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Chapter 495: Stunned

Chapter 495: Stunned
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The Imperishable Temple is an ancient and mysterious place with countless number of rooms. Inside every single room, a treasure remains hid.

After the Heaven's Favorites from everywhere in Yunzhou arrived here, they were all transported to a different room. Every single room was insanely sturdy and even if an original levelled powerhouse arrived, they would not be able to break it. The only way to leave the room and enter the next one is to break the existing ancient array.

Therefore, when everyone realized that they were placed inside an ancient array, they all went into deep thoughts and attempted to lift the prohibition. Sadly, not every kind of being understood the logic behind the arrays. Especially those Heaven's Favorites of the foreign kind, very few of them understood.

Therefore, after 10 days, there were very few individuals who were able to step into the next room. Majority of the Heaven's Favorites were trapped in the initial room they were transported into and stared at the walls helplessly.

As everyone bitterly chuckled at himself, the space they were in suddenly disappeared.

Yes, not only was the prohibition broken, the entire room had disappeared. This shocked many Heaven's Favorites. But before they had the time to process what was going on, something even more astonishing happened.

The neighboring rooms disappeared as well, revealing all types of foreign Heaven's Favorites.

Immediately, their surprise turned into pure astonishment. Every single Heaven's Favorite fell into a state of disbelief at the scene before them. However, none of them could react, because they noticed something else.

Something that caused great awe amongst the Heaven's Favorite.

In mid-air, rare treasures were emitting dazzling amount of light and were all heading towards one direction. The different colors dyed the sky, making the area look dream-like and blindingly beautiful.

In that instant, they were stunned.

At first, they were somewhat surprised at the rapid change of events, but they didn't have the time to analyze it. Yet something even more shocking occurred immediately after – causing every single being to feel extremely stunned!

They widened their eyes and their mouths. All they could do was to stare sluggishly, as if they had lost their ability to think.

It wasn't that these people weren't composed. Remember that they were the Heaven's Favorite of the strongest Clans and Houses and they had seen all sorts of things. But what was happening was far too shocking, even people with such status were forced into speechlessness!

Ever since they stepped into this place, the majority of Heaven's Favorites had been trapped inside the room and unable to move. Even those who studied arrays had made through merely 10 rooms.

Yet before them, countless number of rooms had vanished at once. How unbelievable was this?

Were there 1000 of them? Or 10,000?

Damn, who was it to be this insane!

The many Heaven's Favorites sought after the direction the treasures were dashing toward and were unsure how many rooms ended up disappearing. What they absolutely couldn't guess who was the man behind this? Who had the power to knock down so many different rooms?

Remember, these were rooms that even those of the original level find hard to overcome. Yet at this moment, one person was bringing them all down at once. How dominating was this?

Everyone was stunned as their eyes filled with disbelief. Even the few powerful beings were now shocked to a point of no return.

"Who has enough abilities to demolish so many different rooms at once?" The Heaven's Favorite of the rock kind revealed its disbelief. He couldn't believe that there would be such a powerful one amongst them.

The other Heaven's Favorites also chimed in. Other than voicing their incredulity, they also began to guess who was the man behind this heaven-defying action.

However, nobody thought of Ling Xian. Only Xue Yu Chan thought about the possibility.

It was because she had seen the ridiculous amount of knowledge Ling Xian had about arrays. The most possible candidate would be him.

"What a multi-talented genius. Even I have to bow down." Xue Yu Chan sighed deeply. She was somewhat unwilling to admit defeat before, but after seeing this, she got rid of her pride.

She was now utterly convinced of his abilities.

She no longer wanted to compare herself to him, because they would be her asking for trouble.

"Oh my god, so many treasures. Though individually, their worth is not high, combined together would make the amount an astronomical number!"

"Yes, amongst them are for sure hidden with some rare treasures. Who was this powerful?"

"Damn, so many treasures going into his pocket. How fortunate!"

A series of gulping noises rang. After everyone revealed how surprised they were, they began to display their greed.

Though they were all characters grown up in wealth families and didn't care much for the common treasures, the combination of all this stuff together was extremely invaluable. On top of that, it was for certain that a rare treasure was hidden amongst the group. Thus, how could they not be wavered?

Before them, different foreign beings hopped out into the air and began to pursue after the treasures.

Because all the rooms had been destroyed, they ran into no trouble during this journey. Just like shooting stars, they slid across the sky.

By the time the many Heaven's Favorites arrived, the treasures had gotten to Ling Xian already.

As if they were being pulled by a mysterious force, they automatically piled up before Ling Xian.

"Not bad, this is much easier than looking for them one by one."

Staring at the colorful mountain of treasure, Ling Xian smiled and very genuinely felt happy and proud.

Even though most of the stuff here were not considered high value to him, his success made him feel very satisfied.

Don't forget, ever since the Imperishable Temple started appearing, very few people could even break the array for many of these rooms – let alone breaking the array for half of the Temple. Yet here and now, Ling Xian had done it. How valiant was this?

It was a heaven-defying act!

As for the man who achieved this heaven-defying act, how could he not feel proud?

"Even though most of these treasures are pretty much useless to me, some stuff within are resources I can take advantage of. This trip wasn't a total waste."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as his eyes flashed with anticipation and passion. Then, he marched towards the pile of treasures and decided to see if there are any shocking and rare treasures.

However, just as he marched forward, silhouettes after silhouettes landed before him from the opposite sides of the place.

These silhouette belonged to many different kinds. They were of all shapes and forms, and of both genders. Without exceptions however, every single silhouette stood imposingly like a mountain. They all emitted very powerful vibrations that sent shudders down everyone's spines.

After these people saw the mountain of treasures, their eyes glistened with greed. Then, they shifted their gaze towards Ling Xian. Their naked greed disappeared and ill-intent replaced it.

It was obvious that these Heaven's Favorites were planning on killing the person and stealing the treasures.

"It seems like you have now been blinded by your greed and want to fight me."

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow. His temperament was threatening with a trace of killer's intent.