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Chapter 350: It Is You, as Expected

Chapter 350: It Is You, as Expected

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The man chuckled and said, “Poor Sunlight Sect. I am right about your blindness. You actually mistake me for the Boundless Saint. Hahahaha… How hilarious! You have eyes yet you are blind. Poor things.”

Ji Chengfeng blandly spoke, “Oh really? We mistake you for somebody else?”

The man in black spoke in a mirthless voice, “Absolutely! How could that Boundless Saint be in the same league with me. How can you be so sure that I am that guy!”

Ji Chengfeng blandly replied, “You don’t have to play your tricks on us. If you are not the Boundless Saint, there is a very simple way to prove it. I dare you wouldn’t do it though.”

The man in black sneered. “What way? How simple is it? You want me to take off my mask?”

Ji Chengfeng looked at the man in black with hatred and slowly spoke, “We have never seen the face of the Boundless Saint. Even if you take off your mask, we can’t recognize you either. I have a much easier way though. You just need to say something to us, and we will know whether you are Boundless Saint or not!”

“What should I say?”

“Well, it is…” Ji Chengfeng’s eyes were filled with taunt. “… Boundless Saint is a nasty son of a b*tch!”

The man in black stopped talking. His eyes were filled with intent of killing; that was scary.

It suddenly became so terrifying and depressing.

After a moment of silence, the man’s eyes became sharper and scarier. Ji Chengfeng knew that the man must be pissed. He hurriedly gathered energy in his body preparing for a fight, in case the man attacked.

However, he casually spoke, “What? You don’t feel like saying it? What a simple way to prove yourself. It is merely some words!”

The masked man in black suddenly laughed as he said, “Who do you think you are? Do you think you can tell me what to say? I won’t say it. What are you going to do about it?”

Ji Chengfeng nodded slowly and spoke word by word, “Whether you will say it or not, it is fine. Anyway, if you want to leave this place, it will be… very difficult!”

He waved his hand and fifteen superior cultivators of the Sunlight Sect made attacking gestures at the same time. They were surrounding the man already.

The man in black chuckled and said, “You ignorant people. You truly don’t know how big the world can be. I want to come, I come. I want to leave, I leave. Do you think you can stop me, with your bunch of useless guys?”

While he was talking, he slowly flew up. Apparently, he was preparing to leave.

Ji Chengfeng stared at him and blandly said, “It’s fine if you want to leave. I am just wondering why the Boundless Saint came to our place and humiliated us, even killed our man. Wouldn’t it be ignominious to just leave without any explanation?”

The man in black humphed and said, “I am just passing by and checking if anything interesting happened. I should have left after I saw it, but I thought you were so poor so I decided to give you an opportunity. I just didn’t know that you bunch of insensible fools would actually attack me. That is why I have to punish you. Now that things are done. I don’t want to be here with you anymore.

“One last thing. I am not the Boundless Saint. Ji Chengfeng, you are wrong. You made such irresponsible remarks. If people of the Boundless Lake hunt you down, it is you who caused it. Don’t blame me for that!”

Ji Chengfeng coldly smiled. “Should I say thank you for your advice!”

Another cultivator of the Sunlight Sect couldn’t take it anymore. He suddenly shouted, “Boundless Saint! You son of a b*tch! What now? You don’t dare to admit what you have done?”

The man in black shook as he turned around with vicious eyes. In the dark night, his eyes were like two sharp swords with cold light.

The cultivator laughed and said, “Sons of a b*tch like the Boundless Saint has always been shameless and sneaky flunky. Now that things are revealed, he actually doesn’t dare to admit his name. He truly is son of a b*tch!”

Ji Chengfeng asked the man in black to say “Boundless Saint is a son of a b*tch”, yet the man in black wouldn’t say it.

That seemed to be excusing himself, but actually accusing himself.

All of a sudden, the guys from the Sunlight Sect started to talk about “Boundless Saint is a son of a b*tch” all the time. It was catchy, and they spoke it loudly. They all felt it vented the anger in their chests.

They were literally abusing a master level cultivator in the world by calling him a son of a b*tch, yet he didn’t dare to retort… That was truly a cozy thing to do!

Besides, these men had just been humiliated, and they were filled with anger. Now that they had such a way to vent the anger. That was awesome!

They were getting more and more excited, so they talked louder and louder.

While they were cursing, they kept noticing the reaction of that world famous monster.

The flame of anger in the man’s eyes was getting stronger and stronger. It was full of killing!

Suddenly, it seemed he couldn’t bear it anymore because he shouted in a deep voice, “You shameless pricks! How dare you humiliate the Boundless Saint like this. Die, all of you, die!”

He waved his hands in the air.

Suddenly, countless cold sparks lit up in the darkness.

Under the dim light of the stars, there seemed to be endless streams of silver strings in the sky as they all flashed.

“Watch out! Flying needles!”

Ji Chengfeng shouted out when the needles were just out. He warned all his people to be careful.

At the same time, his sword glowed. He and his sword turned into a light pillar that shone in the dark. As he stroke his sword, he seemed to be pinned in the air. He then disappeared in the light pillar. It was like a shining dragon appearing in the night sky, moving fast towards the man in black on the roof with compelling vigor!

- Tang, tang, tang… -

Countless needles were hit off.

Those guys of the Sunlight Sect were all superior cultivators. They were surprised but didn’t panic when they faced the flying needles in the sky. They worked together and became sword lights here and there, hitting off one needle after another.

However, the needle rain was too dense, and two of them were hit by the needles. They were both hit on the arms. When the needles got into their arms, they seemed to be still alive. However, the needles stabbed into the arms and then kept drilling in. Suddenly, the two of them were stricken by extreme pain. They didn’t take any reckless moves though. They just operated their martial art to seal the needles, and then they used their own spiritual power to stop the needles and then cut the skin on their arms to pull the needles out. They had just seen the needles when they shouted in anger, “Boundless Saint! As expected!”