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Chapter 292: Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan

Chapter 292: Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan
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At this moment, Ye Xiao clearly felt that his mind was subliming in a huge extent!

Under the huge suppression of Master Bai, Ye Xiao had been in an extremely lower position since he came in, and he felt ill about it.

He was so suppressed, and he couldn’t vent it. That was rather uncomfortable!

If he forcibly kept holding it inside his heart, it would eventually wound him. It would cause a hidden wound in him which was difficult to cure!

But at this moment, he had spoken out the words from deep inside his heart; the place where he had been still insisting, and where he kept his feelings.

Actually, after it burst after being so suppressed, his state of mind broke through a new level.

Master Bai stretched his eyebrows in surprise. It was like two cyan dragons flying up. He looked at Ye Xiao while seemingly lost in thoughts.

In fact, in his eyes, there was a slight sense of disappointment.

[As expected…

This man is the Loyal Bayard that exists in legends.

I thought he was someone else, but that man could never have such a state of mind.

He cannot be that guy.

Since he isn’t that guy…

He surely doesn’t have that thing I have been looking for so long.

In other words… I am disappointed again.]

Master Bai lowered his head. He seemed taunting, yet with respect in his voice, he lightly said, “Although I disagree with you and I am disdainful to your point, but I understand your choice and your insistence.”

Ye Xiao thought about what he heard in his mind; it seemed dissociable. He slowly answered, “I understand. Thank you.”

Master Bai blandly smiled and said, “Now, let’s talk about your problem. I don’t want to hear anything about your ‘country’, ‘home’ and all. I want to know what makes you so confident that you can make me believe you.”

Ye Xiao smiled. “Both you and Lady Wan-Er are marvelous in cultivation and have profound views. You may be the most experienced people in the world. If what I depend on is only the supreme dan, it must certainly be a joke. Dan beads in supreme level is indeed called divine dan beads, yet it is just so called. It may not be useful for you on your illness!”

Master Bai smiled. “Good. You passed level one. If you told me you are confident because of those supreme dan beads, I would have to send you away!”

That was quite a mysterious saying. It could be “send you away the room”, or “send you away from the world”!

Ye Xiao smiled. “I am flattered. Your illness is the divine punishment from gods. For that reason, all the medicines in this world wouldn’t work. All the healing arts in the world wouldn’t work either. Well, I wonder if you have ever heard about the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan?”

Master Bai’s eyes lit up, and he said word by word, “Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan?”

“That’s right. Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan.” Ye Xiao slowly nodded.

Master Bai took a breath out and said, “Now I am starting to believe.”

Wan-Er was also excited; her face turned red a bit.

[He is actually talking about the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!]

Master Bai and Wan-Er looked at each other, as if both of them had realized something.

In fact, they should have known it long earlier.

Since a man could make so many kinds of supreme dan, he migh also able to make the legendary supreme dan—the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!

It was such a reasonable thing.

However, trivial things have overshadowed the the important ones.

They actually ignored such a possibility…

It wasn’t Master Bai’s fault though. Such a supreme dan hadn’t shown up for tens of thousands years in all realms.

It only existed in the myth; it only existed in the fairy tales!

“In fact, Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is only as marvelous as it sounds. It has only normal efficacy.” Ye Xiao smiled and continued, “Long time ago, there was a great capable man. He killed a lot, and his only son suffered atrophy in his Jing and Mai, and his child couldn’t cultivate any martial arts. He would never live over eighteen.”

Master Bai was smiling.

He knew the story Ye Xiao was telling them.

He knew it, yet he didn’t stop Ye Xiao.

“This great man was truly a capable figure. He sensed the divine will and made a divination about his son. He got to know his son’s illness was because of his killings. So many people died in his hands or died because of him… The reason why his son would suffer such a pain was that… he killed too many people. The gods were punishing him.”

“That is… the divine punishment!”

Master Bai said, “That’s right. That guy was born with that illness. In the views of ordinary people, it must be some incurable disease; but for us, it is actually the punishment from the heavens.”

“Man will eventually get what he deserves in his life; it is unavoidable. Maybe he could get away from it because of some reason for sometime, however, his following generations will take the divine punishment.”

Ye Xiao nodded. “That is right.”

Master Bai continued, “As he knew the reason, this great man realized there is nothing he could do to cure his son. In fact, before he made the divination, he had already tried countless methods, and none of which worked. For that reason, he decided to make that divination; the most unauthentic method. He became so upset that he stopped killing anymore after he knew there was no cure for his son. He focused all his efforts in seeking medical treatments. He went to many realms and he cured countless illnesses and saved countless of people. Perhaps the gods were moved by it. When he was helping a hopeless patient in some realm, he tried to make some dan bead using a special method that he hoped could bring about any bliss from the depths of misfortune. He made it and, at the same time, he found a way to cure his son.”

“The great man was enlightened. He didn’t need to collect all the medical materials in all realms to cure his son. In fact… he only had to deal with it from the original aspect. He had to make a special dan that could work against the heaven’s will. It should work from deep inside the Jing and Mai. Gradually, it dispersed the wound from the divine reverse impact.”

“Materials for that dan weren’t hard to find. In fact, there was only one problem with it… It must be at the supreme level, and it had to be top quality.”

“If it wasn’t at the supreme level, it wasn’t Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. That would just be wasting time and materials.”

“In fact, the reason why the supreme dan can be called the Divine Dan Beads is because it will have the qi of recreation, which dan beads in other level wouldn’t have. Only supreme dan beads at supreme level could produce the qi of recreation on its own. That was working against the rule of heavens. Only that could gradually cure the disease from the heavens… Such dan beads cure the disease from the radical aspect. That was fighting against the gods. That is why it is called… Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan! In fact, it doesn’t have other levels. It only has one level; that is the supreme level!”