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Chapter 499: Eternal Night Seal

Chapter 499: Eternal Night Seal

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T/N: Eternal Night Banish -> Eternal Night Seal

The originally noisy valley suddenly fell silent.

Marvin's 200 points of Stealth along with a diversionary tactic let him disappear from Balkh's eyes in an instant.

Although a Royal Griffin had a powerful constitution, it would still be vulnerable to the spells of a powerful Wizard.

In addition, it was Marvin's first time using this kind of Shapechange skill, so he wasn't very proficient in using this shape. Thus, he seemed to be at a disadvantage when facing the Demon Wizard Balkh.

Although his Human body wasn't as powerful, it had extreme burst power.

Marvin was looking for an opportunity to deal with the Demon Wizard.

He had the ability, he just needed a chance to strike.

He hid in the shadows, silently prowling around the altar.

The altar shone with a dazzling light and a dense fog rose up. Balkh clearly wasn't an idiot. Since he couldn't tell where Marvin had disappeared to, he used magic to block the latter's sight.

And like the previous one, that fog also had a corroding aura.

Marvin silently glanced at his logs and saw that a series of checks kept appearing.

He had no time to waste.

This fog might also be a way for Balkh to find his position. The longer he delayed, worse the situation would get for him.

The next second, Marvin disappeared from his spot!

Night Boundary!


A shadow charged at the Demonic Altar!

However, Balkh wasn't confused by Marvin's sudden attack, instead just laughing at him. "You dare to charge into a Demon Wizard Altar?"

"You're screwed!"

Following his words, a dangerous aura appeared in the altar.

But Marvin was still very calm. He moved like a breeze and seemed dazzling in the muddy altar.

He made a complex step and arrived behind Balkh, putting his hand directly on Balkh's body!

"Careless Demon."

Just as Marvin's voice echoed, Balkh felt his vision darken!

Legend Skill – Eternal Night Seal!

Every skill and specialty of the Ruler of the Night class was very rare and powerful.

Like the trump card Marvin just used, Eternal Night Seal!

This skill had a certain chance of sealing enemies into a space belonging to Marvin!

In that instant, the two people disappeared from the altar.

The Greater Demon apparently didn't have much resistance to this kind of magic, and he also had no chance of casting a spell in response because of the speed of Marvin's sneak attack!

Balkh only felt cold in the pitch black darkness!

"Do you still think you have a chance of success after being cut off from the altar?"

The cold voice echoed behind Balkh. Azure Leaf slashed down, cutting down Balkh into pieces!

It seemed that, as a Demon Wizard, Balkh's physical body wasn't very powerful.

But the scene that followed shocked Marvin.

After Balkh's body fell apart, it turned into glass!

'What? It's a mirror image?'

'Impossible! I definitely checked! It was the real thing!'

After managing to use Eternal Night Seal, he didn't expect that Balkh could still escape.

This was simply too strange, because the moment Marvin touched him, he had been certain that it was Balkh's main body.

Since that was the case, there was only one explanation.

Within the dark space, Marvin slowly shook his head and muttered, 'This guy is crazy indeed.'


Back in the altar, a tall shadow resurrected once more!

But this time, Balkh's expression seemed even more sinister than before!

He never thought he would be killed twice in a single day.

Although he could resurrect within the altar, the altar's energy would be greatly weakened each time.

However, it wouldn't damage him much.

What made him even angrier was that the second time he was killed, that Human managed to completely sever his connection to the altar!

That kind of frightening sealing ability was definitely something that few would ever be able to grasp.

If not for his special circumstances, he might have been unable to resurrect after that!

Thinking of this, Balkh's heart became rather heavy.

He originally thought that it was like with the two previous Human Assassins, he only needed to prevent their sneak attack, and the rest would be easy. But he hadn't expected that this guy still had such powerful cards to play.

There was quite a bit of a Devilish aura on his body. It seemed that it wasn't without reason.

Many guesses flashed through Balkh's head at this moment.

But he had to keep fighting anyway.

He shouted, "29th!"

The Magic Dragon that had been hovering around the edges of the altar warned, "Master, 29th isn't fit for battle right now! His state seemed to be fluctuating when I woke him up. We might...."

Balkh abruptly ordered, "I need his ability!"

"I want to crush that Human!"

The Magic Dragon quickly answered, "As you wish."

Its body suddenly swelled up!

At this moment, Marvin rescinded his Eternal Night Seal and appeared on the altar once again.

But he didn't go after Balkh this time.

After the Eternal Night Seal didn't manage to finish off Balkh, Marvin figured that Balkh would continue to linger around here.

This altar was far from an ordinary altar to Balkh!

'That guy is just like a Lich, he bound his soul to the altar… This is a lunatic move!"

Marvin really couldn't understand why a Greater Demon like Balkh would do that.

Could there be something mysterious about this valley that he was not yet aware of?

In any case, since Marvin already figured out the relation between Balkh and the altar, he wouldn't foolishly go after Balkh again.

The altar was the key!

Only by destroying the altar would he be able to kill Balkh!

Marvin intended to leave with a Shadow Step, but who would have thought that just as he appeared on the altar, a powerful sticky texture adhered to him!

Shadow Step!


Marvin was startled.

From the corner of his eyes, he noticed the Magic Dragon puffing up. Its mouth opened up extremely wide and an adult curled up in a fetal position came out from it.

He was emitting the sinister aura of the Abyss!

Marvin swore under his breath as he tried to break free and leave this place, but it was too late.

As Balkh's laughter echoed, that prone man opened his eyes.

His eyes were amber-colored and he looked like an ordinary Human.

But the aura he leaked was definitely demonic!

What was even more frightening was the extreme density of the aura coming from his body!

It was even stronger than the aura of Greater Devil Balkh himself!

29th extended his right hand and put it on Marvin's stiff shoulder.

Logs flashed before Marvin's eyes:

[Your body is being invaded by Abyssal Corruption…]

[Abyssal Corruption: The target is forcibly corrupted.]