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Chapter 352: Curse You

Chapter 352: Curse You

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First they got humiliated in the auction, and then they were kicked by Wan of the Clouds. Ji Chengfen felt that he was nearly exploded with anger.

Unexpectedly, this Boundless Saint got to them. They were humiliated again!

Ji Chengfeng felt that it would be easier to just kill himself than accept it!

It would be much faster and better!

[We can’t mess with the House of the Chaotic Storms. Fine. Can’t we fight back against you, the Boundless Lake then?]

Boundless Lake was the top terrifying killing force in the world—an assassination organization. They were strong, and it would be tough to fight them.

In normal times, Sunlight Sect would never dare to fight them like this.

However, it was a special situation though. The guys of the Sunlight Sect were all provoked, so they were determined for it!

They didn’t care whether it would be easy or tough anymore. They thought the Sunlight Sect had the power, so they fought!

Staring at the figures flying in front, Ji Chengfeng had one thought in mind.

[You go up, I will follow you to the heaven! You go down, I will follow you to the bottom of the ocean! Wherever you go, I won’t give up!]

The man in black shouted while he moved, “Stop, you bastard… I told you. You are mistaking me…”

Ji Chengfeng was pissed!

[You are the world’s demon lord. You rule the world, yet you actually act like this. Can’t you just admit what you have done?

I truly look down upon you on this!]

He felt furious and he got bold. While he prepared to boost up again, suddenly, the roof of a house collapsed. - Boom. - The man in black disappeared along with it.

Ji Chengfeng knew that things went wrong. He couldn’t stop the boosting power from the human-sword mergence, since he had put all the energy into his speed. It was difficult to stop. He flew pass the house like lightning. He hurriedly stopped the human-sword mergence, went through the collapsed roof, and discovered a crossroads of two alleys.

The alleys were connected to all east, west, north and south—the four directions. The alleys were empty.

He couldn’t tell where the man in black went.

He actually lost him here!

Ji Chengfeng was an experienced man after all. He had a quick reaction. He shouted and then his blue sword light erupted to the sky. He had been standing in the air of sixty meters height. He stayed still and looked down to the ground. Apparently, he was trying to find the trace of the man in black.

It was the best way to do so under such circumstances. No matter where the man in black went, he wouldn’t be able to get out of his sight within such a short time.

However, all he could see was empty places. It was silent everywhere. There wasn’t even a mouse, let alone any people.

The night was dark and silent.

The empty street was full of light fog, like it was the path to hell.

It was full of terror.

At this moment, sounds of clothes flicking the air came after him. The guys of the Sunlight Sect arrived.

A man just sneered on them, looked down upon them, humiliated them, and even killed one of their Sky Origin Stage cultivator, yet they lost the man after chasing him for such a long time!

Sweat came down from Ji Chengfeng’s forehead as his eyes became sharp. He looked around. He was not resigned to the reality. His right hand held the sword tight as his entire body was covered by killing intent!

After a while, he was eventually convinced. He had lost the trace of the man in black. He felt the flame of anger was raging in his chest, so he shouted to the sky, “Boundless Saint! Come out! Come out!!”

The shout was like a thunder that everybody within a dozen miles heard it!

Ji Chengfeng looked around. It was still silent. Apparently, the man in black would never show up to him again.

After a long time, Ji Chengfeng held a breath from his dantian and spoke with spiritual qi, “What? Boundless Saint, you are too scared to come out?”

“You are such a coward?”

He shouted for the last time with his last stream of strength!

It sounded like endless thunders striking the sky. It was much louder than the first shout!

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! - The guys of the Sunlight Sect all landed beside him.

They looked at each other and knew that they had lost the target!

[No wonder the Elder is so angry. He actually shocked the world, regardless of his own dignity, to force the Boundless Saint to show up again!]

A man among them hated the Boundless Saint and he had bad temper, so he started to curse, “Boundless Saint, you son of a b*tch! Come out! World’s demon lord my ass! You are just a coward! Pathetic! Son of a b*tch Boundless Saint! You don’t even dare to come fight us! You motherf*cker! You better got guts son of a b*tch!”

It exactly started the farce.

Suddenly, several of the others started to curse loudly.

“Son of a b*tch Boundless Saint! Come on out!”

“Boundless Saint, you son of a b*tch! Are you coming out or not!”

“Are you too afraid to show yourself, Boundless Saint the son of a b*tch? You don’t want to show up? Fine. I will make you do! You f*cking shameless dog!”

“You son of a b*tch, Boundless Saint. Well, he doesn’t dare to show up. Coward he is! It is humiliating b*tches to call him son of a b*tch. Would a b*tch even want to have a son like him?”

“That doesn’t make sense, does it? Boundless Saint is a f*cking dog. Dogs are bold. He shouldn’t be so cowardly.”

“No, no, no. His mother might be a dog, but he is actually a son of a b*tch. B*tches are cowardly, that’s why he is a coward too! That is why he doesn’t dare to show up!”

“Well this son of a b*tch Boundless Saint is a bastard then?!”

“You are damn right! He is son of the dog and the b*tch!”

“Boundless Saint you son of a b*tch. You are worse than a bastard! Come on out you!”

Over a dozen Sky Origin Stage cultivators were cursing at the same time. What a scene!

How extraordinary!

They wanted the Boundless Saint to hear it, so they all shouted with spiritual qi in dantian. When they shouted, every sound they made could spread ten miles away. That really shocked the Chen-Xing City!

All of a sudden, the center of the Chen-Xing City was like a food market that was run by some Sky Origin Stage cultivators. Their sounds came one wave after another as it spread to the entire city!

It was quite close to the royal house as mentioned earlier.

The king in the royal house also heard the cursing at the moment!