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Chapter 131 - The King His Majesty

Chapter 131 - The King His Majesty

The generals who looked decent a moment ago were now opening their collars and stripped to the waists. They shouted and cursed loudly with their necks flushing!

They stopped acting politely now. Dirty words kept coming out from their mouths. Their ancestors and parents were having a hard time today as they kept being abused by these guys. They just shouted some bad words to whoever they saw. After they shouted at each other, they just raised the bottles and drank up!

And then one of them might say, “Nice!”

“Nice your stupid ass!”

The other one shouted at him. And the another round of abusing began. And then they drank again. And then they found someone else and do it again. There were so many of them anyway. It would be easy for them to find someone and begin another round.

They talked about everything in the world, except their departure. They talked about the sea and the land, the south and the north, the sky and the earth, stories in the past and relations in the present, strange stuffs and weird people… They just talked about everything.

There were many of them who had fought against the enemy they were about to meet in the battle, so they told everybody about it.

While one was telling about it, the other was listening to him attentively.

Yet everybody knew that no one was really drunk when he was talking about this!

The one who was talking would never say anything inaccurate, and the one who was listening would never forget a bit after that!

They would remember their brothers’ experience and be cautious about what their brothers had leant from their sufferings!

The friendship between these soldiers was shown during the feast. They were telling each other their most important experience.

They trusted their brothers who were surely trustworthy to them.

“Listen. You will meet Zhao Hei-Hu sooner or later when you are in the battle. That bastard i so strong. It will be like he was having fun fighting against you. Don’t be reckless. He can easily kill you in seconds!”

“Bullshit! If you think he is so strong, tell me what he got then…”

“Well! That Zhao Hei-Hu…”

“Oh I see. So he surely could make you cry like a baby. I remember it then. I am not afraid of him at all. You should see how I am going to kick his ass and make him cry like a baby…”

“Urh. I will see how you escape from the battle and cry like a baby in front of me. You will get to know how strong he is when you get to him…”

“Cry your stupid ass. Don’t think I will be the same like you!”

“Damn it… How dare you… Zhao Hei-Hu is going to kill you for sure!”

“What if I kill him?”

“If you kill him, I will call you my grandfather!”

“Great! Deal! Wait and see you little prick! When I come back with his head in my hand, you better call me grandpa! Hmm, no. I will come back with him captured alive and kill him in front of you. I want to see you convinced!”

“Look how you brag! Even the cows could fly according to you! I bet you can never do that!”

“Bullshit! Do we have a deal? I kill him or capture him and you call me your grandpa?”


“Deal is a deal!”

“If you can do that, I will not only call you grandpa, I will also give you the best liquor I have saved for decades!”

“Great! Hahahahaha… I am going to win this…”

“Men of the northern army, stand up! Let’s make some challenge to the men of the Hua-Yang army!”

Ye Xiao had actually stood up on a table. His pretty face was red and his eyes showed that he was a bit dizzy. His body was groggy and he yelled with his arms waving!

“Alright!” Those from the northern army stood up and shouted, “Who dares to take the challenge?”

Prince Hua-Yang’s men shouted right away, “Damn! They actually dare to challenge us in our own place! Brothers, take your bottles and go get them! Make them drunk! Make them puke!”


The other side, Lan Lang-Lang was shouting, “I am challenging you all by myself…” He didn’t even finish talking, yet he had already been caught by several big guys. They grabbed his hands, and shoulders, then they opened his mouth, pouring two bottles worth of liquor in it.

Lan Lang-Lang suddenly felt the world spinning. He swayed and then crawled his way to the bottom of the table.

He was apparently too naive. Ye Xiao had a bunch of people helping him, and Lan Lang-Lang was himself alone, yet he actually wanted to challenge all the men there like Ye Xiao did… He absolutely deserved to be fuddled…

“You little fool. You really don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth, do you? You actually wanted to challenge us all… We won’t be taking it e it. We pick our opponents too… Hahahaha…” Some experienced soldiers looked at Lan Lang-Lang who was hiding under the table, completely intoxicated from the liquor.

It seemed that Prince Hua-Yang hadn’t stopped laughing tonight. He moved around the crowd with his cup in his hand and drank so much.

