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Chapter 290: The Ace in My Hand

Chapter 290: The Ace in My Hand
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“You three have created legendary feats one after another… Think about the years it took. You three must be in a very horrible age now. What a creepy truth!”

Ye Xiao grinned. He smiled to Wan-Er who had now started to show her anger.

“Ordinary people could never reach that age or that level of horror. I reckon you three must be some super cultivators! You must be super cultivators in some other world.”

“In fact, if the real power of you three burst out, this entire land may only be able to endure one of you!”

“So, you must be far beyond… what you show now.”

Ye Xiao spoke with a deep voice, “That is what I was talking about… No matter whether it is those kings… or the House of the Chaotic Storm, whoever have the mind of collapsing a dynasty and make the people live in war and death will get the divine punishment!”

“That is the divine reverse impact!”

“Such reverse, even Master Bai, who is an astonishing genius and a super cultivator, cannot escape.”

“All in all, I can boldly go to a conclusion… That is why Master Bai became crippled…” Ye Xiao looked up facing Master Bai. He looked right into his calm eyes and blandly spoke, “The cooperation I am proposing is mostly based on that. I wonder if Master Bai is moved or not?”

Master Bai was still calm.

His face was still expressionless.

He looked like he didn’t care about what Ye Xiao was talking at all.

Wan-Er took in a long breath and impatiently said, “Say more. Make it clear. You haven’t talked about our profits at all. What should we be moved for?”

Ye Xiao casually spoke, “I am making it clear. Whether it is a divine punishment or a cultivation side effect, although I may not be able to cure them completely, but I have certain methods to deal with them. Maybe I can help Master Bai and the two ladies solve your problem in advance.”

“That is the ace in my hand.”

Ye Xiao frankly spoke, “At the moment, Ling-Bao Hall is in great danger. The two sects are pushing too hard. If we bow to either one of them to save ourselves, we will lose the Ling-Bao Hall. The House of the Chaotic Storm is our last hope.”

“Unluckily, the kingdom the House of the Chaotic Storm is collapsing is the same as the kingdom where the Ling-Bao Hall is situated. We are bound to be enemies, and I don’t think we should conspire with each other. However, driven with desperation… and…”

Ye Xiao smiled. “Even if I didn’t do this, the thousands of years of experience has told us all that a crippled Master Bai is still able to collapse a kingdom…”

“The fifty percent chance I said is not about my sincerity or my bargaining chip. It is about whether you want to end such an embarrassing life earlier or not. If you do, we can have a deal. If not, I will walk away like nothing has happened. I can even just sit here and wait for death. You want it or not, that’s a fifty percent chance. Only one thought makes the call!”

Ye Xiao laughed. “All people will take risk during their lives. My presence here in Sky Room No. 1 may be the biggest risk I have taken in my life.”

Wan-Er turned to Master Bai and looked at him.

Questions clouded her eyes.

If she could, she would say yes to Ye Xiao without any hesitation.

When Master Bai first suffered the divine reverse impact a long time ago, he had experience all sorts of disabilities like blindness, deafness, and anosmia. They had tried a lot of methods in order to cure him, yet none of them succeeded.

If someone told them that there was a way to cure the divine reverse impact, then Wan-Er would most likely disregard it. However, because it was Feng Zhiling who said so, it was a different story.

There was a simple reason. Feng Zhiling was the monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall, and he was the creator of those supreme dan beads.

Pei-Yuan Dan, Bone Ablutionary Dan, Limit Breaking Dan or other higher level dan were all useless for Master Bai. However, if they were supreme dan beads, they were different. Master Bai had used countless medicines for the divine reverse impact. He had even used the legendary Nine Rolls Golden Dan. None of them was in supreme dan level. In the level system of dan, the supreme dan level was the extreme level, and it was called the divine level.

To deal with the divine reverse impact, only things in divine level could help.

Surely, to use one supreme Pei-Yuan Dan bead wouldn’t be able to completely cure an illness. It wasn’t that simple. It should be specifically made for the certain disease, and it should also be a supreme dan bead. That was when it worked!

Wan-Er certainly understood the rule. That was why she was looking at her master like this. She wanted him to say yes!

However, she didn’t dare to say it.

Things about him could only be decided by himself.

Master Bai was still calm.

The next moment, he opened his eyes.

He looked at Ye Xiao the third time.

It felt like there were two sharp arrows in his eyes pointing out.

At this moment, Ye Xiao felt like his face were stabbed by needles.

It was a pain that could burn his soul.

Master Bai didn’t wait for Ye Xiao to respond. He lowered his head and looked at his own legs.

His legs were completely unresponsive. They were like two rotten woods.

Master Bai could clearly feel a huge mass of power hidden inside himself.

It was an enormous power… that allowed him to roll the world by reaching out a hand.

If he could get his true power back, he wouldn’t need to move—he would just need to look at somebody, then no matter how powerful that man was in this world, he would be defeated!

With a single glance, he could make anyone in the world kneel for him.

On his left was Wan of the Clouds, while on his right was Xiu of the Heavens. When he waved his hand, the wind and cloud would move; when he stretched his hand, the whole world was under his control!

It was such a fierce saying when people heard this. However, he himself was the only one who truly knew what it was like “when he waved his hand and the wind and cloud moved” and “when he stretched his hand and the whole world was under his control”…

If he could have his true power back, it wasn’t just a way of describing!

That saying would be real!

Actually, he could do more than that!

He could take away everything in the world by only waving his sleeve. He could do whatever he wanted as he wished!


Master Bai would only sneer.

[What is god?

Me! I am god!

‘All lands in the world belongs to the king, while all living things are the king’s servants… It is an old saying, but it is a joke. It was a complete joke! That’s it.

But now I can only sit here quietly.

The world-shocking, astonishing and extreme power, I can use none of it!]