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Chapter 296: Dan Beads For You

Chapter 296: Dan Beads For You
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“Feng Monarch, may I ask what you come here for?” Lan Langlang was extremely cautious when he talked; he recently acquired this habit. He was indeed one of the “three lords in town”.

“Hmm. I am here to ask for your small help, Lord Lan,” Ye Xiao blandly said, “There is something I need you to hand over to General Lan.”

Lan Langlang said, “Hmm? May I ask what it is?”

Ye Xiao turned over his hand and there were three jade bottles in his hand.

Each bottle was filled with dan beads that were the same size as soya beans.

People all stared at the three bottles of dan beads. They couldn’t move away anymore, and their breaths became heavier.

[How could it be something unimportant if it is a gift from the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall?]

[I wonder if it is the supreme dan?]

They thought for a while and then took such an idea as nonsense. The dan beads in each bottle should be over 100. If they were all supreme dan beads, that would be enough to buy the entire Land of Han-Yang!

“This is some small things that I recently made… Gold Healing Dan.” Ye Xiao looked at Lan Langlang and said, “There are 200 dan beads in each bottle. When it is needed, take one dan bead and put it into warm water. When it melts, it should be enough for three people to heal their wounds… In three days, all wounds would be cured.”

Lan Langlang quickly stood up. His eyes were wide opened as he heavily breathed. “Are you serious?”

The eyes of those who heard Ye Xiao lit up. Their faces turned red all of the sudden!

[Such marvelous dan! Such a big amount!]

[One dan bead for three men. Two hundred dan beads per bottle. There are three bottles!]

[That means it is enough for two thousand injured men!]

The Gold Healing Dan was specially made for people who suffered injury. It was a blessing dan for soldiers!

With these three bottles of dan beads, many soldiers who couldn’t recover would be cured in three days!

It would bring them lives!

They could even continue fighting!

That was some great present!

Many people and forces chased after Supreme Dan. They saw it as the most precious treasure. However, for soldiers, the Gold Healing Dan was much more useful than any other Supreme Dan.

The three bottles represented the lives of their brothers!

Lan Langlang’s hands started shaking. He tightly held the bottles in hand like he was holding his own life. He couldn’t even talk clearly as kept on saying, “Thank you! Thank you…”

Ye Xiao smiled and tapped on his shoulder.

If he gave Lan Langlang these dan beads as his friend, Ye Xiao, Lan Langlang would surely owe him a big one. Ye Xiao didn’t want that; he saw Lan Langlang as his brother.

A favor was always difficult to return!

But since it was now a present from the Monarch of the Ling-Bao Hall, that was different.

This Feng Monarch was giving it out as a donation. It wasn’t a gift from a friend to another.

Those two had different meanings.

“I only had time to make this many.” Ye Xiao smiled. “I have run out of materials anyway. Let’s give these to General Lan’s southern troop for now. As for the others… Let me think about it later. Please forgive me.”

[What the hell! What is he saying? He has given out such great things, and he’s actually asking for forgiveness? What is he talking about?]

[Wait. What did Feng Zhiling say? No, not the ‘forgive me’ one. It is the one before it. ‘As for the others… Let me think about it later’!]

[He is going to give more after this?]

Everybody heard Ye Xiao. People in the powerful forces, powerful sects, and those who were hidden cultivators realized something. They barely contacted with the war issues among kingdoms in the world. Those who control some certain areas had heard many hidden meanings from Ye Xiao’s words.

The Feng Monarch, Feng Zhiling and his Ling-Bao Hall, was showing kindness to the Kingdom of Chen, at least to General Lan. They might have some certain connection, and if not, how would he do such a thing for them and do it in front of the public. It was telling the whole world that whoever dared to fight against General Lan meant fighting against the Ling-Bao Hall!

That was a hidden threat. Before Feng Zhiling got in and out the room of the House of the Chaotic Storm, such a threat might only be useful for some people, but it meant nothing to most of the people there. However, now it was different! Most of them were thinking perhaps they should show good will to General Lan and do it as giving Ling-Bao Hall and its Monarch a favor!

Lan Langlang was so touched that he couldn’t say anything at all.

Lan Langlang had been spirited up after Ye Xiao recently gave him those dan beads. He had been working so hard to study cultivation and do more physical exercise. He even started his own business to fight in the market.

Nobody expected that he could be good at doing business. It took him only a short time to start making big profits. In fact, that was why he was so confident during the auction this time. [I am rich now! I earned it myself. I will spend it how I wish. It won’t be a problem to spend it all!]

Lord Lan was quite happy about it. However, his pride was smashed into pieces when the three bottles of Gold Healing Dan beads showed up!

He thought he had earned so much money, yet it was not enough to buy even half a bottle of those Gold Healing Dan.

Feng Monarch could just give it away without any hesitation, and it was only a beginning; he would certainly give more in the future.

The three princes’ eyes were emitting green lights [1]. They rushed over to try and talk with this Feng Monarch.

Since Feng Monarch was friendly to General Lan, it meant he was also friendly to the Kingdom of Chen. As princes of the Kingdom of Chen, they thought Feng Monarch should also be friendly to them!

Ye Xiao was acting politely. He talked to them with a few words, yet inside his heart, he was sneering.

“May I ask… Feng Monarch. Are these all that you you can offer? Or will there be more…” All of a sudden, a child’s voice sounded out. It sounded polite, yet there was dissatisfaction in it.

Hearing the voice, Ye Xiao looked over to him. He saw a little guy who was about eight or nine. He was such a cute and adorable boy. The boy was staring at Ye Xiao with his round black eyes.

“Hmm. These are all. I don’t have any more for now. Who are you, kid?” Ye Xiao asked.

“I am Chen Zhi.” The boy raised up his head and said, “These dan beads will save a lot soldiers in the south, but there are so many soldiers in the east, west and north. They are also fighting so hard. Why not prepare some for them too?”

This question had shocked everyone around!


[1] Green lights from their eyes mean they were greedy.