Suddenly, he grabbed Ye Xiao’s collar and made him nearly lie down on the table. Prince Hua-Yang said with a heavy smell of alcohol, “Listen, kiddo! Listen carefully now! During my absence, you must take good care of my daughter. If she ever feels unhappy about you, I don’t care who your father is, I will cut your penis and send you to the royal palace to be a eunuch!”

The generals shouted with laughter, “Wow wow… Woooo… The father-in-law is going to cut the son-in-law’s penis off. Hahahahaha…”

Ye Xiao was embarrassed and he could only answer, “Please don’t worry.”

“Humph!” Prince Hua-Yang let go of Ye Xiao and suddenly put the bottle on the table heavily as he shouted loudly, “Silence! I have something to speak!”

And then the whole place suddenly turned silent. Everyone was quiet!

People were all looking at this War God of The Kingdom!

“There is one thing that I can’t stand! Those bastards from those stupid countries kept messing with us trying to take our territory! When they do so, I lead my men and beat them up seriously!”

Prince Hua-Yang shouted loudly, “But there is another thing that is more unbearable! While we are fighting in the battle, our families are bullied here in our hometown!”

“My brothers fight in the war splashing their bloods! They are true heroes! They are true men! They are warriors! Whoever dare to mess with their families, I am going to rip their heads off! I leave my word here. During our battle, if anyone dare to mess with our families, I will make him suffer a fate worse than death!”

His eyes glanced at the side halls with coldness and he shouted loudly, “I don’t give a shit who he is! Royal house, noble clans, lords. No matter who he is, even if he is the king, if he dare to mess with my brothers’ families, I will kill him! Kill his whole clan! I swear to god!”

An aura of extreme fierceness spread out along with his voice.

Everyone knew that those were not empty words.

“Prince Hua-Yang the mighty!”

The generals shouted together!

At the same time, a voice was smiling, “What is this liveliness all about… I have to take a drink too. Hmmm. Brother Su, you are so vigorous with those words. Kill his whole clan… That’s always my line to say. Hahaha…”

As this voice reverberated, there came a middle-aged man who was in yellow clothes. Behind him, there were several soldiers who seemed to be helpless.

Prince Hua-Yang was shocked when he saw the man. The others were all shocked too.

And then all of them kneeled down and said, “Long live the king!”

The man who suddenly interrupted them was the king. The ruler of the Kingdom of Chen!

Chen Xuan-Tian!

It was Ye Xiao’s first time to see the king himself.

He was about forty years old. His eyes were sharp and he had a square face. He looked like the crown prince a little bit, but the distinguished vigor he carried was something the crown prince was not yet able to achieve!

The king walked in big strides, as if a dragons or tiger. He just walked into the hall casually and it showed the scene of the sovereign descending upon the world!

He was extremely different from the crown prince. The crown prince was extremely far behind him!

People in the hall including Prince Hua-Yang all kneeled down, except Ye Xiao. He was still standing on the table like a big frog in a small pond.

Surely, Lan Lang-Lang didn’t kneel either, because he was drunk under the table. However, what he did was more than kneeling though; he sprawled down on the floor!

The king saw Ye Xiao acting so specially, so he was a bit surprised and smiled, “Who is this…”

Prince Hua-Yang kicked Ye Xiao down off the table. - Puff. - Ye Xiao fell on the floor. Prince Hua-Yang spoke with anger, “You bastard! Do you want your property to be confiscated…”

And then he turned over and talked to the king, “This little fool is the son of Ye Nan-Tian… Ye Xiao!”

The king was a bit shocked when hearing this. He laughed with his eyes half-closed and said, “Oh I see. So it is you. He was the ‘midnight snack’ we are talking about.”

The crowd burst into laughter after his words escaped his lips.

Apparently, that was something everybody was talking about…

Ye Xiao was embarrassed, yet he had to come over and said, “Greetings, your highness.”

“Oh.” The king reached his hand and dragged him up, “There is no highness here tonight. There is only an old general here coming to join the feast with his brother and share the farewell dinner with all the warriors!”

And then he looked around and said, “Get up now, all of you.”

“Thank you, your highness.”

Everybody stood up, but they were somehow restrained. The atmosphere was no more in heat. No matter what the king had said, he was still the king to everybody…

Whoever dared to say ‘fxck’ while the king was there, must have lost his mind!

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