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Chapter 280: Dragon blood, dragon essence

Chapter 280: Dragon blood, dragon essence

Life, why was it so fragile.

In the past, he had ignored the death of countless lives and his hands were covered in a countless amount of fresh blood, without knowing how many lives had fallen to his hands. Faced with other people’s deaths, he had already felt no emotions at all. Death to him was the inevitable end to a person’s life, it would come eventually.

However, feeling the young girl’s life disappear in his hands, he felt for the first time that death was a very cruel thing.

Since there was life, why would there be diseases and death……

His hands could not help clenching together, letting out the sound of bones cracking. He raised his head and tightly closed his eyes as he looked up…..In this life, he only shed tears for his parents, his big brother, and Xian’er.

But being with this young girl that he didn’t even know a day, hugging her as the final bit of her life faded, he almost could not stop himself from crying. In his heart, it was so painful that he almost suffocated.

He clearly had strength that far surpassed normal people, so why were there things in this world that he could not do……He clearly said that he would make her healthy again, so why can he only feel her…..fading away in her sleep.

She was clearly very kind and pure. She was clearly a girl made of crystals that god placed on this corrupted earth…..so why was he so anxious to take her back.

Hugging Chen Xue, tightening his grip, he protected her soft and small body in his chest, not letting her be corrupted by this world anymore. For a long, long time…..his body maintained this posture of holding her, like he had been turned to stone. As if he wanted to continue peacefully staying with her. Perhaps, she really was a girl that wasn’t supposed to exist on earth, so she died so quickly, being called back by the heavens.

Xue’er, if there is a next life, I will use everything I have to find you. I’ll keep you by my side and not let anything harm you……

Time passed second by second. Other than the sounds of the wind and the insects, there was no other sounds at all, not even the sound of breathing. Every second that passed, Ye Tian Xie’s heart filled with the pain of ten thousand arrows. Without knowing how long passed, a timid voice broke the silence.

“……Master, are you sad?” Feeling Ye Tian Xie’s emotions, Guo Guo appearing in front of him spoke in a careful voice. Guo Guo could always feel Ye Tian Xie’s mood and her mood changed with his mood. When he was happy, she would give an outrageous request, when he was not happy, she would smartly choose not to appear…..When he was sad, she would also feel sad.

“Yes…..Very sad.” Ye Tian Xie looked up at Guo Guo and replied in a gentle voice. His eyes were filled with clear sadness. Not being able to save Chen Xue’s life was a very large hit to him.

“Why is master feeling sad?” Guo Guo carefully asked.

“Because Xue’er is dead. I couldn’t save her.”

Guo Guo moved very gently, carefully landing on Chen Xue. She blinked her eyes and watched for a while before saying, “But master, she’s not dead yet…..She still has life in her.”

Ye Tian Xie was stunned, but then he revealed a bitter smile, “When a person loses consciousness, it does not mean that their body is dead already. The process of death comes slowly, as one’s life energy drains away…..Her remaining life force will slowly disappear and she has no way of awakening anymore. This condition is already equal to death.”

“Wu…..” Guo Guo looked up with her tiny face and looked at Ye Tian Xie’s eyes hiding his deep sadness. This kind of expression was very rarely seen by her and it felt like something was pressing down on her heart, making her feel very uncomfortable.”

“Master, why would you be sad if she died?” Guo Guo asked a very silly question.

“Because once she dies, she will not be able to move and I can’t hear her voice anymore. I will no longer be able to see her. Just like…..if I die, would Guo Guo feel sad?”

Faced with this question, Guo Guo blinked her eyes and tilted her head to think for a while before nodding, “Wu, I probably would. Because if master could not move or talk…..no one will buy lollipops for Guo Guo and no one will talk to Guo Guo.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Then if she wakes up, will master not be sad anymore?” Guo Guo asked another question that seemed silly.

The young girl in his chest did not lose the last bit of warmth in her, so Ye Tian Xie could still feel her existence……Her final moment of existence. He tightly hugged her and gently said, “If she can awaken, then I will thank the heavens for their will….Only, Guo Guo, people can’t revive after dying. It will never happen…..”

“But, but, she’s not dead yet and can still come back to life.” Guo Guo looked at Chen Xue for a while before tilting her little head and saying this.

“She is already dead.” Ye Tian Xie slowly shook his head, with a needle piercing his heart. Although the final bit of her life was not gone, she could no longer wake up…..On earth, this was considered death.

“Yiya! Master is so dumb! If Guo Guo says she isn’t dead, then she isn’t dead. Guo Guo is the most intelligent and will never be wrong…..Ya! Master, if she can awaken, will you no longer be sad……Master, why do you have her to wake up?”

