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Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Author:Jiong Jiong You Yao

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UpdateTime:9/18/2018 4:37:26 AM

Updates:Chapter 651: Why are you so cute?

“This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly). Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after having relations with him, hates him deep to his bones. After her rebirth, she looked at the beauty on the bed, seriously thinking, the one who left his shadow in the past, seemingly should be him? In her past life, her mind was muddled. She tried to get rid of the outstandingly beautiful husband that she didn’t want, was victimized by slag men and cheap women, and her most trusted friend brainwashed her. In the end, she found people rebelling and friends deserting (isolated and alone). In this lifetime, all of the evil people scheming and longing for her divorce should yield. Sorry but this young miss’s IQ is on the line! 恰似寒光遇骄阳 蜜爱100分:不良鲜妻有点甜
《Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet》 Text
Chapter 1: Still leaving?
Chapter 2: He could tolerate it all
Chapter 3: Ex-Fiance
Chapter 4: Dying under a peony
Chapter 5: An acquired taste
Chapter 6: Be herself again
Chapter 7: What did you do last night?
Chapter 8: Stepped over by her
Chapter 9: You're a fool!
Chapter 10: Make up for the ugliness
Chapter 11: Did I scare all of you?
Chapter 12: Did I starve you?
Chapter 13: Eating Sweet Melons
Chapter 14: Rotten Melons
Chapter 15: Insomnia
Chapter 16: Won't this prick your conscience?
Chapter 17: Stop teasing me or you'll regret it!
Chapter 18: Study hard
Chapter 19: My rightful place
Chapter 20: Expulsion
Chapter 21: Her ability to remember everything
Chapter 22: A slacker has no right to complain
Chapter 23: A love letter to Si Ye Han
Chapter 24: Mushy to death
Chapter 25: Food for thought
Chapter 26: Eternal kisses
Chapter 27: Oh, math...
Chapter 28: What if I end up at the top of the class?
Chapter 29: She dared not and could not!
Chapter 30: Class ranking: Number One!
Chapter 31: Slap their faces with full marks
Chapter 32: You're absolutely delusional!
Chapter 33: Let us share rain and dew!
Chapter 34: Goodbye my ass!
Chapter 35: I. Really. Want. To. Chop. That. Arm. Off!!
Chapter 36: This woman has a boyfriend?!
Chapter 37: The great devil has arrived!
Chapter 38: A rewarding kiss
Chapter 39: It's so soft and comfortable here~
Chapter 40: Two kisses
Chapter 41: Is it my fault for looking this good?
Chapter 42: Stay with me for six hours
Chapter 43: The literal meaning, please!
Chapter 44: The relationship between us
Chapter 45: Falling for Si Xia?
Chapter 46: Not even a tenth as dashing as you~
Chapter 47: Never seen him smile
Chapter 48: 9th master, in love?
Chapter 49: As if he was the one about to be abused
Chapter 50: Do we really have to kiss?
Chapter 51: Grandma wants to meet you
Chapter 52: How can you be so shabby?
Chapter 53: Marry a wife for her virtues
Chapter 54: His actions tell it all
Chapter 55: A sense of relief
Chapter 56: The little couple hand in hand
Chapter 57: He wouldn't be so childish, right?
Chapter 58: Fast asleep
Chapter 59: How did he fall asleep?
Chapter 60: Wan Wan: a sleeping potion?
Chapter 61: A piece of starlight
Chapter 62: Aren't you going to keep Your Majesty company?
Chapter 63: You're amazing!
Chapter 64: Her cover would be blown!
Chapter 65: Let's have some fun...
Chapter 66: The calm before the storm
Chapter 67: Here comes the wolf
Chapter 68: You're out of chances!
Chapter 69: It was all a misunderstanding
Chapter 70: How could she not be disgusted?
Chapter 71: At least comfort her a little
Chapter 72: His true face, revealed!
Chapter 73: Love at first sight
Chapter 74: A hero to the rescue
Chapter 75: One of my people
Chapter 76: Not a fight... but a date!
