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Chapter 291: Where the Heart Was Settled; Where the Friendship Ties!

Chapter 291: Where the Heart Was Settled; Where the Friendship Ties!
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Master Bai sighed. His eyes seemed faint, as if a river of stars were all shining inside them.

Ye Xiao nodded.

Master Bai kept his head low, but Ye Xiao knew he could see!

Master Bai suddenly looked up and smiled blandly. “You are a smart man. You really are. You are good at inference. You have actually seen things that others couldn’t see.”

He seemed staring at Ye Xiao, but his eyes were faint; his eyes seemed to be an abyss. “The first time, I lost all my cultivation capability. The second time, I lost all my capability, and my hands couldn’t move. The third time, I lost all my capability and my Jing and Mai all broke up. The fourth, I lost my capability, my Jing and Mai, and I was blind…”

“… The seventh… This time, it was the ninth. I have lost all my capability, my eyes, my legs, my Jing and Mai, and my spiritual mind!”

“Such disability must be… the divine reverse impact! It was for my sin of killing billions of lives!”

“It has nothing to do with disease or illness.”

Master Bai took in a deep breath and ironically spoke, “You can cure it? Even though you have those supreme dan, even though they are called divine level dan beads, all you have are ordinary dan. Will they really work?”

Ye Xiao smiled blandly. “In this world, every organization, force, or individual fears you. Nobody dares to go against you. At the same time, people who want to kill you are everywhere. Everybody wants to kill you and become a new legend themselves. Nobody is able to though. However… I don’t think there are many people who dare to lie in your face by telling you something absolutely impossible… Right?”

Master Bai smiled blandly. Between his eyes, an absolute pride congealed!

It was his pride that showed indifference to everything in the world.

It was the pride at the bottom of his heart and deep inside his bones!

He tapped on his knees with his white and clean hands. He smiled and said, “Not many, indeed. In fact, none. However, maybe I am looking at one now.”

Ye Xiao laughed. “Or maybe you are just looking at an opportunity.”

Master Bai looked at him with interest. “Oh?”

“In fact, in my mind, I absolutely don’t like to, and I shouldn’t… offer you such convenience.” Ye Xiao was being frank.

“Because I am trying to collapse the Kingdom of Chen?”

“That’s right.”

Master Bai’s eyes became profound. “It turns out you are so closely bonded… to this kingdom. Maybe… is it a restraint?”

Ye Xiao lightly breathed and nodded, then he replied, “Yes!”

Master Bai’s eyes became dimmer.

He felt like he was in the mist again, and he couldn’t see things anymore.

He surprisedly realized that he was wrong.

He thought that Feng Monarch must have been from an upper realm.

He should be at least from the Qing-Yun Realm. Such a person was impossible to have feelings for this Land of Han-Yang, or the kingdom he was living in.

Cultivators in the Qing-Yun Realm were mostly tough, arrogant, and selfish.

They would rather betray everybody than be betrayed by others!

However, the man standing in front of him now was obviously bonded to his country. Furthermore, he was restrained in it.

Master Bai had that conclusion in mind; he just didn’t say it. At last, he just dispelled the idea.

[Feng Zhiling seems to be a native in the Land of Han-Yang. He is actually a loyal citizen of the Kingdom of Chen!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t react like that.

A man like that, with such a bond, makes it much easier for me. I can use it for many profits. Although I don’t really feel like doing so, it gives me another way to get him down.

I am like holding his soft spot. Under the present situation, if I can have a man like him to use, it will surely bring me much convenience. It will make my plan go smoother. Since so, the cooperation he proposed isn’t a bad thing. I will have the initiative in the relation anyway. I can always turn it around. I control everything, and I am the one who control the real power.

However, a man who has lived in the Qing-Yun Realm and was born in the Land of Han-Yang… I don’t think I have ever heard about such a figure.]

“Country is just a powerful organization in the world… The emotional bond that was spoken is nothing but a method of the kings to control his people…” Master Bai spoke blandly, “Feng Monarch is an experienced man. How come you have such ignorant thoughts. It really doesn’t suit the image Feng Monarch has in my mind.”

When he said so, his eyes were shining.

His voice was heavy, and there was no confusion at all.

He was actually testing him.

He was testing the man in front of him, trying to figure out if he was lying.

Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, “Maybe it’s just a method, but… loyalty and devotion are the basic rules of human being. It is something always right. We live in this world, and we shall believe in something. That is our belief. That is something a man can fight for.”

Master Bai frowned and said, “Oh?”

When he frowned, his eyebrows were like two dragons lying on the mountains and in the valley.

When he stretched them after frowning, they were like two cyan dragons flying beyond the cloud in the sky.

Ye Xiao noticed that, and he was shocked.

He had never seen anybody who could make such changes by frowning and stretching his eyebrows. It wasn’t something that could be acquired; it was an inborn ability.

It was his gift.

Ye Xiao thought for a moment before slowly saying, “As a person, and as a man, one should have something he truly cares about; something he would love to protect… He needs something he truly believes. Something like… the sense of shame, the spirit of loyalty, the soul of sincerity... No matter what or why he does, as long as he feels a clear conscience about the result, whatever happens doesn’t really matter.”

“The country I was born in is my belief. I cannot leave it or abandon it.”

When Ye Xiao said so, he felt relaxed in his heart.

There was a breath of foul qi being suppressed in his chest since he entered this room, but now, he had completely breathed it out!

There was no sign of it, and he suddenly felt extremely relaxed!