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Chapter 353: Curse

Chapter 353: Curse

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The king was certainly displeased; it was quite annoying to be disrupted when sleeping. He then noticed that the sound came from somebody that the royal power could not control. He looked more carefully and found many Sky Origin Stage cultivators shouting in the sky, and some of them were even glowing dark blue light that was like ocean. They were grandmaster level cultivators of the Sky Origin Stage!

[Their martial arts are so similar to each other, so they should be in the same sect. There is actually such a powerful sect in the world?!]

The king was angry, but he could only bear it, as he knew they had overwhelming power to him.

In the Kingdom of Chen, the king was the one who held absolute power. However, when he faced with some super power, he was just like ordinary people. At the moment. the guys were the super powers that he didn’t want to face!

Those men were apparently crazy. They completely went mad, otherwise, they wouldn’t be shouting and hanging around the royal house. The king wondered what made them so.

If he went to interrupt them, they might vent their anger at the royal house…

Then the royal house might be ruined. Even not entirely, at least a huge part of it!

Destroying the buildings was fine, but as for the lives it would take... The king had given too much to recruit his Sky Origin Stage cultivators. He just couldn’t let them die in it!

That would be such a severe consequence.

Most importantly, the king knew that even if all his martial forces fought together, they could barely defeat those men!

Thus, although the king was so furious that his face turned green, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t suppress the anger in his chest.

He kept cursing in his mind, [Son of a bxtch the Boundless Saint! You have made such a big trouble, and you drew it to my place! You could just go to any other place. I don’t care. What a son of a bxtch! Those men do not call him wrong! I want to go out and shout at him! I want to call him son of a bxtch loudly. Fxcking prick…]

At the moment, there were many people who gathered to see it. Most of them were superior cultivators in the martial world!

They heard the noise, and they just looked at it. They didn’t dare to get any closer too.

It was quite far away, but it was clearly heard. They heard those men cursing and felt curious, also hilarious. They just couldn’t stop laughing.

The Boundless Saint was known as the No. 1 demon lord. Everybody knew it. Nobody dared to mess with him face to face.

Let alone to curse him loudly in front of the public.

The language they were using was rough, and they made it too broad.

However, it was quite delightful to watch a bunch of Sky Origin Stage cultivators in a cursing fight.

Some experienced men who had seen a lot actually recognized some of those men.

“What the hell! Aren’t they people of the Sunlight Sect? Isn’t it Ji Chengfeng there? Oh…”

“That’s right. They are.”

“What is going on? How did the Boundless Saint mess with the Sunlight Sect? Why do they have to keep cursing him? They should be in a rather gentle relation. How come they got into such a fight’?”

“It is quite a strange situation, but at the same time, it is quite normal. Think about it. There is no other sect who dares to curse the Boundless Saint like this in the world, except the Sunlight Sect.”

“There must be something behind this. It should be something serious…”

“Look at the Sunlight Sect people. They act like their ancestors’ tombs were dug out…”

“Maybe the Boundless Saint took someone’s wife…”

“Hmm. Maybe… Well, it is very possible!”

“Well, while those kind of men are fighting, we moral people should better step far away enough. Safety first…”

“Absolutely. Safety first.”

They talked and talked, and they moved a bit further for real, however, no one would like to leave. [Are you kidding? It is very possible that this the only chance I have in my entire life to see this. Wouldn’t it be too much a shame to leave?]

“Shut up! All of you!”

At this moment, a vicious and ghostly voice sounded with flaming anger in it.

It came right from the House of Zuo, which was beside the royal house.

A dark shadow came up. A man in black robes, with black clothes covering his face, showed his cold and ruthless eyes in the sky. He was like an illusion, but he was definitely real.

He was flying closer to the people of Sunlight Sect.

His eyes looked like there were fire burning as he spoke coldly, “Ji Chengfeng, you Sunlight Sect really have balls! How daring you are…”

When the real Boundless Saint finally showed himself, the fake one didn’t really feel so good about it though. He was suffering extreme mental pain, but it wasn’t because of self-reproach. It was…

Ye Xiao was hidden in a corner with his back on the wall. He tried so hard to keep himself in the shadow, and he felt like his heart was beating out from his mouth.

He wasn’t feeling bad about what he did though. He was just tired!

He was exhausted!

How could he not be. Ye Xiao was just at the junior levels of the Sky Origin Stage. He was chased by over a dozen Sky Origin Stage cultivators, with some of them in the master ninth level, and he had to act like he was dealing with it casually…

That was certainly some exhausting thing to do!

In fact, he was moving quite fast, like wind and lightning, because of his One Laughter in Skyline. He was absolutely faster than those men of the Sunlight Sect, and he could be moving in a beautiful way.

That was why Ye Xiao was so confident about it. Only Ye Xiao could complete such mission. Ning Biluo might be stronger than him in cultivation, but he was never better than Ye Xiao in acting like the Boundless Saint.

Not everyone could use needles.

It wasn’t quite following his plan though. Ye Xiao had gone too far in teasing those men. He did make them angry, as planned, but he also made them chase him like crazy. Ji Chengfeng actually operated his human-sword mergence, and he even used all his energy on that. He was moving twice faster than he should be.

Ye Xiao was better than all of them in flying martial art, but he was not twice better than them. As Ji Chengfeng burst into a fast mode, Ye Xiao wasn’t in advantage anymore. The distance between them would only get closer and closer.

Ye Xiao made a quick decision at that moment. He operated all the cultivation power and also the spiritual qi from the Boundless Space to boost himself. It forcibly boosted him so that he could keep the distance with Ji Chengfeng.