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One Child Two Treasures The Billionaire Chief is Good Wife


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Updates:Chapter 370: I don’t want to eat breakfast, I want to eat you

For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother. He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father’s business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract. She gave birth to twins: the older brother is healthy, while the younger brother didn’t breathe out. Fulfilling the contract with a huge monetary sum as the reward, she disappeared from his eyes. Six years later – he was still the cold high-profile president, but when she is accidentally imprisoned in the cage of his golden birds he pressured her harder and harder: “Woman, do not think you can escape my hands!” The old-fashioned man: “Mu Yazhe, you’d better leave her alone, this is the child’s mother!” The man becomes frightened, questioning the reason this child’s features bears such resemblance to… Associated Names 一胎二宝:亿万首席爱妻入骨
《One Child Two Treasures The Billionaire Chief is Good Wife》 Text
Chapter 1: Accidental life experience
Chapter 2: A surrogate mother
Chapter 3: Obscure Night
Chapter 4: Cannot accept his integrity
Chapter 5: He kissed her
Chapter 6: Her humiliation and embarrassment
Chapter 7: She is pregnant
Chapter 8: The Life of Yun Shishi
Chapter 9: Premature delivery
Chapter 10: Little You You
Chapter 11: You You is her beloved baby
Chapter 12: Long lost twin brother
Chapter 13: Has been so cold
Chapter 14: Fictitious fiancee
Chapter 15: In the end, is not her own
Chapter 16: Rarely spoiled
Chapter 17: Sensible You You
Chapter 18: Small cheap bastard?
Chapter 19: Good people are being bullied
Chapter 20: You You is a small warm man
Chapter 21: Undefined telepathy
Chapter 22: He has a younger brother
Chapter 23: Is in trouble
Chapter 24: Got fired
Chapter 25: Meeting again
Chapter 26: Strange but familiar face
Chapter 27: It turned out to be her
Chapter 28: Goodbye You You’s dumplings
Chapter 29: The Life Experience of Yun Shishi
Chapter 30: Mu Wan Rou’s secret
Chapter 31: Buried secret for many years
Chapter 32: Robbing the Granddaughter’s identity
Chapter 33: Reversed life
Chapter 34: Keeping the secret
Chapter 35: Welcome back
Chapter 36: Universal Entertainment
Chapter 37: Heroine selection
Chapter 38 – Yun Na’s star dream
Chapter 39: Applying as an Artist Assistant
Chapter 40: Massive Auditions
Chapter 41: She is “Yin Xia Chun”
Chapter 42: So close
Chapter 43: Conspiracy
Chapter 44: Pandemonium
Chapter 45: Into the wolf cave
Chapter 46: Ominous feelings
Chapter 47: Charming scent of a woman
Chapter 48: The power of hunting
Chapter 49: Like the first time
Chapter 50: Fire inside
Chapter 51: More beautiful
Chapter 52: Unfinished situation
Chapter 53: She has a child?
Chapter 54: Father and son’s first conversation
Chapter 55: The clever genius behind the call
Chapter 56: Panic and Confusion
Chapter 57: The Secretary
Chapter 58: First time meeting her “Employer”
Chapter 59: How could he?
Chapter 60: Devotion
Chapter 61: His arrogance angered her
Chapter 62: Two hundred million
Chapter 63: She’s worth two hundred million
Chapter 64: Is it a coincidence?
Chapter 65: Different from ordinary children
Chapter 66: Is he his father?
Chapter 67: Nobody can take away her son
Chapter 68: Who is his father?
Chapter 69: Don’t take away her son
Chapter 70: Sooner or later that night’s event will be…
Chapter 71: Anger of a white lotus flower
Chapter 72: Disgusting home
Chapter 73: Never compromise
Chapter 74: Meeting Little Yi Chen!
Chapter 75: This is her other child
Chapter 76: She has no rights for custody
Chapter 77: Thorn
Chapter 78: You You’s suspicion
Chapter 79: The scenes
Chapter 80: Wine Club (1)
Chapter 81: Wine Club (2)
Chapter 82: Wine Club (3)
Chapter 83: Superstar Gu Xingze
Chapter 84: The beginning of Gu Xingze’s career
Chapter 85: The superstar’s poisonous tongue
Chapter 86: In the eyes of the heroine
Chapter 87: Gu Xingze’s gentleness
Chapter 88: To rescue
Chapter 89: Hidden rules in the circle
Chapter 90: Saves the Galaxy
Chapter 91: Out of control
Chapter 92: Strong jealousy
Chapter 93: Bastard
Chapter 94: His other son declared war!
Chapter 95: Family or enemy
Chapter 96: Genetic issues
Chapter 97: Decided to take the audition!
