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Chapter 355: Absolutely Irreconcilable!

Chapter 355: Absolutely Irreconcilable!

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When the liquor of the Maiden Red was poured out from the jar, it wasn’t a lot, but it was extremely dense. The color was like amber, charming and pretty. When the liquor was poured into the bowls, the aroma was lingering around the air and spreading away.

It seemed like the entire city was drunk at this night…

The other five assassins just sat outside the door. They kept sniffing.

They made sounds.

They could feel themselves out of control because of the thirst when they just smelled the aroma.

They couldn’t drink, yet they had to stand there smelling it. It was such a supreme quality liquor. That was an extreme torture to them!

The Boundless Saint was in a good mood that he hadn’t have for a long time. He had a couple of drinks and the taste was still lingering in his mouth. He felt like walking on air. He felt himself a few years younger, and the world seemed to be better for him. It was absolutely some hard-earned emotion for an assassin!

That was why he enjoyed it very much.

Even though he was the leader of his people, he had to set himself an example to others. That was why he cherished the only chance that he had in a year. He drank a lot and was immersed in the pleasure.

He was chilled.

He was happy.

He was… comfortable…

While he was just enjoying it, suddenly ,somebody kept shouting outside with a world-shocking voice, “Boundless Saint! Come out! You come out!”

Boundless Saint and his assassins were stunned when they heard that voice!

[What happened?

What is it?

I am having my drinks here. I don’t remember I have messed with anybody. Why would he call my name…]

Before he could realize what was going on, the shout sounded again, “What? Boundless Saint, you are too scared to show yourself?”

“You just cannot take responsibility for what you have done?”

Boundless Saint knew that something went wrong.

But he just didn’t want to go out.

[Who do you think I am? Should I just go out there because you tell me to?

I am having a good time today. I don’t want to ruin it…]

So he just sat still.

It was not a normal thing that the Boundless Saint wanted to patch up a quarrel by bearing the anger.

It was true that he didn’t want to show himself or mess with anybody at the moment, but those guys didn’t share the same opinion.

A voice sounded, “Boundless Saint! You son of a bxtch!”

When that word came out, the eight top assassins, including Boundless Saint himself, all emitted flames of anger through their eyes at the same time!

The overwhelming aura of killing!

[What the hell! For all these years, this is the first time somebody called me with such terrible words!]

However, soon they would know that this was not the most terrible one.

What happened next was that they continued the cursing with more and more terrible words. There were more than one of them cursing at the same time. The sound was shocking the night sky.

“Boundless Saint is the son of a bxtch!”

Everybody in the capital knew about it now. It kept lingering around people’s ears without stop…

Boundless Saint was furious!

[What the fxck!

I only have this very day to enjoy a happy moment!

I am staying so quietly having drinks. Finally, I am not killing or on the way to kill anybody. Why would this bunch of bastards keep calling me with those terrible words?!

What wrong have I done to you? Why would you curse me like that?]

Boundless Saint kicked away the table and hurriedly rushed out!

He had made up his mind!

No matter who it was, whoever dared to curse him like this would have his most excruciating punishment!

[After this insult, if I don’t show up and put an end to it, wouldn’t I be laughed by everyone in the world? If I don’t kill all these bastards, how can we, the Boundless Lake, be walking in the martial world?

How can we still be respected in the martial world?]

- Shoot! - He rushed out. The next moment, his robe was fluttered in the air as he stood in the sky. He rapidly flew forward for hundreds meters, and then he saw those people who were lively cursing.

He barely thought before he rushed over to them.

If he didn’t drink anything, he might be watching them in the dark and then making a surprise attack. However, he had drunk a few cups of quality Maiden Red at the moment, so he felt that he was invincible now. How could he let others curse him like this?

He rushed to the crowd and stayed behind them. He spoke with vicious voice.

The depressed anger was no longer suppressed.

Ji Chengfeng turned around and looked at Boundless Saint again. He smiled with disdain. “What? Have you gone mad now? Can’t bear it anymore, can you? Why not just keep being a coward? Aren’t you just enjoying it? Finally showing your coward head now, ei?”

Boundless Saint took in a deep breath and he suddenly shouted.

The shout even shocked the sky!

- Boom! -

The next moment, he spoke with a dark face, “Sunlight Sect is indeed a great sect. Look how many superior cultivators you have. You are so powerful. Heh, heh… Maybe my Boundless Lake is just too small to be respected in your eyes?”

He spoke word by word, “You curse me so flagrantly in front of the world. What do you, Sunlight Sect, want exactly? Challenge? Insult?”

Ji Chengfeng blandly spoke, “Boundless Saint, just cut the crap. I don’t care if you would show up again tonight or not. I don’t care if you want to be a coward all your life. We will never let you go!”

Boundless Saint spoke in a wicked voice, “Hmm? So you people of Sunlight Sect are all so eager to die?”

A man of the Sunlight Sect shouted, “Boundless Saint! You son of a bxtch! Curse you? Yes, I did. So what? Why don’t you just keep being a coward like you did? Did your dirty mum encourage you? Hahahaha… I think I was right. You must have the guts from a dog! That is why you are so fearless now. Aren’t you? Hahaha…”

People beside him laughed along with him. “So he is. Hahahaha…”

Sunlight Sect never truly respected assassination associations like the Boundless Lake, as they thought sects like them were the only decent forces. What happened tonight had driven them mad already. Whatever came out of their mouths wouldn’t be anything good.

Things were clear to them. They never thought that there was anything that needed to be explained!

Boundless Saint was filled with anger this moment. What had happened was somebody cursing him behind his back, yet now they were cursing him face to face. There was no room for negotiation anymore.

Nobody said anything about the reason; they just kept saying terrible words to hurt each other since the two sides met. Now they were doomed to be enemies!