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Chapter 309: Come Across

Chapter 309: Come Across

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[Oh my god. How do I deal with such complicated relations in this?] Wenren Chuchu sighed.

The expression in Bing Xinyue’s eyes was complicated and unstable. It seemed her face turned red.

If Wenren Chuchu wasn’t troubled in mind at the moment, as a smart girl, she would definitely found out the unusualness of her master. However, she couldn’t care about that right now. She just didn’t have time for such trifle.

They both were lost in their complicated thoughts.

They couldn’t get out from it.

Ye Xiao left with a huge amount of money. He didn’t stop, and he just went straight out of the city gate. He went to the mysterious mountain that has “fallen from the sky”. He just disappeared in it.

Nearly at the same time, a young man in white clothes entered the city while casually riding a pretty horse.

The soldiers at the entrance bowed. “Lord Ye.”

Ye Xiao answered with a smile, “You have worked hard, brothers.”

The soldiers had a chat with him and saw him leave to the city on his big horse. One of the soldiers was confused as he rubbed his head. “Oh… I don’t think I have ever seen Lord Ye leaving the city the whole day. How come he suddenly returned from outside? Am I remember it wrong? Did I make any mistake?”

Another soldier disdainfully said, “You pig head. How could you remember anything right? You cannot even complete a good sentence. There are so many people coming in and out the city these several days. It should be over a hundred thousand people. How could you remember them all? Who do you think you are?”

That soldier was still confused. “No, no, no. There are so many people passing here. I cannot remember all of them, but Lord Ye is somebody I will especially pay attention to. I shouldn’t forget it. I must have mistaken him for somebody else.”

“Maybe Lord Ye left yesterday? Besides, you should spend more time thinking about whether we have any spy among us. Why are you thinking about the young lord in the General’s family… You must be too leisure!” the other soldier shouted at him with angry eyes.

“Yes, I will.” The soldier promised he wouldn’t think about it anymore. In fact, it wasn’t something serious. That was just a casual talk between soldiers.

Ye Xiao was acting high profile riding his big horse across the streets. He was acting exactly like one of the “three lords in town”. Actually, he looked most likely the head of them.

He had just reached the door of the House of Ye, and a group of people riding the horses came over to him.

Looking at it, he saw the Crown Prince, the second prince, the third prince, and the youngest prince, Chen Zhi. There were also Zuo Wuji and Lan Langlang… It was a huge group of people coming over to him.

They saw Ye Xiao on the horse, and their eyes simultaneously lit up.

“Xiao Xiao! What are you up for recently? Why do you have to leave town at this time… What a shame. You missed a big hot event,” Lan Langlang rushed over first, shouting.

Ye Xiao was nodding to everybody. Lan Langlang held him in arms—he must be too excited. He lifted Ye Xiao up entirely.

Lan Langlang was very excited; he had six hundred dan beads in hand.

That was something priceless!

Even though they were six hundred good trauma medicine, it might not be that useful for those people from the martial forces. They were only for traumas, and that was why they meant little to them.

However, for people who were fighting in the war, it was absolutely a marvelous medicine. It must be more useful than other supreme dan beads. No matter how good a supreme dan bead was, it healed one person. One Gold Healing Dan bead could save three soldiers’ lives. It worked exactly on soldiers’ needs. That was an obvious advantage.

Lan Langlang didn’t dare to go home alone, worried that he might get robbed on the way. The dan beads were the lives of two thousand soldiers in the army, so after thinking about, he decided to go after the group of people who followed the Crown Prince. [Isn’t it a group of guards for me?]

That was why he stuck with them forcibly and left with them. He asked them to send him back to the House of General Lan. Zuo Wuji had done a lot of talks for it. He put it “to save the lives of the soldiers is to save the kingdom”. That left the princes no choice but to guard Lan Langlang home first.

They never expected they would come across Ye Xiao though.

The three princes felt uncomfortable.

[I was thinking there was one missing among the ‘three lords in town’. Now they are all here…]

“I would not go and get involved with that kind of hot event. What if somebody hit me with a Melting Bone Palm? That would be a real trouble for me. Last time, it caused a huge loss to my father’s cultivation. One more time, it would kill my father and I for sure!” Ye Xiao smiled blandly and got Lan Langlang away from him.

When he said that, nobody cared much about that attack, except the Crown Prince. The others were not involved in that issue after all. Ye Xiao was the victim that time; he could have died. It was normal that he would complain about it.

The Crown Prince changed his expression on his face.

Behind the Crown Prince, Guan Zhengwen, who was wearing a robe with big sleeves, felt stunned. His eyes were full of fear as he glanced at this young man in white clothes. He felt helpless somehow.

“Lord Ye is a blessed man. You will always get through the bad lucks. I guess you should have perfectly recovered now, right?” the Crown Prince asked with a warm smile, “I still remember when I went to see you in your house, you were in a comma. Look at you now. You are shining. You are like a different person now. Good man truly will always be blessed.”

“I should thank you for your kindness,” Ye Xiao said smilingly, “thanks to you, really, I could get through that. Heh, heh. If you didn’t make that effort of trying to save me, I might not have the chance to see my father again. Then I might very likely lose my life. Now that I am healing so fast, I must thank you. When we have time, I will hold a feast to show my appreciation.”

The Crown Prince answered with a smile.

The conversation between them seemed to be reasonable. The Crown Prince was like a generous and caring good prince. Ye Xiao was like a grateful man who couldn’t find a way to show his appreciation.

However, the Crown Prince felt that there was something different hidden in Ye Xiao’s words.

[Is it my illusion? Is it not? It possibly is.]

He felt something wrong about it, yet he still forced himself to think about the bright side. He would rather believe it was an illusion. If it was not, and what he had done was unmasked, the result would be an overpowering burden to him!