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Chapter 559: Dream? Reality?

Chapter 559: Dream? Reality?

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He Dongning.

This name hadn't appeared in Marvin's mind for a long time. But when her name was mentioned, a ripple appeared in his heart.

As everyone laughed, an elegantly dressed woman walked over with a smile.

She always had that confident expression, carrying a bit of pride. Her eyes were beautiful and she glanced at everyone, looking just like a queen.

Her expression stayed exactly the same, up until she saw Marvin calmly sitting in a corner. A strange look hovered on her face at that time.

But no one could understand the meaning of that expression, especially since it only lasted for an instant.

Marvin didn't understand either.

Soon, she sat down, surrounded by other people.

Marvin didn't speak a word.

A long time ago, there were some stories between them, but now, they were unwilling to mention the past.

The gap between them was too huge.


A hand fell on Marvin's shoulder. A rather friendly classmate comforted in a low voice, "Don't feel sad, it's all in the past."

"Come, drink."

He apparently thought that Marvin's silence was due to him feeling sorrowful.

But in fact, Marvin's silence was because of doubt.

Even when He Dongning had first appeared, he'd felt doubt.

It felt as if he had seen this all before… a surreal sensation.

His transmigration to Feinan and the current reality, which one was the truth?

Marvin couldn't say. He kept having a feeling like someone was spying on him.

He subconsciously looked to the side.

Coincidentally, He Dongning was also looking in his direction. She was looking at Marvin, apparently thinking of something. The people at her table were also quiet.

When their gazes met, Marvin's eyes suddenly widened.

The next second, he suddenly maneuvered his wheelchair and left. He used his maximum speed to flee to the other side of the restaurant!

"What happened to Marvin?!"

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Did that kid get triggered by seeing He Dongning and then go crazy?"

"What can he do as a handicapped person?"

Marvin ignored all of their comments as his wheelchair quickly wove between the tables, almost knocking down a few servers.

But Marvin didn't care about all this.

He Dongning's face was filled with shock. Regardless of whether it was Marvin from before the accident or after it, he had always remained very calm.

It was strange for him to react like this during the Classmate Party.

She thought Marvin was coming to meet her, and she was thinking fast, getting ready to greet him.

Several tables of eyes burst with the flame of gossip.

But to everyone's surprise and shock, Marvin actually went right past their tables!

His silhouette directly disappeared into the walkway at the entrance, leaving everyone feeling surprised.

"Maybe he urgently needed to rush to the toilet," joked a guy who thought himself very attractive. "We have to show our understanding, after all."

He Dongning gave him a cold look, saying nothing.

Making a joke like that about a disabled person was rude, whatever the case was.

She looked back in the direction of the entrance with a doubtful expression.


Marvin calmly observed his surroundings at the end of the walkway.


That shadow just now, that face, Marvin definitely wasn't mistaken.

He lost his self-control because he actually noticed someone that should have never appeared in this world!

Wizard God Lance!

Just now, Marvin saw with his own eyes that the server at He Dongning's table was shockingly Lance, the creator of Feinan Continent!

Were the two just lookalikes?

Marvin didn't think so. But even if he was only someone that looked the same, Marvin still had to ask to make sure.

But he clearly saw the other party walk this way. In theory, he shouldn't have been able to disappear so quickly.

But the path in front of him was empty, and that server had basically disappeared.

Marvin remained seated there for a while, before slowly returning to the banquet.

Everyone was sitting there and drinking, flattering each other with compliments.

Only Marvin was eating by himself without talking to those around him, even falling into contemplation. Others tried saying a few words to him, but upon receiving no response, they decided to drop the matter.

After all, who didn't know how terrible it was for a young talent who had the potential to become a future S-class superhero to end up like this?

He was still alive, which was a miracle in itself.

Some people with more extreme points of view felt that if they met with Marvin's circumstances, they would be better off dead.

Being alive like that was another form of torture in itself, wasn't it?

The people who had once looked up to him were now looking at him with pity. The girlfriend who had once walked alongside him was now the brightest star of the Federation, while he was still playing games for a living. His brothers, who would risk their lives and limbs for him, were already exploring another galaxy, while he could only look up at the stars from a room on the 18th floor.

His everything was locked in the game capsule. In this world, he already couldn't accomplish anything anymore.

"This world…"

"That world…"

Marvin whispered, his eyes brightening.

But at that time, a familiar voice echoed beside his ears. "Are you okay?"

Marvin raised his head and saw the familiar face of his ex-girlfriend in front of his eyes as she said, "Long time no see."

The others stepped aside discreetly to give them some space, using the pretext of proposing a toast.

There were only the two of them left at the table.

He Dongning sat down calmly.

Marvin didn't answer, only staring at her without moving.

Perhaps it was because Marvin had been looking at her for a long time, but He Dongning's heart raced. She forced a smile and asked, "What's going on?"

Marvin slowly extended his hand, and under everyone's surprised gazes, he gently caressed He Dongning's face!

"You know what I hate the most?"

"It's not losing everything, I can bear that suffering. Rather…"

"It's someone trying to peek into my unique memories in vain."

"I caused you a little bit of panic, didn't I? And thus you personally descended into my consciousness and attached yourself to the identity of my ex-girlfriend."

"How long do you want to trap me to sleep in this space? Or are you trying to kill me off completely?!"

After these last words, Marvin's killing intent deepened as he growled, "He Dongning? Or…"

"Miss Ambella?"

He Dongning suddenly slapped Marvin's hand away and looked at him as if he was a psycho. "You are insane!"

The others also looked at him with similar expressions.

Marvin remained calm, closing his eyes.

He then suddenly shouted, "You are just memories! Don't think you are real!"