Chapter 77: Boyfriend material
Chapter 78: More like he's blind
Chapter 79: Do I look single?
Chapter 80: Ruining the picturesque view
Chapter 81: Shouldn't you know best?
Chapter 82: She reveals her true nature!
Chapter 83: You need two hands to clap
Chapter 84: Treat him as my own brother
Chapter 85: Took advantage of him
Chapter 86: I am no god
Chapter 87: The boy chasing after Wan Wan
Chapter 88: Top notch suck up
Chapter 89: Because my boyfriend likes it
Chapter 90: Girlfriend snatcher
Chapter 91: Put her down!!
Chapter 92: The master's secret
Chapter 93: My handsome boyfriend
Chapter 94: Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han?
Chapter 95: So handsome he could turn me gay!
Chapter 96: I can teach you
Chapter 97: Do you miss me?
Chapter 98: A kiss from the hunk
Chapter 99: It's my responsibility
Chapter 100: Sacrificing my image without hesitation
Chapter 101: I'll reject him only when heaven and earth collide
Chapter 102: Twisting the facts
Chapter 103: Gossip Porter
Chapter 104: The video that spoke the truth
Chapter 105: A ticking time bomb
Chapter 106: You’ve never loved me?
Chapter 107: You were the one who created the post?
Chapter 108: Let’s team up!
Chapter 109: 9th master wants to see you
Chapter 110: The broken taboo
Chapter 111: A time for reconciliation
Chapter 112: Stuffed
Chapter 113: Sucking up to the right person
Chapter 114: My feelings for you
Chapter 115: Flashback
Chapter 116: A day of jubilation for everybody
Chapter 117: I'll work with you!
Chapter 118: Call off the engagement!
Chapter 119: Take swift action
Chapter 120: Recruiting talent
Chapter 121: Complaints
Chapter 122: What a joke!
Chapter 123: Cruel and wicked
Chapter 124: My boyfriend's skills
Chapter 125: Remarkably effective
Chapter 126: Why don't you broaden your horizons?
Chapter 127: Transformation
Chapter 128: Isn't he silly?
Chapter 129: You're the embarrassed one
Chapter 130: I won't let you be bullied
Chapter 131: Your concentration's too weak, boy
Chapter 132: Over-excited
Chapter 133: He stole my wife!!
Chapter 134: Where is this place, who am I?
Chapter 135: You'll find out very soon
Chapter 136: Did you drink chicken's blood?!
Chapter 137: Big brother's gift
Chapter 138: Going back to feed the great devil
Chapter 139: A surprise turned into a scare
Chapter 140: Are you hungry?
Chapter 141: Are you scared?
Chapter 142: Wasn't easy to put up a strong front!
Chapter 143: A late night call
Chapter 144: So stupid... is she retarded?
Chapter 145: Isn't that for me?
Chapter 146: Great White is so cute~
Chapter 147: Speechless
Chapter 148: There's no such thing as a free lunch
Chapter 149: Wooing girls
Chapter 150: The hideous face behind the mask
Chapter 151: You're too weak
Chapter 152: Of course I'll forgive her
Chapter 153: Seeking death
Chapter 154: Recovered losses
Chapter 155: Fiery rage
Chapter 156: Ask your dear son
Chapter 157: Incredibly shameless
Chapter 158: Who hasn't fallen for a few scumbags before?
Chapter 159: Revenge
Chapter 160: Devoted?
Chapter 161: Twisting the facts
Chapter 162: Avoiding responsibility?
Chapter 163: Made a fool out of you
Chapter 164: My woman
Chapter 165: Refusing to give up
Chapter 166: Confrontation
Chapter 167: Capsized
Chapter 168: Daddy Jiang to the rescue
Chapter 169: An idiot or two
Chapter 170: Pouncing on the great devil
Chapter 171: Dignity
Chapter 172: I'm just pure and innocent
Chapter 173: Finally, they meet again
Chapter 174: Embrace the golden thigh
Chapter 175: Please feed me
Chapter 176: Captivated by your sex appeal
Chapter 177: The way a fatuous ruler acts
Chapter 178: His master couldn't be horny, could he?!
