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Chapter 1: Assault in the Street

Chapter 1: Assault in the Street

Even close to the outskirts of Beijing city, all the streets are crowded without end. Ye Tian Xie was walking alone in the midst of streams of people with both of his hands inside his trousers pocket. His head was slightly lowered to look at the foot on the ground. His gaze was careless and sloppy and was not looking in front, still no one was colliding with him. Blue check shirt, obviously somewhat old-fashioned black color slim fit trousers, a pair of azure color slippers under his foot and whole body emitted relaxed and unruly aura like he was in his own house. Even so that temperament unconsciously attract many sidelong glances of girls repeatedly.

Today was the 60th day of distribution of gaming console of . Also today at 12 in the afternoon will be the official opening of , and now it was 9.

Although it was 60th day of distribution, there was still a long queue of people. Ye Tian Xie already expected this, and he queued at the rear of the line. The crowd scale of today couldn’t be compared to the crowd scale of the 1st month. The crowd of that month couldn’t even be described in any languages. There were not many people who was able to have patience like him to wait until today. He raised his head and looked at the long rift in the blue white sky that suddenly came to being hundred years ago. That white long rift looked almost as if it was a ripped crack in the sky. At that time this evoked a worldwide turmoil and the speculation of various professors and scholars, but as the time goes by people gradually accepted this rift from a strange phenomenon to something that are accustomed to seeing. Now the human today are born to see the rift in the sky and the pure blue sky only exist in the image left from over a hundred years ago.

“Ni hao, Mister! Please provide your DNA sample.” The receptionist gave him a professional smile and wait for his reply. Ye Tian Xie corner of the mouth slightly hooked up and started to appreciate the sight of this young lady. Appreciating the beautiful female is the biggest enjoyment of all the males and Ye Tian Xie was not an exception.

His undisguised aggressive gaze caused the female who had dealt with different kind of people every day to lose her calm and caused her heartbeat accelerate. His that pupil of two eyes appeared dangerous and profound. It was like a bottomless chasm and like the act of the god involuntary want to sink in that abyss….

A single hair lied on the center of palm of Ye Tian Xia. He extend his hand forward which caused the absent minded young girl to wake up. Now she didn’t dare to look at his eyes again. With obvious uncomfortable look she picked up the hair from his palm. While picking up that hair her fingers bump into his gentle hand, in this brief contact, something peculiar expand in her heart.

He is a dangerous person………a voice from her heart told her. Still she could not calm down and her heartbeat was still rising. She didn’t dare rise her head, she fiddle around with the equipment to cover up her panic, “What kind of equipment do you need…………hanging ornament type or wristband type.”

Genuine virtual games spring up at the end of 21st century but the development finally reached the pick only at 22nd century. Virtual helmets and virtual boxes are the mother and father of the virtual games. Currently on 23rd century, virtual games finally made another completely new breakthrough…….that was to have virtual reality comparable to real reality in every way which was . Just the looks alone of this console was way better than previous virtual helmet and virtual box. It can be hang in the neck like ornaments or wear in your fingers or wrist like rings or bracelets. To operate this new console there was no need of other miscellaneous, heck it didn’t even need electricity or batteries. According to government explanation, inside equipment there is enough pre-installed power supply to operate it for more than 50 years. According to personal preference, there is freedom to choose any kind of virtual reality console. But they can only choose one per person which should be banded with their own DNA.

Even more insane is that all this VR gaming console was distributed freely.

Ye Tian Xie use his hands to pull off the cloth from his neck and his long and slender body became visible. Only then, that young girl notice, an unusual pitch-black ornament hanging in front of his chest. It was long and narrow with strange appearance having small irregular unanimous 7 holes. Not to know whether it is illusion but it seems to be shining, she saw extremely weak different rays of light from each holes. It seems to be red, orange, yellow, green, cyanine, purple and white color.

“Mister, please……please wait a moment.” Finally young girl became aware that she was being absent minded again. She led him to enter the instrument with red face and unnatural movement. Her controlling device screen displayed the information which she remember in her mind. Only then she press down the red button to complete the binding process. After that she hand over a black wrist band and a single visiting card to Ye Tian Xie and said, “Mister, this is your equipment, please take it. I wish you a happy gaming. This is my branch office visiting card. If you have any query then you are welcome to consult with us any time.”

