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Chapter 434: Homeland

Chapter 434: Homeland
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Before the Ling palace, hundreds of silhouettes stood. Every one of them held expression of excitement and joy as they stared at Ling Xian.

It was the same way they looked at heroes.

Even the beautiful and flirtatious Luo Xin Jie was ignored by these people. They could only see one person, the person who they viewed as their respectable hero.

"Haha, Young Master Ling, you finally returned."

Ling Tian Xiao rushed from afar. Following him were Ling Tian Jiao, Ling Tian Ao and those important figures. Same as the Ling descendants, though they didn't idolize Ling Xian, they respected him.

Respect from the bottom of their hearts.

Remember that Ling Xian saved the entire Ling Clan from a crisis. A hero who turned the tide for the entire clan deserved the respect from everyone in the Ling Clan.

"I send my greetings, Clan Leader, Second Elder, Third Leader," Ling Xian faintly grinned as he formed one fist and cupped it with the other.

This gesture was the most basic etiquette in the Taoism community. It was the same as saying hi to your friends, but more courteous. However, this gesture drained the color off Ling Tian Xiao and others' faces.

"There's no need, there's no need, Young Master Ling, you are torturing us."

Ling Tian Hao quickly brandished his arms in a haste. Everyone else also shook his head with fear on his face, thinking they were undeserving of Ling Xian's gesture.

Hearing this, Ling Xian became speechless. He was simply paying his respect, must they react this way? But very quickly, he realized. This detail had shown that the entire Ling Clan respected him deep from within their bones. Even his most basic gesture felt undeserving.

Even the Clan Leader felt the same.

"Leader, you know my personality. Why be so polite with me?" Ling Xian warmly smiled and soothed.

"Haha, I know what you are like. But this is different."

Ling Tiao Hao laughed out loud and checked out the young man before him, who was even more handsome than eight years ago, "It's been several years, yet you are the same as before. I wonder how many young girls would fall for your look."

This was the truth. At this very moment, many female cultivators in the Ling Clan had their eyes set on Ling Xian. They weren't even blinking.

Ling Xian softly grinned and glanced at the now aged leaders of the clan, "It's been a few years, yet you are not any less graceful than before. Still extraordinarily valiant."

"Young Master, do not flatter me. Look, even my hair is turning grey." Ling Tian Xiao laughed. Though his words were humble, his smile revealed his ecstasy.

After all, that was a compliment from Ling Xian. Even with his mentality, he was proud.

"Okay, let us save our casual conversations for later." Ling Xian curled his lips then flapped his sleeve. Immediately, a giant pouch appeared, "Let me show you what I brought for the Ling Clan."

He then opened the bundle and the moment it happened, ancient books fell down into everyone's hands.

Roughly estimating, there were at least a few hundred.

Everyone was a little startled as they opened the books. Then, dead silence fell.

Only after a long while did these people gulp and began their discussions.

"The Seven Stars of Fire… Oh my god, this is a valuable technique!"

"Cicada's Eight Steps, this is the extreme technique I've only read in novels."

"Oh my god, am I dreaming. This… this is the powerful Thunderous Flaming Sword Technique!"

Everyone was looking lifeless as they stared at the ancient books in their hands with disbelief. Especially when everyone said they were all in possession of books of rare techniques.

Remember that the strongest technique the Ling Clan possessed was the Wave of the Flying Swords. It was nowhere near the level of these techniques. What did this mean?

It means every single technique here is stronger than the Wave of the Flying Swords!

How could everyone not feel shocked? Especially Ling Tian Xiao and them, they too were in awe.

Only after a very long time did these people suppress the awe they felt. They all looked back at Ling Xian. Their minds were blank except for one thought.

My god!

How powerful is Young Master Ling for him to casually display hundreds of techniques?

"Young Master Ling, these… these techniques… are given to us?" Ling Tiao Xiao was full of disbelief, even his voice was trembling.

Since I have taken them out, then of course they are for you." Ling Xian nodded with a faint grin. These things were everything he casually bought during his journey. To the him today, these were nothing.


Ling Tian Xiao was dumbfounded and so were everyone else. Even though they had guessed it, when Ling Xian said it, they were dizzy from happiness.

What was the most important thing in the cultivation community? Capabilities!

Capabilities are made out of cultivation level and techniques. Now that Ling Xian had gifted hundreds of techniques to the Ling Clan meant the Clan's capabilities will multiply. How could they not feel happy?

To Ling Xian, these were nothing. He could easily acquire them then give them away. To the Ling Clan however, this was a gift with a great weight. These were treasures they can hardly acquire in their lifetime!

"Young Master, these are far too valuable. My Ling Clan doesn't…" Ling Tian Xiao hesitated, knowing the value of all of this and did not want to accept. The words "deserve them" were right beside lips, but he couldn't finish his sentence.

Ling Xian knew what he wanted to say, "To me, these are nothing. Please accept them. Don't forget, my last name is Ling and I should be thanking the Ling Clan for all it's done."

Hearing this, Ling Tian Xiao was even more ashamed.

Who in the City of Qing doesn't know that Ling Xian's capabilities today has nothing to do with the Ling Clan. He has earned all of this himself!


After sighing, Ling Tiao Xiao looked at Ling Xian meaningfully. With heavy shock in his voice, he said, "Young Master, I cannot imagine that you have achieved so much. You are displaying hundreds of techniques so easily. How capable are you?"

Hearing this, everyone was once astounded.

Casually displaying hundreds of techniques required much capabilities and boldness. It was not something anyone can achieve. Even those controlling forces know 10 techniques or so.

Thinking about this, everyone's respect became dense.

"No matter how capable I am, my last name is Ling." Ling Xian grinned. Looking at the happy crowd, he too, was infected with happiness.

"Haha, alright! Then I will accept these techniques," Ling Tian Xiao bellowed, "Someone! Come! The Young Master has returned to his homeland. Quickly prepare a feast! Today I will treat the Young Master and I will not leave here until we are all drunk!"