Chapter 179: Become so strong that she could be his rival
Chapter 180: Unparalleled
Chapter 181: Come at me a hundred more times!
Chapter 182: I'm waiting for you
Chapter 183: Trampled on
Chapter 184: At worst, she'd get makeup remover splashed in her face
Chapter 185: She's a beauty
Chapter 186: That unnerving stare
Chapter 187: Implicated even when she's lying in the coffin
Chapter 188: She's not an ugly freak
Chapter 189: Why won't he listen?!
Chapter 190: Can't satisfy your request
Chapter 191: Perform the way you are
Chapter 192: An outstanding performance
Chapter 193: Kill her! She's hurting our eyes!
Chapter 194: The true image of Snow White
Chapter 195: The definition of a beauty
Chapter 196: Satisfied with what you saw?
Chapter 197: A change in the school beauty
Chapter 198: Go back to pacify him
Chapter 199: Miss you to the point where I can't sleep
Chapter 200: Do I look good?
Chapter 201: You're old and disrespectful!
Chapter 202: Call me big brother and I'll teach you
Chapter 203: I really have to hand it to you
Chapter 204: Attracting tons of hatred
Chapter 205: A lovely feast
Chapter 206: Destroy every living creature
Chapter 207: Don't make me take my pants off as well, ya?
Chapter 208: The great devil's delivering some warmth?
Chapter 209: Si Ye Han's woman
Chapter 210: Choke this bastard to death
Chapter 211: Totally a Daddy with a capital D
Chapter 212: What if you snatch my boyfriend too?
Chapter 213: Did I just get hit on?
Chapter 214: What a fool
Chapter 215: Can't you please a woman yourself?
Chapter 216: Dumb humans!
Chapter 217: Compete for attention
Chapter 218: Sleep with me every night
Chapter 219: This exorbitant tuition fee isn't bad
Chapter 220: Sounds like he just got dumped
Chapter 221: You doubt my abilities?
Chapter 222: Failed attempt
Chapter 223: Wealthy families are as complicated as the seas
Chapter 224: The evidence that destroyed their family
Chapter 225: Do you still want your wife or not?
Chapter 226: Her pulse
Chapter 227: Soft, comfortable and sooo nice!
Chapter 228: Open 3000 harems
Chapter 229: The bribed imperial butler
Chapter 230: Outsiders
Chapter 231: Charity for idlers
Chapter 232: The kind of wealth fit for an entire nation
Chapter 233: Monitor me closely
Chapter 234: As fat as a pig
Chapter 235: Do whatever she pleases
Chapter 236: Why are you so annoying?
Chapter 237: I love you the most
Chapter 238: Girlfriend's exams
Chapter 239: The final tuition fee
Chapter 240: Omnipotent survival skills
Chapter 241: Give me some of that domineering spirit!
Chapter 242: Contorted from grievance
Chapter 243: It must be fake!
Chapter 244: What goes around comes around
Chapter 245: Harassed to death
Chapter 246: I won't give you a single cent
Chapter 247: What right do you have?
Chapter 248: How beautiful is your girlfriend?
Chapter 249: It's a sunny day if master doesn't get jealous
Chapter 250: The significance of an idol
Chapter 251: Reasoning with these people
Chapter 252: Confidence in winning
Chapter 253: His fate
Chapter 254: What's your solution?
Chapter 255: Make a deal
Chapter 256: Watch a show
Chapter 257: Success in our cooperation!
Chapter 258: Indeed a beauty
Chapter 259: Fetching her boyfriend
Chapter 260: Getting drunk admiring the beautiful flowers
Chapter 261: A man turns evil when he's rich
Chapter 262: Private court session
Chapter 263: It's him...
Chapter 264: Still trying to steal the limelight?
