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Chapter 159 - Fat!

Chapter 159 - Fat!

An empty huge scale wood tub, which was as high as a man, was placed in front of Wan Zheng-Hao.

Wan Zheng-Hao gritted his teeth and unsealed the bottle.

[If it really is that good, then… Your promises seem to be true. It won’t hurt to serve you anyway, will it?] He thought, [At least you treat me as a human being. At least you care about my problems… It is better than being a tool to Gu Jin-Long that could never enjoy anything and only be tortured all the time.]

He closed his eyes and didn’t even look at the dan bead.

He raised his head and swallowed the dan bead.

Unlike the supreme dan beads, this dan bead created a spicy and unbearable flavor in the throat.

Wan Zheng-Hao didn’t expect it, so tears immediately fell from his eyes because of it.

“What the hell is this. Why does it taste so…”

He murmured as he felt a stream of heat arose inside his dantian all of a sudden.

And then the heat ran over his body. His entire body seemed to be on fire.

It felt like endless flames had surrounded him.

He felt unbearably hot, but he kept holding it.

He realized that this dan bead was making a difference after all.

He felt the fat on his body was all trembling. It felt like it was melting.

And it seemed there was really something moving to his middle finger…

He gritted his teeth and held on.

It must be better to let this burning power work as long as possible.

That was obvious.

He tried so hard to hold on with it.

After about two hours, he screamed out, “Ahhh!”

And then he took out a knife like mad and the tip of his middle finger. - Tsshk! -

At that moment, he immediately placed his right hand on the edge of the tub.

He was uncomfortable, so he reached his head over to see the finger.

The wound on his fingertip didn’t bleed at all. Instead, some sort of an ivory oily material was surging as it came out of his finger.

It was like a tiny river of white fat floating out from the wound. It was half-solid and half-liquid. It kept coming out…

At the same time, he felt his body were on heat and he felt good about it.

It was truly feeling pain and happiness at the same time.

And then the feeling of being on fire became stronger and stronger. There was more and more fat coming out from his finger. And then he saw a stream of fat which was as thick as his finger pouring out.

- Puff! - It poured out heavily onto the opposite tub wall and then floated down along the wall. While time passed, the whole bottom of the tub had been filled up. The oily fat kept rising like rising tide.

There was more and more coming out.

Wan Zheng-Hao felt like he was flying in the heavens. He loved this feeling immediately.

It was awesome.

He could clearly feel that all the fat in his body was running over to his fingertip…

It all ran out of his body through the only tiny loophole on his fingertip.

“Yohoooo…” He groaned while rejoicing. His voice was soft, like some ‘professional worker’ getting a strong customer…

After a while, the whole tub was half filled already. The feeling of fire was still vivid inside his body. It didn’t even decrease. The fat was running even faster…

It felt like all his fat was melted at the moment.

“This is awesome…” He groaned happily, “Oh, Lord Feng. I am so going to serve you from now on… This is so awesome…”

In two hours, the fat was like water pouring out into the tub…

The huge tub was about to be filled up…

He just wanted to asked for another tub, yet the feeling stopped surprisingly.

The fat was still pouring.

He could feel the fat was curdling on his body. He sighed.

[It seems… this should be called the end of the day.]

After about ten minutes, it stopped pouring out.

As the fat stopped, a feeling of pain was arising. He was in great pain and he kept struggling on the floor. He nearly couldn’t breathe.

That was… how good you felt, how painful you got.

“Well, this dan bead… Isn’t something I should take casually…” He gritted his teeth and he was all wet with sweat. He spoke fiercely, “Anyway… It is worth suffering though.”

Till the latter part of the night, the pain finally disappeared bit by bit.

He got to understand that to decrease such amount of fat meant to cut the same amount of fat directly. It must be painful. As long as he could get through the pain, everything would be fine.

He stood up slowly and tried jumping around in his room… The fat on his body shook. He found that he really had lost some weight…

He couldn’t help but walk over to look inside the tub. There was a full tub of fat.

“That should be at least more than 50 kg.” Looking at the tub, he was happy and upset at the same time, “For somebody else, to lose such an amount of fat can surely make him slim, yet I still look the same…”

“This is all my fat…” He sighed. He was happy though. He had been trying to lose weight for centuries, and this was the most significant achievement.

That was happiness to him.

He groaned happily and shouted, “Somebody come in!”

Two guards came in immediately.

“Take this tub of fat away and dispose it well.” He waved his hand and spoke with satisfaction.

He kept pacing around in the room while checking his belly. It didn’t seem changed a lot, yet he could felt himself lighter.

Especially the belly.

He rubbed his belly and was lost in satisfaction.

Although it was still a big fat belly, he could already feel that it had become smaller.

That was a wonderful feeling. Anyone else could never understand such pleasure.

He slept tight and sweet this night. He hadn’t had such a good sleep for… over several hundred years.

He thought, [I am wealthy. I am even richer than a country.

I can buy whatever I want in the world.

There is nothing I can’t afford.

Including… every virgin’s first night.

But even though I am so rich, I don’t have the honor of a man anymore.

Those that men can do became impossible for me.

I even needed to get away from the girls who came to me first. That is really an indescribable pain.

But that is going to be the past soon.


The next day, he felt like he was as light as a bird; well of course, comparing to what he used to be.

Whoever had lost over 50 kg in one night would feel like a bird. That was a real feeling inside his mind, even though he was still a big fat monster.

When he was having his meal in the salesroom, for the first time… he had a good appetite.

He wanted every dish.

So he just got loose to eat whatever he wanted. In0 the end, he wiped his mouth and said delightedly, “The food today is really good. It suits my appetite.”

The old Master Guan was enjoying his own food and answered, “Thanks to you, boss, I can have such delicious food today.”

Wan Zheng-Hao was surprised, “What? Thanks to me?”

[Why is it anything to do with me?]

Master Guan smiled and rubbed his beard, “Well, that huge tub of fat… I don’t know where you got it. The cook saw it and he was like meeting with something given by gods. He just couldn’t stop praising. He said that he had been a cook for his whole life and that was his first time to see such a high-quality pure fat. Most importantly, it is all natural. That is the most organic cooking material…”

Wan Zheng-Hao felt something wrong about it already. His face turned pale and he said, “So…and then?”

“Well, he wouldn’t waste any good materials, would he? That would be quite a waste. So the cook, Li, used that fat to cook. Well look what we are eating today…” Master Guan was satisfied. He picked his teeth and said, “It really is extremely tasty. Brilliant smell, color and taste at the same time. My mouth can still feel the scent of the tasty food. I think I will be thinking about it for three days.”

Master Guan seemed to be rather excited and he spoke a lot.

Wan Zheng-Hao’s face was all pale at the moment. He looked at the empty plates on the table…

Half of the dishes… came into his belly…

His face turned pale from red, and then turned red again. And then it turned pale again before eventually, it turned green… Well then, it turned black…

Master Guan saw the changes of his face and thought, [He is indeed such a boss. I don’t think I can learn how to change my face like he did. I think those face switching masters should learn how to do it from him…]

And then he heard Wan Zheng-Hao throw up. - Orhhh urhhh ahhh ohhhhh…-

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