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Chapter 354: Depressed Boundless Saint

Chapter 354: Depressed Boundless Saint

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During the chase, Ye Xiao seemed to have the upper hand. It seemed he was dealing with it leisurely. He even made sounds to disrupt the enemies, and he looked so confident.

Nobody knew that while he was doing those things, he was using up all his power!

When he finally rushed to the royal house, he was totally exhausted. He could only find a place to hide himself as soon as he could.

After the death race, he clearly felt the difference between the third level and the ninth level of the Sky Origin Stage!

When he operated the One Laughter in Skyline, he felt so proud, but never knew that he would be pushed into such an embarrassing situation!

That was unbelievable!

It was three times the usual speed!

Ye Xiao had planned to take them again when he got further away, but he ended being chased so close that he didn’t even have time to look back on them.

He was thinking about flying further and rushing into the House of Zuo. That would be a perfect ending to his mission.

However, he couldn’t make it anymore.

In the dark corner, Ye Xiao tried his best to suppress his heartbeat and his breath. Terrible feeling kept rising up on him like tides.

He wanted to cough and take a deep breath, and he also wanted to sit on the ground…

His legs were shaking and he couldn’t help it. Blood was rushing up to his brain as he felt a little dizzy. He was still standing still there.

Even though his heart was beating wildly, his breath was gentle, soft and flat.

[That was so close. It has gone way beyond my plan…] Ye Xiao thought, [But it is also fine to make it here. The Boundless Saint should be able to hear them, right? Listen to their shouts. I don’t think he will just let them shout!]

When he heard that creepy voice sound up, he finally felt relieved.

He nearly fainted. [My god! Finally done!

It finally succeeded!

I can be relieved now.

The Boundless Saint showed up already. All that I did, being chased like that, running like crazy while risking my life, it is not in vain.]

The Boundless Saint was filled with anger and depression at the moment, and nobody knew it. His emotions gathered along and became like an erupting volcano.

There was actually such a thing in the world!




What was it then?

The Boundless Saint was enjoying his leisure moment while hiding in the House of Zuo. He invited his two assistants to join him with drinks.

As an assassin, especially a top-class one, it was extravagant to have a drink.

Assassins had to stay sober all the time. They could not even have a little bit of emotional fluctuation in mind, as it might lead to their failure in missions. They might even lose their lives in the failure! It might cause them to make a mistake in the blink of an eye.

Alcohol was the reason to many mistakes.

It would be boring if one didn’t get drunk when drinking. It was the feeling of daze that excited people.

However, to get drunk was the same as to get oneself killed for assassins!

But life without drinks was boring.

The assassins in the Boundless Lake were all eager for drinks because they had been restrained strictly from it by the Boundless Lake. Boundless Saint set a rule that everybody could only enjoy drinks for no more than one time in a year!

Moreover, whoever stayed together couldn’t all get drunk!

That meant if three of them went for drinks and they all hadn’t used the chance yet, only two of them could be drunk, while the other should be sober to guard them.

No one was beyond the rule.

Whoever violated it died!

No excuses; no mercy!

At this night, the Boundless Saint thought that there was nothing to be minded. Things would only happen after three days, or even seven days.

He was quite sure there was nothing to worry about. He was staying in the most prosperous city in the world, Chen-Xing City, so he felt like to have a couple of drinks.

So he discussed with the assassins who came along with him: “Maybe we should use the only chance to drink in this place? We can have some good drinks and adjust our emotional status, also to prepare ourselves for the busy times to come several days later.”

Who would say no to the Boundless Saint’s suggestion? Besides, it was quite an attractive plan.

Those assassins had been thirsty for drinks for a long time. They dribbled when they heard the word. They nodded and the dribbles on the mouths were swinging. It was such a wonderful thing to do to get drunk in this prosperous place.

After a long time of discussion and fights of word, under the pressure of powers, there were two of the seven assassins who could use their chances to drink with the Boundless Saint.

The five assassins who couldn’t make it were annoyed. [Why do we have to just watch? What a chance to drink! Isn’t it alright to just have one person staying awake?]

The Boundless Saint burst in anger because of such an idea, “It is a special period of time! We are in the Chen-Xing City! We have a mission to complete!”

Special plan in special time!

It was necessary to have five of them staying awake.

Under the depressed eyes of the five assassins, the lucky other two and the Boundless Saint were enjoying the food and the drinks on the table. It was quite a feast. There were over a dozen dishes on the table. The man who went to buy drinks actually brought thirty jars of liquor!

It was five kilogram in one jar!

That was one hundred and fifty kilograms of Maiden Red that was sixty years old!

It was the best liquor that could be found in the market in the city!

Each jar was sold in a price of three thousand taels! No bargaining was accepted!

The sixty years quality of the Maiden Red was no ordinary thing. There was five kilogram in the jar, but in fact, most of the liquor was in paste. That was the distillate of the liquor. It was rather precious. It made people drunk by only a smell of it. It should be blended with water before anybody drank it. Other than the Maiden Red paste, there was also a tiny bit of Maiden Red liquid. That was even beyond the paste. Ordinary people could get themselves killed by tasting it. To blend it with water was not enough. It should be blended with other kinds of liquor so that it could be neutralized.

The culture of liquor only existed for ordinary people though. For Boundless Saint and his assistants, or other people who were around their levels, it barely meant anything.