Chapter 265: Latest gossip
Chapter 266: The prey has entered the trap
Chapter 267: Slapping your own mouth
Chapter 268: The full truth comes out!!!
Chapter 269: Won't give up till you see the grave
Chapter 270: Pressed him hard
Chapter 271: A complete turn in events
Chapter 272: Giving him a taste of his own medicine
Chapter 273: A strategy like this
Chapter 274: Using violence to curb violence
Chapter 275: A stranger's call
Chapter 276: The truth comes to light
Chapter 277: A woman???
Chapter 278: The sly old fox's trap
Chapter 279: Pick whoever you want
Chapter 280: I want him
Chapter 281: Your BOSS is being difficult
Chapter 282: I want to celebrate with you
Chapter 283: Worried that you won't be used to living here
Chapter 284: I hope he doesn't explode
Chapter 285: Introduce a girlfriend
Chapter 286: More beautiful than any woman
Chapter 287: So strict?
Chapter 288: Can't clear her name even if she jumps into the Yellow River
Chapter 289: Settle all scores
Chapter 290: Really good mood
Chapter 291: Why are you here?
Chapter 292: He belongs to me
Chapter 293: A switch
Chapter 294: Switch him with Gong Xu
Chapter 295: Are you sure you want to follow him?
Chapter 296: Are you dating anyone?
Chapter 297: Why must it be him
Chapter 298: Sexual orientation
Chapter 299: Pool party
Chapter 300: A man's dignity
Chapter 301: Not going for a swim?
Chapter 302: You only want to bed him
Chapter 303: Drunk
Chapter 304: Flirting with men
Chapter 305: Sleep with me once
Chapter 306: I slept around??
Chapter 307: You even hit on me
Chapter 308: Your beloved darling
Chapter 309: He's our senior after all
Chapter 310: Go around barking
Chapter 311: First attack
Chapter 312: Retake of a classic
Chapter 313: The training begins
Chapter 314: Abandoned by the entire world
Chapter 315: Made him cry
Chapter 316: A lion never turns its head to a dog's barking
Chapter 317: Well-hidden
Chapter 318: Destroy this universe
Chapter 319: Right time at the right place with the right people
Chapter 320: Time to review the outcomes of his teaching
Chapter 321: Mustn't stop pacifying him
Chapter 322: Done looking?
Chapter 323: I am Nameless Nie
Chapter 324: Unprecedented grand occasion
Chapter 325: A crooked stick forms a crooked shadow
Chapter 326: A perfect couple
Chapter 327: Offer birthday greetings
Chapter 328: Can't see you now
Chapter 329: Done our best to help
Chapter 330: Completely opposing
Chapter 331: Unable to put up with it
Chapter 332: Remarkably beautiful
Chapter 333: Ugly girl Ye Wanwan?
Chapter 334: A pigeon living in a magpie's nest
Chapter 335: Things you've given away
Chapter 336: My parents aren't used to living there
Chapter 337: This granddaughter of yours is outstanding
Chapter 338: Fighting over a student
Chapter 339: I listen to grandpa
Chapter 340: Who's your grandpa?
Chapter 341: Her stage
Chapter 342: An inauspicious birthday gift
Chapter 343: It's a gem!
Chapter 344: Who's the expert?
Chapter 345: A family reunion
Chapter 346: This time, I'll protect the both of you
Chapter 347: A breathtaking birthday gift
Chapter 348: Overwhelmed with honor
Chapter 349: Requested by little friend Wanwan
Chapter 350: Could it be Si Ye Han?
Chapter 351: Where's your respect for Wanwan?
Chapter 352: Turn my nose up
Chapter 353: None of your business
Chapter 354: An announcement!
Chapter 355: In love with someone else
Chapter 356: Give Si Ye Han a call
Chapter 357: Bring him home to meet you
Chapter 358: He's just a normal guy
Chapter 359: Pretended to be mistreated after gaining a favor
Chapter 360: Never forsake me
Chapter 361: Such an annoying person actually exists?