Chapter 98: A woman he shouldn’t have made a move
Chapter 99: The wicked have evil thoughts
Chapter 100: Jealousy and hatred
Chapter 101: Demonstrating the strength
Chapter 102: The perfect audition
Chapter 103: Rare talent
Chapter 104: Cocktail party invitation
Chapter 105: Game
Chapter 106: He Lingxiang
Chapter 107: Notorious
Chapter 108: Seeing
Chapter 109: Noble and elegant
Chapter 110: Slept
Chapter 111: Mu’s Empire
Chapter 112: The Iron tree blooms
Chapter 113: Untouchable
Chapter 114: Miss Lu Jingtian
Chapter 115: Offended
Chapter 116: Yun Na’s way
Chapter 117: Fierce confrontation
Chapter 118: Flesh and Blood
Chapter 119: Panic
Chapter 120: Unscrupulous
Chapter 121: Hidden
Chapter 122: Outbreak of war
Chapter 123: Yun Na’s greed
Chapter 124: Jealousy inside the heart
Chapter 125: Take it for granted
Chapter 126: EMPRESS
Chapter 127: Starry Love
Chapter 128: EMPRESS shop’s treasure
Chapter 129 Stunning!
Chapter 130: The ace manager’s poisonous tongue
Chapter 131: Mother and son’s face
Chapter 132: Noble and commoner?
Chapter 133: Missing one hundred million?
Chapter 134: If there is no comparison, there is no harm
Chapter 135: Take it off
Chapter 136: You deserve the best
Chapter 137: Properly dressed
Chapter 138: Snatched limelight
Chapter 139: Deliberately making things difficult
Chapter 140: Hypocrite Slut
Chapter 141: Yun Shishi’s gentle charm
Chapter 142: Picturesque
Chapter 143: Taking the role deeply serious
Chapter 144: At least, try to use this!
Chapter 145: Beauty is also a strength
Chapter 146: Approaching
Chapter 147: Conflict
Chapter 148: You don’t deserve it!
Chapter 149: I will not leave you again
Chapter 150: History repeats itself!
Chapter 151: In front of everyone
Chapter 152: The truth comes to light
Chapter 153: Dangerous fragrance
Chapter 154: Love to act like a butterfly
Chapter 155: Astronomical penalty
Chapter 156: I want you
Chapter 157: Banned
Chapter 158: Surrender
Chapter 159: He is still the only man
Chapter 160: I’ll teach you
Chapter 161: Dog bites dog
Chapter 162: Defending her
Chapter 163: breaking in
Chapter 164: His annoyance
Chapter 165: His method
Chapter 166: Gunshot
Chapter 167: You like it too
Chapter 168: I want you, so you will give yourself
Chapter 169: Do I like her?
Chapter 170: Confrontation
Chapter 171: She will fall in love with me
Chapter 172: In panic
Chapter 173: Unexpected
Chapter 174: Disgrace
Chapter 175: Attack on all sides
Chapter 176: Misunderstanding
Chapter 177: Really dirty
Chapter 178: Ruined your face
Chapter 179: Rose Tears
Chapter 180: Extraordinary
Chapter 181: Are you willing to be my partner?
Chapter 182: Mommy looks as beautiful as a fairy
Chapter 183: The son’s affirmation to his father
Chapter 184: Doesn’t exist
Chapter 185: The strength of a small little guy
Chapter 186: Stunning Beauty
Chapter 187: As if it was his own life
Chapter 188: Stepped on me!
Chapter 189: Confusion
Chapter 190: IQ Level
Chapter 191: His “Cold Image” is only an appearance?
Chapter 192: Regret
Chapter 193: Notorious Director
Chapter 194: The contest in the dance floor
Chapter 195: Mu Wanrou’s embarrassment
Chapter 196: Karma
Chapter 197: The Beast
Chapter 198: Like a hedgehog
Chapter 199: Hide and seek
Chapter 200: Bursting with joy
Chapter 201: Liquor
Chapter 202: Secret Plan
Chapter 203: Blocking
Chapter 204: Scapegoat
Chapter 205: She bite him?
Chapter 206: Who am I? (Part 2)
Chapter 207: Reluctant to admit her mistake
Chapter 208: I like to hear your voice
Chapter 209: Landscape Villa
Chapter 210: Father and son’s confrontation (1)
Chapter 211: Father and son’s confrontation (2)
Chapter 212: Father and son’s confrontation (3)
Chapter 213: No freedom to act independently
Chapter 214: The mystery behind six years ago
Chapter 215: Mu Qingcheng (1)
Chapter 216: Mu Qingcheng (2)
Chapter 217: Compassion
Chapter 218: Evidence
Chapter 219: Right Time
Chapter 220: Out of breath
Chapter 221: Pretend to sleep
Chapter 222: Embracing her in her sleep
Chapter 223: Let’s wake up!
