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Chapter 560: Lance

Chapter 560: Lance

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"I don't understand what you are saying?"

He Dongning was still at a loss, her eyes flickering. "Are you feeling uncomfortable? What made you start talking nonsense?"

Marvin looked around coldly at his surroundings.

He knew that everything before him was a mirage... No, not a mirage.

This was a dream!

Why did all of this seem familiar to him? Because he had experienced it already, and not just once!

A part of his memories of these repetitions had been missing. Ambella couldn't erase his memories completely, as that would definitely cause a huge backlash.

It was a lot easier to erase only a portion of the memories and try to suppress the rest.

"I have to admit that you are very troublesome, you actually managed to sneak into White River Valley."

"Even the Eye of Justice was unable to notice you. I really made a huge mistake."

Marvin's expression was very unpleasant as he glared at "He Dongning". "How long have I been sleeping now? Two days? Three days?"

He was certain that he had been trapped in that dream, reliving it many times, because the feeling of familiarity was so intense. He must have been stuck in a loop of memories. Under Ambella's careful arrangement, he might have never woken up!

The ability to manipulate dreams was the frightening Domain of the Dream God.

Marvin's willpower had always been high, but he was most vulnerable when he was sleeping at night.

Ambella took advantage of this and sneaked into his room at that time, allowing her to control his dreams.

He was sure that for White River Valley's people, he had already been sleeping for several days!

With the chaotic state in Feinan, a few days could lead to great changes!

Marvin still had many things that he needed to do. If he remained trapped in his dream for a long time, he might be killed by Ambella!

Thus, his tone was quite bad as he rejected the dream.

But in fact, he didn't know how to drive Ambella out of his own consciousness.

He only knew that he had to maintain a firm attitude and stay clear-headed.

This was most important.

Sure enough, after Marvin spoke, even though the surroundings didn't change, everyone he saw other than He Dongning disappeared.

In the dining hall, only the countless tables and He Dongning's cold glare remained.

"You also surprised me."

"Mr. Marvin, the first time I saw this dream, I inwardly marvelled at your creativity. I thought this world was your own fantasy."

"But as time passed, I discovered many doubtful points."

He Dongning's expression began to change, returning to being Ambella's smile.

"This world is real, isn't it?"

Her gaze became even more passionate as she pressed, "What did I see? A game? Called ?"

"A God of Shadow and Slaughter, this was your projection in the other world?"

"You aren't White River Valley's Marvin, right? You are a trespasser!"

Ambella was rejoicing. "This is really a startling secret. Everyone has been curious. How did White River Valley's hero, Marvin, rise up so abruptly?"

"Rest assured, Mister Marvin, I won't kill you this time."

"Your memory is too precious! This involves another plane, even the existence of a Multiverse. This is extraordinarily important to the Gods. My master will certainly be interested in this."

"I won't stay and chat with you. Your identity will soon be exposed! Most of the people in this world will see you as a trespasser. Even if you did so much for them, so what? You will always be some strange being that came from another world. You won't be able to fight the Gods and mankind at the same time. You are just one person."

Ambella could hardly hide her own glee!

This was originally an assassination mission. Marvin's rise had made Ambella and the Dream God feel uneasy.

In the Crimson Wasteland, even the Dream Guardians surprisingly fell. Who knew what he would become if he was given more time!

Thus, at the order of the Dream God, Ambella personally went to finish him off!

She took the [Dream Feather] and reached White River Valley, intending to temporarily trap Marvin in a dream at first.

This was the most common way for the Dream Shrine to deal with powerhouses: First, she would lock him in a dream so that to anyone else, Marvin would simply seem to be sleeping. But his soul would continue to weaken over time, hastening his death.

The Dream God would kill without anyone noticing that it was him, as not enough people in Feinan knew of him. That was his most frightening ability.

Not only could the Dream Feather protect Ambella from White River Valley's Eye of Justice, but it could even let her penetrate Marvin's powerful mental defenses.