Chapter 362: So handsome even when he's mad
Chapter 363: Who's this group of people looking for?
Chapter 364: This money-making scheme is amazing...
Chapter 365: Legend in this world
Chapter 366: Luck in your love life in the future
Chapter 367: Take your shirt off
Chapter 368: So frightened that his little heart trembled
Chapter 369: Your BOSS is too charming
Chapter 370: Am I too shameful for you to bring home?
Chapter 371: A game gone too far
Chapter 372: Unless you're a girl
Chapter 373: Are you appeased now?
Chapter 374: Stay the night
Chapter 375: Si Ye Han's amulet for a hastened death
Chapter 376: I'm not here to have fun
Chapter 377: Feeding you would be fine, right
Chapter 378: You're the one on your period
Chapter 379: Shut your eyes and sleep
Chapter 380: Unless I'm drunk, stay away from me
Chapter 381: Your only chance for a comeback
Chapter 382: Inflicting an injury on oneself to trick the enemy
Chapter 383: You're not allowed to leave!
Chapter 384: Beauty trap
Chapter 385: Not gentle at all
Chapter 386: My boyfriend will take care of me
Chapter 387: Severe danger
Chapter 388: I want a deep kiss
Chapter 389: Fortune telling god
Chapter 390: Young man, you'll encounter a romantic calamity soon!
Chapter 391: A hug
Chapter 392: Destroying his chrysanthemum flower
Chapter 393: Si Ye Han's gravely ill
Chapter 394: Feeding medications
Chapter 395: An existence that can't be provoked
Chapter 396: Escape alone
Chapter 397: Trap
Chapter 398: Thought of the consequences
Chapter 399: Give you the honor
Chapter 400: Impasse
Chapter 401: A sudden voice
Chapter 402: Mysterious woman
Chapter 403: Met with a formidable enemy
Chapter 404: Only one outcome
Chapter 405: A better-looking gigolo than Si Ye Han
Chapter 406: Raised suspicion
Chapter 407: Leave without his life
Chapter 408: Have some fun with them
Chapter 409: Master was "tainted"
Chapter 410: Unbelievable
Chapter 411: Danger as predicted
Chapter 412: Truly unlike any other
Chapter 413: Since when did she become a fortune teller?
Chapter 414: Xu Yi's fate
Chapter 415: They're back
Chapter 416: She's an outsider afterall
Chapter 417: Just a lesson
Chapter 418: Saved everyone's lives
Chapter 419: The mastermind
Chapter 420: Thorough investigation
Chapter 421: Evidence
Chapter 422: The dead cannot testify
Chapter 423: No need for further investigation
Chapter 424: A thief within the family is the hardest to guard against
Chapter 425: Break both his legs
Chapter 426: I believe him
Chapter 427: Mental problem
Chapter 428: Evidence - of course I have them
Chapter 429: Stop the assassination
Chapter 430: 9th master's awake
Chapter 431: Help me over
Chapter 432: Do you still have any problems?
Chapter 433: Saved him
Chapter 434: Just leave for a couple of minutes
Chapter 435: Left with half a year
Chapter 436: Will he get better?
Chapter 437: I don't want to be a widow
Chapter 438: How could I not care?
Chapter 439: Not bitter at all
Chapter 440: Shocking news
Chapter 441: Reap the benefits
Chapter 442: The grandmaster of beast tamers
Chapter 443: Will definitely back you up
Chapter 444: Money-crushing strength
Chapter 445: Inspect his homework
Chapter 446: I'll go over and pounce on him right now
Chapter 447: Maybe he's some superstar?
Chapter 448: I think I'm in love
Chapter 449: She has stolen my heart
Chapter 450: Bros, let's beat him to death
Chapter 451: Illnesses go away slowly
Chapter 452: You're sweeter than candied plums
Chapter 453: Ill-fated encounter!
Chapter 454: Go to hell!
