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Chapter 674: This Battle!

Chapter 674: This Battle!
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This battle could not be avoided!

This battle must be fought!

This battle was known as a Shaman's sacrifice!

As Su Ming's eldest senior brother roared, his expression turned incredibly ferocious. He lifted his left hand and seized the air. Immediately, a gigantic war drum was dragged out from the space in front of him.

That war drum was a hundred something feet tall and was entirely purplish red. It looked as if it had been dyed in an immeasurable amount of fresh blood over the ages. There was also a large amount of vengeful souls surrounding it, and as it appeared, those vengeful souls immediately let out piercing roars.

Eldest senior brother stood apathetically by the drum, and with the hook acting as his right hand, he struck it. A drum's beat that shook hearts and made the world tremble instantly spread out in all directions.

Layers of ripples reverberated in the sky. That drum was no ordinary drum. It was Nine Li Shaman Tribe's Nine Li War Drum. Once it was struck, it would terrify enemies and cause the person who had struck it to find their blood boiling. As it was stimulated, their cultivation base would also burst forth as if it had been set on fire.

The single beat of the drum caused eldest senior brother's face to instantly flush red. His eyes were no longer lifeless, but were shining with a glow that made him look like a wild beast that possessed no intelligence. At the instant he opened his mouth and roared, he charged towards Su Ming.

There was an endless amount of vengeful souls swirling about in the area behind him. These ghosts came from that Nine Li Drum, and as its sound reverberated in the air, they became so agitated that they would only rest after devouring enough flesh and blood to calm their emotions.

Eldest senior brother rushed over with a shocking momentum. Su Ming stood in his place and silently lifted his right hand to point forward. Immediately, the gigantic statue of the God of Berserkers behind him phased through his body and appeared right before him. The left hand, which represented lightning and thunder, was swiftly lifted up, and the statue hurled its left fist forward.

At the same time, the right arm that represented Destiny was lifted and swept toward the eldest senior brother's side. Due to being attached to a body, not only did the two arms become much more agile, they also became a lot more stronger than before.

A boom echoed in the air, and Su Ming closed his eyes behind the statue of the God of Berserkers. He formed a seal with his right hand before throwing a punch forward.

His statue was in the way, between his punch and eldest senior brother, but his attack still exploded at the spot where his statue clashed with eldest senior brother's divine ability. Su Ming's statue swayed and fell back several hundreds of feet before phasing through Su Ming's body to appear behind him.

Eldest senior brother staggered backwards until he arrived beside the war drum. Crimson gradually appeared in his eyes. They might still be dull and lifeless, but that crimson shade in his eyes could cover all of them, and almost at the instant that crimson started flashing, eldest senior brother struck the war drum with the hook acting as his right hand once more.

This time, three beats rang out!

The sounds from the drum rumbled in the air, and even if Su Ming was in the later stage of the Berserker Soul Real, he still felt his heart tremble. The statue of the God of Berserkers behind him even began showing signs of distorting. At the same time, right after those three beats of the drum rang through the air, eldest senior brother opened his mouth and let out a shocking roar.

As he did so, an endless amount of cracks immediately appeared on his body. Black blood spread out from them and turned into magenta fog. Once it surrounded him entirely, a powerful presence erupted from within that fog with a bang.

This presence was the pure presence belonging to a Shaman, and along with it was the strangeness and the ancient air of the Shamans. As that presence erupted, a hoarse voice spread out from the fog.

"I, the descendant of Nine Li, will now transform into… the Shaman Lord!" As his voice echoed in the air, the fog was swiftly absorbed by his body. When there was no longer any of it remaining, the eldest senior brother that appeared before Su Ming was distinctly different from before.

Even though he still looked as before, but complex runic symbols had appeared at the center of his brows, his arms, his legs, and his chest. These runic symbols did not seem like they belonged to the Immortals, but looked more like words that could be found among the Berserkers, yet no Berserker would be able to recognize them.

These were the Shamans' seals for their Spells!

"Youngest junior brother… I struck the war drum three times previously so that my blood would boil. As my blood was stimulated, I could turn into the Shaman Lord… but I couldn't maintain this form for long in the past, and I wouldn't have been able to cast the more powerful legacy Spells.

"Today… with Lord Di Tian's help, I can do it. This feeling of obtaining control over power… is great, very great…" Eldest senior brother's expression was still as apathetic as ever. He spoke slowly, and his voice reverberated in all directions.

"Since fate arranged for us to fight, then I hope… that you will not disappoint me in this battle…" As eldest senior brother spoke, he lifted his left hand and knelt down swiftly, but he was not kneeling towards Su Ming. He was kneeling towards the sky.

"I am the descendant of Nine Li and the Lord of Shamans… Youngest junior brother, let's see how much Shamanic power you will be able to make me bring forth!

"With the first Shamanic Spell, Song of Heavenly Worship, I ask the Shaman Vessel of the heavens to destroy this person who dares go against us Shamans!" Eldest senior brother bowed towards the sky.

With it, the distortions above instantly stopped moving, and threads of purple fog seeped out of the air before they gathered together into a purple skull in the sky.

That skull floated in midair and started spreading out a similar presence as all the Berserkers' supreme and priceless treasures in all continents that existed to destroy the Immortals!

This was clearly Nine Li Shaman Tribe's supreme treasure, the God of Shamans' skull!