Chapter 224: Not as simple as you think
Chapter 225: Too much
Chapter 226: Give back
Chapter 227: Unfairly
Chapter 228: Don’t cry
Chapter 229: Tender and delicate
Chapter 230: To her compromise
Chapter 231: Like a child
Chapter 232: Rules
Chapter 233: Kiss me
Chapter 234: Not allowed to leave
Chapter 235: Hiding from him
Chapter 236: Combing her hair
Chapter 237: Youyou is waiting for me
Chapter 238: Congenital heart disease
Chapter 239: Youyou’s tears
Chapter 240: His existence
Chapter 241: Unspoken rules
Chapter 242: The truth
Chapter 243: Indifference
Chapter 244: Drain
Chapter 245: Old disease attack
Chapter 246: Joyride
Chapter 247: Remorse
Chapter 248: Youyou is gone
Chapter 249: Accusations and Complaints
Chapter 250: In panic
Chapter 251: Youyou’s scheming
Chapter 252: Divorce
Chapter 253: Yun Na’s disfigured face
Chapter 254: Asking her for money
Chapter 255: Torn Face
Chapter 256: Finally reach the limit
Chapter 257: The child’s father
Chapter 258: Daylight robbery
Chapter 259: Break the knife
Chapter 260: Slaps
Chapter 261: The child is like him
Chapter 262: When Little Yichen was born
Chapter 263: Father and son
Chapter 264: He doesn’t need a father
Chapter 265: Father and son’s exchange blows
Chapter 266: Exchanging blows (1)
Chapter 267: Exchanging blows (2)
Chapter 268: Exchanging blows (3)
Chapter 269: Exchanging blows (4)
Chapter 270: Are you qualified enough?
Chapter 271: Proud little guy
Chapter 272: I feel hurt
Chapter 273: What is love?
Chapter 274: Mutual Exploration
Chapter 275: Hug
Chapter 276: Close
Chapter 277: Worries and Fears
Chapter 278: Old Story
Chapter 279: Past
Chapter 280: Divorce
Chapter 281: Waiting for you
Chapter 282 Nothing Matters
Chapter 283: Little Liar
Chapter 284: You are like a fairy
Chapter 285: Meeting accidentally
Chapter 286: Changing Topic
Chapter 287: Repressed for a long time
Chapter 288: To insinuate
Chapter 289: Coming out
Chapter 290: Whisper in the ear
Chapter 291: Grandpa’s anger
Chapter 292: Little Yichen’s talent
Chapter 293: Warm home
Chapter 294: Sleeping
Chapter 295: Heaven’s law and earth’s principle
Chapter 296: Disciplining
Chapter 297: Delicious
Chapter 298: Hungry!
Chapter 299: Unreasonable
Chapter 300: Not renting
Chapter 301: Not for you to ask
Chapter 302: We are not married yet
Chapter 303: Black-bellied little boss
Chapter 304: Mother and daughter affection?
Chapter 305: Demands in debt
Chapter 306: Dark Youyou
Chapter 307: I’ll replace her
Chapter 308: Dark childhood
Chapter 309: Feeding sharks
Chapter 310: It’s you who didn’t cherish it
Chapter 311: Monitoring
Chapter 312: His disregard
Chapter 313: You want me too, right?
Chapter 314: Put it on, then get out
Chapter 315: How is that possible?
Chapter 316: The Horn from Hell
Chapter 317: New House
Chapter 318: Neighbors
Chapter 319: Jun Mo
Chapter 320: The Ace Manager of UEC
Chapter 321: Slavery Contract
Chapter 322: Pitiful people must have done something abominable
Chapter 323: Love to shoot, but don’t want to shoot
Chapter 324: Beating a drowning dog
Chapter 325: Ji Yanluo
Chapter 326: Be cautious and careful
Chapter 327: Officially signed
Chapter 328: Well-paid
Chapter 329: You’re not really stupid
Chapter 330: Why are you here?
Chapter 331: 3, 2, 1…
Chapter 332: I miss you
Chapter 333: More than deep kisses
Chapter 334: Charming
Chapter 335: Why?
Chapter 336: Pestering
Chapter 337: No friends
Chapter 338: We’re friends, why I didn’t know it? (1)
Chapter 339: We’re friends, why I didn’t know it? (2)
Chapter 340: Spreading rumors
Chapter 341: Conflict
Chapter 342: Frightening
Chapter 343: Dangerous atmosphere
Chapter 344: Blocking
Chapter 345: Gu Jinglian (1)
Chapter 346: Gu Jinglian (2)
Chapter 347: Really hungry
Chapter 348: Eat and drink enough
Chapter 349: Lust
Chapter 350: Game
Chapter 351: Panic
Chapter 352: Angry
Chapter 353: You say, whose face I will look at
Chapter 354: Unintentional words?
Chapter 355: I don’t like to hear
Chapter 356: Turning over the face
Chapter 357: Rebuff
Chapter 358: Not an example
Chapter 359: Do you like me?
Chapter 360: Concern about his thoughts
Chapter 361: Who will dare to touch you!
Chapter 362: The person who shouldn’t offended
Chapter 363: Ruthless
Chapter 364: Yun Shan Shiyi
Chapter 365: This knot is very tight
Chapter 366: Spare
Chapter 367: Blood and Heart
Chapter 368: Heart disease
Chapter 369: Stomach Pain
Chapter 370: I don’t want to eat breakfast, I want to eat you