Ye Tian Xie slowly extend his left hand, however he didn’t take it. The young girl gather her courage and finally raised her head. The gaze of that two pupil of his eyes and the face with glamour of evil monster and the response he gave cause her heartbeat yet again to accelerate: “Charms Jasmine of illusion, side by side perfect harmonious mix of Jasmine, Roses and lily gives pure smell of soft elegant making people bewitched, careful elegant young lady. This kind of girl is bestowed to the human world by god. Unknowingly I have been honored to let her get me this black ring.”

On the tender cheek of the girl appeared a blush and she lowered her head not knowing what to do or say. Unknowingly her few years of experience on dealing with others were already dissipated and didn’t know where it went. Charms Jasmine of illusion is the name of her cherished perfume. From her first time smelling it, all along to this day she still had strong attachment to it.

Ye Tian Xie had never thought that this young lady will be this easily bashful, conversely it seems to be that she is like a girl who had not even experience her first love. This also quickly aroused his desire to tease. His eyes were filled with smiling expression of demon seeing this young lady reactions as he put on the black colored wrist band in his hand. Originally the simple movement of her delicate hand, now was faintly trembling for a several time. On the whole process Ye Tian Xie was all along enjoying her reactions.

Finally the young lady mustered all of her courage, lowered her head and placed a piece of paper in the middle of his hand, “Mister, this……this is my personal phone number, if you have any query then you can….can at any time call me in this number….”

After speaking this much, her voice was already very small like mosquito. Even she herself couldn’t believe what she did just now, every day she had refused countless pursuer but today she took the initiative and give him her private contact detail. Not to someone else but to a male who she had met for the first time.

Ye Tian Xie touched the wrist that didn’t have any change of weight after wearing the wrist band console. Towards the young lady he showed a smile which caused her so fascinated that she lost herself in his smile, then he turned around to go. The young lady foolishly looked at his back as if she had forget about everything for a long, long time.

After turning a single corner, without even taking a glance Ye Tian Xie threw those two bits of paper. He as if nothing had happened started to walk towards his residence……..that already should not be called family place.

At the place full of dirty and evil times, young ladies were like a precious diamond in sands. Still…….the most beautiful stars would eventually die but that was merely a diamond nothing more.

He raise the wrist, to see the wristband in his hand. Although he already learnt majority of information about it from every possible route, still first time commence still made him surprised. Maybe everyone who received it this time all felt the same kind of uncertain feeling. So this size, appearance and weight, really is rumored to be able to connect to the myth of the century, world?

While he was spell bounded for some time, from the front the sound of rather hurried steps could be heard. Ye Tian Xie had recently turned the corner, practically at the same time a person come over and collided head on. Subconsciously, he raise his left hand to block the front. Suddenly his palm was in intimate contact with soft, perfect round object. That can be rated as perfect tactile impression, at that time Ye Tian Xie had a wicked idea which was to slightly shake hand and catch it. Now he had come to understand what was caught in his hand so he turned around and ran away.”


Far higher than what Ye Tian Xie imagined, exaggerated scream sounded behind him, he take a quick glance backward caught the sight of young lady wearing blue and white check skirt who was covering her chest in panic. And other 4 individual who were following in her rear caught up to her.

All of the 4 individuals were middle aged, wearing western pitch-black suit, pitch-black leather shoes and 2 of them even wore black sunglasses. From their clothing he feared that they were bodyguard. Those 4 individuals speed was quite fast, he didn’t even know when they arrived behind him, and with just a stretch of their hand they could touch his back. In the front there was a two buildings, between which there was narrow passage, Ye Tian Xie turned and entered the narrow passage. Those 4 individuals also closely followed after him but to their surprise it was a dead end and the person they were following unexpectedly disappeared.

They has seen him entering this passage with their own eyes, and they had entered this passage just after half a second after him. Basically it was impossible for him to disappear from their line of sight …… could it be that he can fly or become invisible.

In the sky, top of the 6 storied building Ye Tian Xie looked at their departing figure, his face showed that he seems to be lost in thought about that supernatural feeling. He lift up his left hand and had an evil smile on his face. Even now he still had that soft feeling and the fragrant of that young lady in his hand, “It seems, the status of little sister is not simple at all, if I hurt your fragile heart, then that would be my greatest sin …… because I had done it intentionally.”