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Chapter 356: Dead End!

Chapter 356: Dead End!

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Boundless Saint was furious. He wickedly smiled and then he quickly moved aside. - Boom! - The entire place was filled with sorrow and horror. Endless dense fog rose up from all sides before it suddenly covered the entire sky!

The fog spread away. It was growing. Everything inside the fog looked like hell all of a sudden. Boundless Saint entered the fog quickly while he was laughing, leaving no trace behind.

His voice obscurely resounded, “You all want to die, don’t you? Let me help you. Come get me…”

Ji Chengfeng felt that things must have gone wrong.

When Boundless Saint disappeared in the fog, Ji Chengfeng smelled alcohol.

It was the smell of some old Maiden Red!

He had been with the man in black for just a while, but he remembered that there was no smell of alcohol in that man in black!

However, this man carried the smell of Maiden Red!

He thought about it and realized that what this man was doing now was exactly how the Boundless Saint he knew would do! Especially the fog…

[Would it be… a mistake?

Have we been set up?]

Ji Chengfeng had such a thought. It went through his mind for an instant, but he already figured out what the truth really was. At this moment, his face turned dark.

[If it truly is a mistake, if we made such a mistake, this is going to be real nasty for us!

We are messing with a super powerful figure at the moment. We are making him an enemy to us. He is not an easy one to defeat. Even if we do take him down, we would be severely wounded for sure! That is just a bigger loss!

What is all this for? What a stupid loss we are having!]

Thinking about this, Ji Chengfeng hurriedly shouted, “Boundless Saint, please stop! We Sunlight Sect never do sneaky things. We have to put things clear. There are reason for what we are doing now. I have thought about it and I found things might be wrong. There might be a mistake between us. If we fight against each other because of a mistake, it won’t be a good thing for both of us!”

Boundless Saint’s voice came over from the fog, “Mistake? What mistake? I mistake you for a bunch of motherfxckers? You insulted me in front of the world. You did it. Yet now you are telling me it is a mistake? Does it look like a mistake to you really?”

He made a harsh laugh and said, “Look. If you don’t dare to come and get me, I am going to kill you now. Why don’t you go discuss about the mistake when you’re all together in the hell!”

Suddenly, killing intent rushed up to the sky.

In that spreading mass of fog, the figure of Boundless Saint showed up here and there indistinctly. He really was like a ghost. While the fog spread, it covered a bigger and bigger area, and it also turned denser and denser. It felt like no end of it. The superior cultivators who had been watching this could no longer see through it.

If they stayed where they were, they would be covered soon!

Cold lights flashed; needle rain everywhere.

Boundless Saint had made his strike. He was determined to kill!

The sixteen cultivators of the Sunlight Sect shouted together and defended together! And they fought back!

Not far from them, there were seven shadows rushing into the fog like ghost with lightnings. They were so quiet. They were like swords hidden in the fog. They stroke silently, with sharp aura of killing!

There were one saint master, two saint vice-masters and five golden label assassins striking at the same time!

The fight began!

It was just within a second, and the two sides were already in a drastic fight!

At this moment, no explanation was needed.

Even if they knew there was a mistake, even if they knew somebody had set those guys up, it wouldn’t stop the fight. They were determined to kill!

Sunlight Sect couldn’t bear the insult, nor could the Boundless Lake!

It was the head of the Boundless Lake, the Boundless Saint himself who was insulted!


So what?

They were now in opposite positions. All they could do was to fight!

Maybe it would only end when either side all died!

Even though it was a mistake, it could only be clarified by death and blood now!

Suddenly, endless blue lights lit up the firmament. The Sky Origin Stage cultivators of both sides all operated their extreme power to kill in the fight!

Ji Chengfeng sighed. All he could do was to spirit up and fight!

Words were useless at the moment.

In a corner far from the battle, hidden in the shadows, Ye Xiao was watching the fight among those top cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang. He couldn’t help sighing. It was really a wonderful scene.

“They are indeed the top cultivators in the world… Amazing… Look how they fight. So powerful… Superior cultivators are different. They just don’t like talking. I like these cultivators who only follow the rule of power. Whoever has the stronger fist speaks louder…”

“Oh, I really want to go on watching them. I wonder who would win this battle. But I have something to do. It is more important. I have to leave… What a shame… I am going miss this great fight…”

He sighed while shaking his head, and then he vanished in the dark…

When the fight was just started.

Something was happening in the Qing-Yun Hostel.

There were over six hundred people gathered together from the five noble clans.

They were all in a worried look.

Things were bad for them.

They got the supreme dan beads for sure, but they couldn’t leave now.

They were watched by the two great sects. They just didn’t dare to do anything.

Whoever recklessly left the city would become the target. They would be taken down as a sample.

In fact, the five noble clans had sent several men out the city the day before. However, they died after only ten miles away from the city. That was clear…

The two great sects didn’t even allow anybody to leave, not even without the dan beads!

They were apparently trying to vent the anger they got from being insulted by the House of the Chaotic Storms!

They also wanted to get the supreme dan beads that they couldn’t have in the auction.

They wanted to get the supreme dan beads without spending a penny, and others would get killed because of it.

That was so unreasonable!

Whoever had the bigger fist talked louder. That was what the world was like. The House of the Chaotic Storms had the biggest fist, so the two great sects could only bow to them. Same thing how the noble clans had smaller fist than the two great sects, so they could only obey them!