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Chapter 287: How Do You Motivate Me?

Chapter 287: How Do You Motivate Me?
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“If we give one of the sect some certain profits, we will definitely survive this. The other sect who fails to get the profits will be handled by the one who do. If that happens, the House of the Chaotic Storm will never be welcomed in the Ling-Bao Hall forever.”

Master Bai smiled in surprise. “Are you threatening me?”

Ye Xiao laughed. “Reality is cruel. Since we cannot get away from the battle against the two great sects, I don’t mind to add the House of the Chaotic Storm in the fray. As you said, Ling-Bao Hall would never defeat them. Then, if our enemy is stronger, how would that change anything for us?”

Master Bai smile turned soft. “That is true… You won’t feel itchier because of more louses, right? Perhaps… You are bound to lose as your enemy is the joint force of the two great sects, so even if the House of the Chaotic Storm join them, you’re still going to lose. So you don’t care?”

Wan-Er looked at Ye Xiao with a taunt in her eyes.

For her, it was a day full surprises!

She was surprised that there was actually someone who could get away from her master’s Soul Sight.

Now, she saw the man asking for protection from the House of the Chaotic Storm by threatening Master Bai… There hadn’t been anybody who dared to threaten the House of the Chaotic Storm for thousands of years.

In her mind, Feng Zhiling was not only bold. What he was doing was something record-breaking.

“Master Bai, you are right.” Ye Xiao smiled. “Ling-Bao Hall will die if we don’t give in and do something against the two great sects. If the House of the Chaotic Storm doesn’t help us, so what if I offend you? That is the truth!”

He smiled. “Normally, we wouldn’t do such a reckless thing. Even if we have such a thought, I won’t say it in front of you. However, it is an important moment for us now. I have to do it quick and take the risk. I don’t want to waste any time, yours or mine.”

Master Bai smiled again; his eyes were no more sharp and cold, and they became soft and warm like spring. He said, “To do things quick and take risks always lead to death! It is nothing but a reckless move. The only thing I agree is the last part. We don’t waste anyone’s time!”

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, “I am running out of time. I have to do it this way. To do it quick is the right choice.”

Master Bai was interested. He spoke with a light voice, “But even under such a dangerous situation, you still won’t say anything about your true identity. Is it even more important than the life and death of Ling-Bao Hall to you?”

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and then he said, “I do have difficulty on that.”

Master Bai was understanding. He nodded slowly and said, “So your secret is more important than Ling-Bao Hall. Hmm. In fact, you already have a backup plan for your own. Even if the Ling-Bao Hall collapsed, you can just casually become who you really are and live on casually and peacefully. Nobody will recognize you as the Feng Monarch.”

“In fact, for someone with your capability, it is an easy job to build another ‘Ling-Bao Hall’.”

“You are certainly a capable man. You always have something inside your mind. Ling-Bao Hall has certain official background, but you should be someone important to the Kingdom of Chen… Maybe you are a son of someone important?”

Ye Xiao blandly smile, yet he didn’t reply.

The intelligence of Master Bai had terrified Ye Xiao.

He could easily figure out anything from only a simple fact. Nothing would be missed!

It was rather dangerous to talk recklessly. To say one more word meant exposing himself more.

Master Bai tapped on the knee lightly. He lowered his head and stopped looking at Ye Xiao. He looked at his own hands and talked to Ye Xiao slowly, “You won’t tell me who you are, yet you want me to help you. You said you are asking for cooperation… Well, you must have something I want but I cannot get it myself.”

“That is why you are acting so confidently and casually like you know everything.”

“You know that I will eventually say yes to whatever you ask once you tell me what you can offer. That is the most valuable card in your hand, is that right?”

“You won’t tell me who you are, but you are keeping a backup plan for yourself. You dare to come to me… You are absolutely confident about it!”

Master Bai smiled and looked at Ye Xiao again.

Ye Xiao was smiling.

The legendary man, owner of the House of the Chaotic Storm, figured out everything as expected.

It truly saved everybody’s time when dealing with such a wise person.

Well, it was also dangerous at the same time.

Only a minor mistake would lead Ye Xiao to death, as Master Bai was so much stronger than him!

“That’s it.” Ye Xiao said, “To be honest, I would say I have fifty percent chance to get the deal I want with you.”

“Fifty… You said fifty. That means you are thinking more. It is worth a shot as you can see an over fifty percent chance…” Master Bai was interested. He looked at Ye Xiao and said, “I was thinking maybe I should end the conversation and kick you out. Now, I changed my mind. I am interested.”

“Where do you get such confidence?” Master Bai moved aside his head. The hair on his head moved a bit. Inside his profound eyes, something moved like the sea waves.

“What do you have that makes you believe it will motivate me?”

“You know who I am! You know there is nothing I cannot get on my own!”

Master Bai truly was curious.

He was not the only one though.

Wan-Er was also filled with confusion and curiosity.

[What does this Feng Zhiling have to motivate my master?

No matter what Master wants in the world, he will get it. There is nothing he wants but cannot get.

Nothing can be used to lure him!

Everybody in the House of the Chaotic Storm knows it!

However, this Feng Zhiling is so confident. He is trying to break our common acknowledgment. Where does he get such confidence?]