At the instant this treasure appeared, it looked as if it had been revived, and dark light instantly appeared within its eye sockets. As it swept its gaze through the land, its eyes landed on Su Ming.

A chilling presence instantly filled Su Ming's heart. That skull's gaze immediately made a sense of danger rise within him.

At the same time, his eldest senior brother lifted his left hand and pointed forward, and the skull let out a buzz and charged towards Su Ming. As it moved forward, its powerful presence erupted, and an illusion also manifested above it. That illusion was of a hand, and by the looks of it, it wanted to crush Su Ming within its grip.

'Di Tian, what a clever move. So this child is the direct descendant of Nine Li Tribe? But by the looks of it, he shouldn't be the real direct descendant. He should lean more towards Xing Gan's line…

'Yet even so, just by using his blood as a lead, he could still summon the supreme treasure that belongs to Nine Li Shaman Tribe. Di Tian, oh Di Tian, by controlling this child, I can see… that you're aiming for many things!'

Ji An's eyes sparkled as he looked at Su Ming's eldest senior brother, and he looked as if he had understood something.

'This land is indeed mysterious. Not only did a terrifying existence like Lie Shan Xiu appear, it also has a powerful person like Nine Li's Shaman Lord. But it's also precisely because of this that the Berserkers were divided and the Shamans appeared. That was also why Lie Shan Xiu could not use many of the countermeasures he had left behind.

'Nine Li's Shaman Lord was born at the wrong time. His strength could compare to the first God of Berserkers and he even created the Shamans on his own. Then, he imitated Lie Shan Xiu and created several treasures to protect his race. These treasures can only be summoned by the direct descendants, and this alone makes him inferior to Lie Shan Xiu.

'Nine Li's Shaman Lord also has three clones that possess divine thoughts and intelligence. Each of them could be considered as direct descendant, and Nine Li Shaman Lords could appear from the descendants of those clones.'

As Ji An was busy musing, Su Ming looked at his eldest senior brother and nodded his head in silence.

Almost at the instant his eldest senior brother executed the first Shaman Spell as a descendant of Nine Li and that purplish black skull appeared due to his Song of Heavenly Worship, Su Ming sucked in a deep breath. He formed a seal with his right hand, and his statue of the God of Berserkers also lifted its right arm behind him, forming a seal. Its left arm also moved.

"God of Berserkers' alteration towards the stars, sun, and moon. First Alteration… Disaster of the Stars!" Su Ming hands touched slightly above his head before they parted swiftly, and he swung his arms at the sky. With it, the distorted sky looked as if it had been torn apart by a pair of invisible hands, and an illusion appeared in the air.

It was a piece of sky which had an endless amount of stars shining there, and the place was bright with starlight. At that moment, the stars moved about, and as they shone, they formed rays that grouped together into one to form a shooting star that charged towards the hand that had manifested from the skull.

This battle was a fight between Su Ming and his eldest senior brother, but it was also a battle between the God of Berserkers and the Shaman Lord!

Su Ming was executing the God of Berserkers' Arts, and his eldest senior brother was casting the Spells that he had inherited as a blood descendant of Nine Li's Shaman Lord. As these two clashed against each other, they seemed to have returned to ancient times, when the second God of Berserkers and Nine Li's Shaman Lord had fought as if it was their fate to do so!

Loud rumbling sounds surged into the sky at that instant, and the entire sky filled with stars crumbled, turning into an endless amount of shards. This was Su Ming's divine ability shattering. The hand formed by that skull also fell back under that roar, with all its fingers crushed. Yet when it fell back, that skull let out cracking sounds and more illusions spread out, allowing the hand to instantly recover.

At the instant that happened, the hand stopped falling backwards and charged forward to seize Su Ming once again.

"Disaster of the Stars!" Su Ming stayed in his spot and did not dodge. He instead formed a seal and pointed towards the crumbling starry sky and shouted those four words.

In an instant, the broken starlight that still existed within the shattered and fragmented starry sky shone once again, and as they charged forward with their crumbling forms while the sky was still being swept away, the starlight shone down with a sense of incompleteness.

The rays of starlight started intersecting with each other as if they had gained corporeal form and turned into waves of murderous aura. This murderous aura came from the sky, the starlight, and the broken universe. At the same time the ground was illuminated, the starlight that filled the sky turned into arrows that rushed towards the hand that had gathered once again above the skull.

An even stronger bang reverberated in the air. Su Ming staggered backwards and coughed up a mouthful of blood. As a dispirited expressions appeared on his face, his fighting spirit started boiling uncontrollably in his body. This fighting spirit did not come from his will, but was born from the world as a Berserker and a Shaman fought.

His eldest senior brother fell back and also coughed up a mouthful of blood, but that blood was black. As he was forced backwards, he lifted his head swiftly.

"The second Shamanic Spell of Nine Li's descendants, Earth's Burial! I ask the Shaman Treasure of the ground to destroy this person who dares go against us Shamans!

"The third Shamanic Spell of Nine Li's descendants, Cauldron Transmutation! The Berserkers may have a cauldron as their priceless treasure, but we Shamans also have a cauldron, and it is the treasure that we Shamans use to hold down our kismet. As the blood descendant of Nine Li's Shaman Lord, I now ask the Shaman Cauldron to appear!"

Eldest senior brother lifted his head and pushed his left hand towards the ground.