Chapter 455: A terrifying intuition
Chapter 456: Casting
Chapter 457: Initial show of strength
Chapter 458: A dare
Chapter 459: If I win
Chapter 460: Wasn't that rapport between us?
Chapter 461: Be at a disadvantage
Chapter 462: To surpass oneself
Chapter 463: The master shows how it's done
Chapter 464: Successfully secured
Chapter 465: Replaced
Chapter 466: Spit it back out the way you snatched it away
Chapter 467: Isn't this his Little Candied Plum?
Chapter 468: I'll see who dares to touch him
Chapter 469: This must be a misunderstanding
Chapter 470: Are you trying to ruin my reputation?
Chapter 471: Get someone else to do it
Chapter 472: Just take me in!
Chapter 473: A double-edged sword
Chapter 474: I belong to you now
Chapter 475: There's a chance
Chapter 476: You already have me
Chapter 477: Darling, praise me!
Chapter 478: Obviously we're going on a date!
Chapter 479: 9th uncle in love
Chapter 480: Can't bear it
Chapter 481: I want to play and you have to go with me
Chapter 482: How did you even guess?
Chapter 483: Learning how to flirt
Chapter 484: Final set of images
Chapter 485: Telepathy?
Chapter 486: Unusual
Chapter 487: I don't plan on having kids
Chapter 488: Can consider having one
Chapter 489: Health condition
Chapter 490: Organ transplant
Chapter 491: Family clan meeting
Chapter 492: Determine his life or death
Chapter 493: Give me three months
Chapter 494: If I die
Chapter 495: I'll give you whatever you want
Chapter 496: Consult the lady boss
Chapter 497: I'll take over
Chapter 498: Vying
Chapter 499: How did you feed me previously
Chapter 500: I know very well what I'm doing
Chapter 501: Is it that hard to say something sweet
Chapter 502: You teach me
Chapter 503: Walk into it one more time for me to see
Chapter 504: Meeting a guy or a girl
Chapter 505: Amputate his "third leg"
Chapter 506: Not fully qualified
Chapter 507: Grab her
Chapter 508: Force alcohol down her throat
Chapter 509: Awakening of power!!!
Chapter 510: Get her! All of you!
Chapter 511: Is it thrilling enough?
Chapter 512: Sorry about that, got carried away
Chapter 513: One-sided abuse
Chapter 514: Lost control completely
Chapter 515: Not allowed to fight
Chapter 516: I'm not the one who changed
Chapter 517: Is she very scary?
Chapter 518: Who took the chance to hit me while I wasn't paying attention?
Chapter 519: How could she be an ordinary person?
Chapter 520: Removal of power
Chapter 521: How could he win
Chapter 522: You're single now
Chapter 523: Don't do it again
Chapter 524: Luckily you're a sister
Chapter 525: I'll get it back for sure
Chapter 526: Date
Chapter 527: So sweet
Chapter 528: A chance encounter
Chapter 529: Failed flirtation
Chapter 530: High IQ to offset the low EQ
Chapter 531: Date once every week
Chapter 532: His girlfriend is too cute
Chapter 533: Can't you tell that someone couldn't bear to let her suffer?
Chapter 534: As long as you're within my line of sight
Chapter 535: Sounds formidable
Chapter 536: Left speechless
Chapter 537: An agonizing coaching session
Chapter 538: Spotted his flaws
Chapter 539: Could it be that I'm a kung fu master?
Chapter 540: Please take me as your disciple
Chapter 541: If things go wrong
Chapter 542: We'll talk after you're dressed
Chapter 543: Award ceremony
Chapter 544: Not her usual self
Chapter 545: I'm afraid he wouldn't be getting both crowns
Chapter 546: A bet with a kiss
Chapter 547: I really wish to win an award
Chapter 548: I really want to work under you
Chapter 549: Got it right again
Chapter 550: Too lucky
Chapter 551: Grandmaster's standards
Chapter 552: Why don't we honor the bet now?
