinds of defenses, and the six Death Rays were just one of them.

Balkh definitely still had other means of defense!


Just as expected, as soon as the Shadow Dragon pounced on the altar, a bloody light flashed!

A door opened out of nowhere and a lot of blood started pouring onto the Shadow Dragon's body.

Despite being a type of lifeform with rather limited consciousness, the Shadow Dragon let out an anguished wail after being drenched in the blood.

Marvin watched attentively as the Shadow Dragon melted!

That blood fell on the altar and Balkh, but they both came out unscathed.

In fact, each tile of the altar was greedily absorbing the blood as if it was the most delicious delicacy.

Marvin could even feel the Demonic Altar's energy increasing!


'Abyssal Blood Pond!'

'That guy actually has the privilege to open the Abyssal Blood Pond!'

Even though it seemed that Balkh was a bit tired, as if using the blood caused him great exertion, the Abyssal Blood Pond was a very troublesome matter. Marvin was filled with trepidation at this revelation.

The Abyssal Blood Pond was a very powerful pool of energy and its essence was similar to that of the Negative Energy Plane's [Evil Spirit Sea], the Nine Hells' [Sin Country], as well as the Universe Magic Pool. The difference was that the Demons themselves originated from the Abyssal Blood Pond. Each Demon Spawn was born from it.

There was a main Abyssal Blood Pond, but there were also some separate lesser Blood Ponds, but they were controlled by the powerful Demon Lords.

There were no more than ten Demon Lords that were in control of a Blood Pond.

Although Balkh's father was a famous Demon Lord, he definitely wasn't one of them.

Marvin narrowed his eyes. Since that was the case, where did Balkh get the ability to control Abyssal Blood Pond from?

It had to be known that the blood from the Abyssal Blood Pond carried endless Magic Power. These droplets of blood could melt any non-Demonic lifeform while raising the Demons' power. If it was used on a Demonic Altar, it would charge it with additional energy.

No wonder Marvin felt that the altar seemed to become stronger.

Balkh was prepared to have a war of attrition with him.


After being shocked by the use of the Abyssal Blood Pond, Marvin didn't dare to approach the altar.

He knew that now was the time where the Blood Energy was the most abundant, so going in would definitely end in a pretty bad outcome.

Six Shadow Dragons had been taken care of just like that. Balkh's strength was quite fearsome.

No wonder none of the powerhouses of Eisengel wanted to take that mission.

It seemed like Balkh had support from someone other than his father.

Marvin once heard that just like the Evil Spirit Sea had its own wisdom, the Abyssal Blood Pond also had a faint will.

That will could choose some outstanding Demons and give them special treatment.

This was similar to Feinan's Fate Sorcerers, who were chosen by the will of the plane.

Maybe Balkh was that "Fate-Chosen Demon".

But in any case, Marvin's mission was to eliminate Balkh, or else he could only obediently do a newcomer patrol.

Although the situation wasn't good, Marvin felt that it still wasn't beyond his abilities.

He contemplated for a few more moments before diving down decisively!

"You are courting death!" Balkh sneered.

He brandished his sinister sheep-head staff once more.


A Ghostly Death Ray shot out at Marvin!

The Royal Griffin burst open in mid air, its feathers flying in all directions!

A shadow fell to the ground and rolled over several times before disappearing from Balkh's sight!!