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Chapter 349: Framing

Chapter 349: Framing

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The guy held nothing in his hands. His black robe fluttered in the woods as he looked nearly a part of the night. His figure suddenly showed up in the dark night in the howling wind. It was like he changed the view of the surroundings into dark hell.

“Who’s there?” The guys thought he was familiar, but they just couldn’t recall.

“Heh, heh… Ah… Tut-tut…” The man in black laughed coldly and spoke with a sigh, “How poor. Who is that… Look how hard he is punched. How miserable. Look at his arms in pieces like lotus roots… Are you the Sunlight Sect going to produce lotus roots?”

And then he shook his head, saying, “We are all well educated men. Look, I… Hmm. I think of a couplet. Let’s play a game. If you give me a good answer, I… Hmm. You will get your rewards!”

And then he acted like he was thinking hard. He spoke with weird voice after shaking his head for a while, “Hmm, the first line is… What brings a love [1]? Ahahaha…”

He had just said the first line and he was already laughing wildly.

Apparently, he felt so good about humiliating these men of the Sunlight Sect.

“Crazy bastard!”

The guys only felt so furious as if their chests bursted!

[Where the hell did this bastard come from? His acts weird. He talks with sharp tongue. He speaks sarcastically to us. He is totally abusing us… What more shall we say to him?]

They were just humiliated by Wan of the Clouds, and the anger was still flaming in their chests, yet there came another one.

It was challenging their endurance!

[We can’t bear it anymore!

Look at how bloody miserable it is here. How dare you play your game to us?

What brings a lover?

It is definitely sarcasm. He is teasing about Mu Zizhu’s arms. He said his arm is like lotus roots…]

Ji Chengfeng’s face turned cold as he said, “Sir, you have superior capability. I guess you must be some well-known figure. Why are you covering your face and teasing us here at this night? Wouldn’t it damage your reputation as some master cultivator?”

The man in black laughed wickedly. “Reputation? What? Are you blind? Now you finally realize I am like a master cultivator to you? A master cultivator does things in his own way. I am making things easier by playing games with you. Didn’t you hear me? Things will be better for you if you can give me a good answer. What you should do now… is to give me the answer quickly. Why can’t you just take the god-given opportunity that I spare you. That is such waste. Don’t you think so, old man?”

“Opportunity your ass!” One of the guys couldn’t take it anymore as he spoke with anger.

He felt like he would definitely explode if he kept enduring it.

He jumped up with his sword flashing. He was determined to kill that man.

He couldn’t hold his anger anymore.

[What? Are you going to humiliate us more? One after another, is this ever going to an end?

We cannot mess with Wan of the Clouds. Fine. You are just a man who knows where you are from! How dare you!]

The man in black shouted with anger, “You Sunlight Sect people! You really don’t appreciate what’s good for you! What an opportunity! You blind bastards! You are just pieces of sh*t. I bring you opportunity with kind heart, but you don’t appreciate it. You don’t want to answer me. Fine. You dare to abuse me! And you actually try to kill me!”

“My first line is ‘what brings a lover’! You bunch of fools. You should give me the answer… ‘it needs no plum when there is almond’! Bastards! Don’t you sway your sword at me.”

While speaking, he acted like he was wronged. He was furious and he asked, “Can you even be reasonable!”

The sword was so close to him though.

He suddenly moved aside. He was flying in the air like he wasn’t real, all the while his black robe fluttered in the wind. He spoke wickedly, “I guess you decided to pick the hard way. One of you have just been beaten up and ended up like a lotus root. That is what you deserve. That it is! If I was the person who did that, I will tear you into pieces. You deserve no mercy!”

While he was speaking, he flew around. Suddenly, there came a flash of light, and then a sound. - Ting! -

The man who rushed over to him with the sword fell down to the floor.

When he touched the floor, he was already dead.

The guys were shocked!

They didn’t even see the man in black do anything, yet one them was down!

They had a closer look at the body and felt shocked.

The body was undamaged, except there was a red dot on his temple.

A tiny drop of blood it was.

It was bloody red!

It was an instant knock down with one strike!

This man in black was actually some extremely powerful cultivator?!

The man who died was at the second level of the Sky Origin Stage!

However, he died within instant, with no sound, no signs!

Ji Chengfeng looked at the red dot. While he looked at it, the anger in his chest was getting bigger. He looked up all of a sudden while staring at the man on the roof. He spoke word by word while gritting with his teeth, “Boundless Saint?!”

They had talked about who in the world used needles as his weapon.

Boundless Saint was their conclusion.

On that day, Boundless Saint showed up to prove that he never used poison on his needles by killing an innocent man.

After that, he shouted, “My needles never have poison!”

He was flying here and there that time, and he was also acting like a ghost!

He talked wickedly with a weird voice, and he could always enrage people.

What he had said was still resounding in their ears.

Now, a man who acted exactly like that showed up again.

The weird method was the same. The killing was the same.

The weapon was… also a needle!

The blood on the dead man’s temper was bright red. Apparently, the needle didn’t carry poison.

[No wonder he looks so familiar…

That is who his is!]

Suddenly, people who had seen the Boundless Saint the other day all recognized him. The guy in black now was Boundless Saint!

[Bastard! You come make more troubles against the Sunlight Sect while we are in trouble!]

[1] It must be hard for you to understand this. The raw for this line is 因何而得偶(what brings a lover), also refer to 因荷而得藕(lotus roots come from lotus). The perfect answer is 有幸不需媒人(it needs no matchmaker but only destiny), also refer to 有杏不需梅(it needs no plum when there is almond).