“Because dead people will never come back to life.” If it was normal times, Ye Tian Xie would have become impatient from Guo Guo’s seemingly idiotic questions…..He would even collapse from being asked. But right now, he just look forward like a piece of wood, replying in a mechanical manner to Guo Guo. Chen Xue’s death was too much of a hit to him…..second only to Xian’er’s departure. Because this was his first time that an important person to him lost their live in front of him.

“Yi? Master can clearly wake her up, why do you say you can’t?” Guo Guo revealed a look of deep curiosity. This expression, why was it being shown?

“Let her wake up?” Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked over to Guo Guo, unconsciously repeating her words.

“That’s right…..Yi, yi, yi? Master doesn’t know? Elder sister said to me tht if it was a normal person and they were either heavily injured or about to die, but they still had a bit of life aura left, master could let them become better. Only…..it’s a little painful.” Guo Guo thought about it a bit and then said in a confident voice.

Ye Tian Xie was stunned. In that instant, that look of dying ashes disappeared completely from his eyes. He grabbed Guo Guo’s body and anxiously asked, “Guo Guo…..Is what you just said true? Tell me…..What is this method. Tell me quickly, alright?”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah…..Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain……Wu! Master……It hurts when you grab me….Wu, wu……Wu, ah!!”

Being frightened by Ye Tian Xie’s frantic movement, Guo Guo began to cry once she felt pain. The tears that could flow at any moment did not need any prompting before they came pouring out. Ye Tian Xie quickly let go and placed Guo Guo in the center of his palm. After feeling his head hurt for a while, he finally comforted her in a soft voice, “Guo Guo, it was my fault. It was an accident and I shouldn’t have hurt you…..Don’t cry, alright?”

Every time Guo Guo cried, he would have to comfort her with the same few words. Before meeting Guo Guo, he had not taken care of a child before.

“Wu…..Wu, wu…..Bullying me again….Bullying me again…..Master is the worst, the absolute worst…..Wu, wu……” Guo Guo’s little hands wiped her tears as her crying became even stronger.

“Guo Guo is the most obedient, don’t cry, don’t cry…..”

“No, no! Master is bullying Guo Guo again….” Guo Guo did not forgive him and the tears quickly made Ye Tian Xie’s palm wet.

“Then…..I’ll buy a lot of lollipops and chocolate for Guo Guo tonight, alright?”

Naturally, with Ye Tian Xie’s words, Guo Guo’s crying became softer. She snorted her with her and looked at her master with tearful eyes, “Is this….true?”

“Un, of course it’s true.”

“Then…..I also want lollipops.”


“Also…..Guo Guo wants to bathe together with master tonight.”


“Guo Guo also wants to hug master’s neck when we go to sleep.”




After a series of unfair demands, Guo Guo finally stopped crying. She pursed her lips and her little face was slightly red, with small crystal like tears hanging from her long eyelashes.

“Guo Guo, quickly tell me how I can wake her up.” Ye Tian Xie hugged Chen Xue as he anxiously asked this. Guo Guo had clearly said that as long as her life force did not run out, then she could wake up. This also meant that if her life force ran out, then she would truly die and it would be impossible…..Although this seemed like a fairy tale, Ye Tian Xie chose to believe it…..Because Guo Guo herself was already a “fairy tale” like existence. She didn’t know many things a three year old child knew, but she also knew many things that normal people did not know.

Guo Guo wrinkled her little nose and wiped off the final bit of tears with her little hand. She looked up and bit her finger as she tried hard to remember while saying, “…..Un, I remember now. It’s dragon blood and dragon essence…..Both are fine?”

“Dragon blood? Dragon essence?” Ye Tian Xie was stunned……What was that? Was it dragon blood and dragon power essence stone? How could he have that on his body.

“Yiya! It’s this, Guo Guo did not remember wrong. Dragon blood is master’s blood and dragon essence is master’s sperm……Yi? Master, what is sperm?” Faced with this noun, Guo Guo revealed a look of doubt and asked Ye Tian Xie.

“!@#¥%……” Ye Tian Xie’s expression turned stiff for three seconds before lowering his voice to say, “Guo Guo, who told you about this?”

“It’s elder sister, elder sister told me about this…..However, I won’t tell master elder sister’s name. Ya, master, you still haven’t told Guo Guo what sperm is…..Can you eat it?” Guo Guo who was like a curious baby looked at him with innocent eyes and asked this.

“……Yes, you can eat it.” Ye Tian Xie had no expressions as he secretly corrupted this little girl a bit.

“Yi? Is it tasty? Elder sister said that dragon essence was a powerful thing, with one drop surpassing one hundred drops of dragon blood. Elder sister had also said that dragon essence can be eaten…..Ya! If it’s that powerful, it must be very tasty…..Master, can you give Guo Guo a little taste of your sperm? A bit is fine…..Elder sister said that it is very precious.” Guo Guo who was very curious to all things edible swallowed a mouthful of saliva, eagerly looking at Ye Tian Xie as she spoke.

“……” Ye Tian Xie almost went crazy.