Chapter 553: I'm afraid you'll die before I do
Chapter 554: Lost all standing and reputation
Chapter 555: Amazing Little ge ge
Chapter 556: I'm into the domineering type
Chapter 557: Glow of a firefly
Chapter 558: He must have his reasons
Chapter 559: Teacher is right
Chapter 560: Counterattack
Chapter 561: Head captain assessment
Chapter 562: Extremely strong
Chapter 563: Challenge
Chapter 564: Hit me
Chapter 565: I don't hit women
Chapter 566: Checks and balances
Chapter 567: I would like to challenge you
Chapter 568: I shall let you attack first
Chapter 569: Good-for-nothing
Chapter 570: Do not insult her
Chapter 571: Roll down from this ring
Chapter 572: Life and death are determined by fate
Chapter 573: Tyrannical!!!
Chapter 574: Can 9th master stand it?
Chapter 575: An unexpected outcome
Chapter 576: Indeed a little hardcore
Chapter 577: Legendary expert
Chapter 578: With his master's EQ
Chapter 579: Can't run away from meeting the parents
Chapter 580: Absolutely wouldn't mind if he's ugly
Chapter 581: Don't you know how good looking you are?
Chapter 582: Great White is just fluffy
Chapter 583: Fingers interwined
Chapter 584: This is your son-in-law
Chapter 585: Bring misfortune to the entire nation
Chapter 586: Not scientific at all
Chapter 587: He can definitely provide for me
Chapter 588: Protect her for an eternity
Chapter 589: Kissed me all of a sudden
Chapter 590: I only want you
Chapter 591: A little empty and lonely
Chapter 592: So what if I'm coming out of the closet?
Chapter 593: Who is this guy
Chapter 594: Why must there always be someone competing for my manager's attention
Chapter 595: The whereabouts of big missy
Chapter 596: Where is my younger sister?
Chapter 597: I'll read more fortunes
Chapter 598: Had a baby with a wild man
Chapter 599: The little devil was born
Chapter 600: Went over obediently
Chapter 601: Sit upright
Chapter 602: Multi-level marketing?
Chapter 603: What a big bully
Chapter 604: Can't afford to offend
Chapter 605: I have a son, yet I didn't know about it?
Chapter 606: I'm really starving
Chapter 607: Took the initiative to ask her out
Chapter 608: Have a boyfriend?
Chapter 609: Is there something wrong in your head?
Chapter 610: A piece of cake
Chapter 611: Hasn't touched my hand before
Chapter 612: Hopeless
Chapter 613: So what if he sees us
Chapter 614: Nothing to do with you
Chapter 615: There m
Chapter 616: This is for you
Chapter 617: Must be more brutal
Chapter 618: Guess what I found
Chapter 619: Gave you too many chances
Chapter 620: Leave the rest to me
Chapter 621: Downright stupid
Chapter 622: Bring me here to watch this sort of thing
Chapter 623: Depends on your performance
Chapter 624: He's an idiot!
Chapter 625: Sudden realization
Chapter 626: Do as I say
Chapter 627: Overuse her brain
Chapter 628: As long as you're shameless enough
Chapter 629: Let's see who's more shameless
Chapter 630: Please begin your performance
Chapter 631: That's me?
Chapter 632: I feel so wronged
Chapter 633: Take the reins
Chapter 634: Lost the bait along with the fish
Chapter 635: Seek justice for me
Chapter 636: Come to my side, I'll let you soar
Chapter 637: Is he really that terrifying?
Chapter 638: The director personally invited me over
Chapter 639: The attitude of a first wife
Chapter 640: You're biased
Chapter 641: Success in our work
Chapter 642: What is it, ge ge?
Chapter 643: My younger sister couldn't possibly be so amazing
Chapter 644: Am I such an unprincipled person?
Chapter 645: A hundred times of yours
Chapter 646: I have a boyfriend
Chapter 647: Returning on a stormy night
Chapter 648: You can't sleep when I'm not around?
Chapter 649: An angry 9th master
Chapter 650: This gold mountain is hard to dig!
Chapter 651: Why are you so cute?