So Ambella had the initiative when she began working to subvert Marvin's consciousness.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

She randomly induced a few dreams, drawing on his thoughts. In fact, even though she managed to enter Marvin's consciousness, she was unable to directly read his memories.

This would trigger a powerful disturbance, which could cause Marvin to wake up. Also, tampering with memories from within was very dangerous. If she tried to manipulate someone's memories to that extent, she would likely become disoriented, or even merge with them.

She thus followed Marvin's own thoughts and built a standard dream cage out of them using her best methods.

But what she saw next shocked her to no end.

Many unfathomable things appeared in Marvin's dream!

She saw the game named . In that game, Marvin personally killed the Shadow Prince!

And that game was just like their own world.

This shocked Ambella.

She decided to keep watching, continuously inducing Marvin's dream loops. Some memories that had left a deeper impression would repeat several times, which was normal. Ambella couldn't control Marvin's consciousness.

She could only guide it.

In the process, she got a glimpse of many important details.

Some information concerning Earth, some information regarding Marvin's previous life.

Unfortunately, she had been too greedy. Inducing the same loops had roused Marvin's mind and made it more vigilant.

The most important trigger was the profile of that server.

Because Lance's face appeared in his dream, Marvin suddenly realized a very important possibility. If this was his dream made from his own memories, then it was extremely possible that he had met Lance before transmigrating.

It seemed that this mighty Wizard God had hidden himself so that he looked very ordinary.

Marvin guessed that he had been paying attention to some of his old friends at that time in previous iterations and failed to notice that particular server.

Lance's appearance was too stimulating, causing great shock to his soul and consciousness.

This shock opened Ambella's seal, and Marvin suddenly realized that he had already experienced that scene before.

Because of the angle he was always sitting at, he hadn't noticed Lance before.

'This shows that my transmigration wasn't just random!'

'If this memory turns out to be true, then before my transmigration, Lance, or someone looking like him, secretly came into contact with me.'

'Was he really the one who caused it all to happen?'

Marvin's agitated heart could hardly calm down.

But the biggest problem at the moment was still Ambella!

She had learnt too many things. If she got away with this information, he would definitely suffer from the consequences!

Just the information about transmigration alone would be enough the startle the Gods into action.

Originally, Marvin was only a nasty pest for that group of Gods, annoying one and then provoking another. If this news was released, he would become an appealing piece of meat.

Everyone would want to gobble up Marvin in order to learn the secrets about Earth.

After all, that game was so closely related to Feinan, it was too frightening.


"You won't die this time," Ambella softly murmured, "but you'll continue sleeping for several days."

"Once you wake up, the world will already have changed."

Marvin didn't say anything, only staring strangely at something behind Ambella.

Ambella revealed a sneering smile. "This is your dream space and also your memory space. Is there something worth being so surprised about?"

"Or maybe… You plan to sneak attack? Don't forget your current identity, you are a waste that needs help just to drink water."

Marvin wordlessly shook his head.

Ambella's expression became a bit uneasy and she turned around. In any case, Marvin had no way to do anything to her in his consciousness, or so she reasoned.

But after turning, her eyes widened comically.

A youth dressed as a server was walking slowly in their direction.

"God Lance…"

"Heavens, how come your memory…"

Ambella was utterly terrified.

Lance gradually drew closer the pair while wearing a cheerful smile. "I'll admit that it is very impolite to appear in another person's dream as a memory fragment…"

"But... you seem to need help right now."

He completely ignored Ambella, focusing his gaze on Marvin's body.


In White River Valley, in the Lord's bedroom, a few people were anxiously gathered around Marvin's body.

"How long has he been in this situation?" a cold female voice inquired.

Madeline whispered, "He returned to the castle three nights ago, and immediately went to bed."

A worried expression appeared on Anna's face as she followed up, "At first, we thought he was just tired. But even now, he has yet to wake up, so we wanted to seek aid from someone. Madeline believes that very few people in this world can help him."

"We could only ask for your help."

"We don't know what happened, but there must definitely be something wrong for him to keep on sleeping like this."