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Chapter 351: Lost His Mind

Chapter 351: Lost His Mind

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In fact, the man in black had moved away for no less than three hundred meters!

While the needles flew out, he had already moved out a hundred meters away with an extremely beautiful movement!

That was an extremely fast move within seconds.

Before the guys clearly saw what he did, he was already gone far. Seconds after, they could only see a dark dot in the sky. Another second after, they could see nothing in the sky at all. He was totally gone.

Because of that, Ji Chengfeng’s strike hit empty air after he gathered the energy for such a long time.

There was actually such an extremely fast moving method.

The light pillar shook in the sky as it suddenly turned over. Ji Chengfeng shouted with hatred, “Boundless Saint! Where did you go!”

Apparently, Ji Chengfeng didn’t want this to end like this. With the power of the mergence of him and his sword, he moved fast like a shooting star in the sky!

Ji Chengfeng was no better than that man in black on flying art, but he was now in the human-sword mergence mode. He used all the energy of it into speed. He could move times faster than he was capable of, so he actually was catching up with the man in black. Among the people of the Sunlight Sect, he was the only one who could manage to do it!

Ji Chengfeng had operated the human-sword mergence and he used the energy of it into speeding up himself. He thought that he could absolutely catch up with the man in black. Even though the man in black seemed to be extraordinarily powerful and he couldn’t defeat him, there were lots of his men coming after. As long as he could slow down the man in black, when his people arrived, they could make an attack together. No matter how powerful that man in black was, and no matter how fast he was, he would be killed right there!

That was Ji Chengfeng’s sweet plan. However, the man in black had his own thoughts. He would never let Ji Chengfeng’s plan happen!

The man in black saw Ji Chengfeng actually got behind him. He was shocked, but that was all he felt. He then stroked his arms and moved forward faster. - Shoot! - He was boosting up. He was just like a sharp dark arrow shooting in the sky. While he was moving, he said, “Ji Chengfeng! You and you dogs in the Sunlight Sect will regret this! Like I said, I am not the Boundless Saint! You abused him like that. You will get what you deserve!”

As for now, he was still denying it!

He wasn’t just denying it, he was even threatening him!

[What the hell is it?]

Ji Chengfeng was so exasperated that he nearly spat blood.

He realized that the man in black was able to boost up his speed, so he didn’t dare to slack off. He didn’t dare to talk either. Now he was trying to keep the speed by operating the energy from the human-sword mergence. If he opened his mouth, he would vent the spiritual qi, and if so, he wouldn’t be able to catch up with that man. So he held it and kept chasing.

The other cultivators of Sunlight Sect were all after him trying their best.

The guys were divided into several groups because of their speeds. Ji Chengfeng was the first group, right after the man in black. The other eight cultivators were the second, as they moved faster. The rest were the third, as they move slow!

All of a sudden, there were many streams of blue lights in the sky that nearly lit up the entire sky in the night!

It showed everyone in the world that there were some Sky Origin Stage cultivators fighting in the sky!

In this mortal world, the Land of Han-Yang, let alone in a kingdom, it was nearly impossible to see so many Sky Origin Stage cultivators fighting at the same time!

That was some marvelous scene truly!

In this chasing game, most of the guys couldn’t manage to catch up to the man in black. Ji Chengfeng was the only one who stayed close to him, as he had the energy that was from the human-sword mergence.

They were just a hundred meters away from each other!

During the chasing, the man in black had changed many gestures of flying, and had also changed many routes. However, Ji Chengfeng just didn’t give up. He kept the energy running inside him and didn’t get left behind a bit!

The guys behind him were much slower, but they kept going to the point where the light pillar shined. They didn’t need to tell the directions. All they had to do was to follow that light pillar. As long as Ji Chengfeng didn’t lose the target, the others would eventually get to them. It was just a matter of time.

The men of the Sunlight Sect could catch up with the man in black, and Ji Chengfeng was quite close to him all the time. In had been just a few minutes when they already left the eastern part of the city, and they were about to get into the center of the Chen-Xing City.

If they went a little bit north, they would reach the royal house.

The chasing had drawn many attentions.

It was a difficult thing not to notice some Sky Origin Stage cultivators fighting in the sky after all.

The man in black found that those men were so determined, so he gritted with his teeth and shouted, “Ji Chengfeng, you idiot! I told you I am not him! Why the f*ck do you keep chasing me!”

Ji Chengfeng knew that he was trying to get him talking.

If he talked, the spiritual qi he kept in his dantian would get away.

That would remove the human-sword mergence from him right away.

If he opened his mouth, he would never be able to catch up with the man, as he was the powerful sneaky Boundless Saint!

That was a sure thing.

Thus, he kept his mouth shut tight, making no sound at all. He forcibly kept himself in the human-sword mergence mode and kept moving!

In fact, he was astonished.

[So he is powerful, the Boundless Saint!

I have merged myself with my sword and I used all the energy in boosting myself. I should be twice faster than I can be. Even so, I still cannot really make it any closer to him, let alone catching up with him!

I am afraid I truly am not his match.

They call him the world’s most terrifying demon lord. That is no exaggerated words!]

In fact, if it was in normal days, Ji Chengfeng would have stopped long ago. He wouldn’t dare to chase up anymore.

Because even if he caught up, it would be a tough fight for him. He really had no better odds to win the fight. Just looking at how good the man in black was in flying, Ji Chengfeng knew he shouldn’t be confident about fighting him.

However, now he had lost his mind already.