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Chapter 360: Who Are You?

Chapter 360: Who Are You?

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"As long as these dan beads can be taken back to our clans, it is worth all sacrifice!"

"Because that means our clans finally have hopes again! The hope for us rising again! We won’t need to bow to any sects in the world!"

Long Tianyun’s eyes lit up. He spoke word by word.

Everybody was silent after his words.

It was technically a practical plan.

However, a group of them have to face the two great sects.

They would have to be tortured and humiliated. They would suffer great pains!

Even though they wouldn’t say anything and the two great sects couldn’t get any answer from them, they would be killed for sure!

They would definitely get killed!

Furthermore, there must be some important figures of these clans to be in that group. They were all superior cultivators!

Otherwise, they would fail to draw any attention of the two great sects!

These superior cultivators should be conspicuous. It would absolutely not be easy for them to hide!

The sacrifice of these men was the only way out!

Nobody talked in the room. Some of them looked at here and looked at there.

Obviously, no one would like to die. Everybody wanted to be the one that stayed alive if possible…

Even though it would be a tough life, it was still life.

Who wouldn’t want to live?

Surely none!

Nobody wanted to die, especially when they knew they could live.

Even those who knew that they were not good at hiding, they were still hoping to be in the "alive" group.

That was the same in everyone’s mind!

"Why do you all hesitate… This is the only possible way to save our clans’ future." Long Tianyun bitterly smiled and said, "Let me make it clear then. All of you, you can give up your sneaky thoughts now. I can assure you that whoever is here with me now is absolutely on the death list of the two great sects… So, none of us can be in the ‘alive’ group!"

"Only those who had never shown themselves in the auction are able to!"

Long Tianyun looked around at everybody’s face with calmness in his eyes. He solemnly said, "Every selfish thought can damage our plan. It is our only way… I hope. You can make your decision quickly and make the arrangement before it is too late…"

He laughed with a hoarse voice. "Guys, we are in the same generation. We have fought against each other for many times. Now we are on the way to hell together. It is somehow a lucky thing to do."

He said it like it was a joke, but nobody laughed.

Whoever could still laugh must be without hearts!

In the room, it became sad and solemn.

Long Tianyun was being honest; he was telling the truth!

He was known as the wisest man in the eight noble clans, the clan master of the Long Clan. What he said now was simply the truth!

Nobody doubted it. Nobody would deny it!

They all have their own thoughts in mind. Everyone kept thinking about who could be the one that would survive for his clan… They knew they would all die except the chosen ones.

As they had such thought, they actually felt hope about it. Suddenly, they felt less fearful for death.

When a man thought through the difficulty in front of him, he would be scared of nothing. At least, they had hopes now. They would leave the seeds for their clans!

At this moment, a cold voice sounded, "Well… It is a practical way indeed. But… Now that I know it. Is it still practical?"

They were shocked, because this voice was so strange to them!

They quickly looked at each other and had a conclusion in mind. This voice belonged to someone who was not in the eight noble clans.

In other words, that was a stranger!

The clans were having secret meeting discussing about a way to lead them to a bright future. They had set a rigorous defense line around the place. Lots of superior cultivators were guarding this place, and it wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say that even water couldn’t flow into it and even flies couldn’t get near them. However, a man sneaked in and he had been listening to them for the whole time. If he didn’t say those words himself, nobody would notice him!

The biggest problem was that this man knew about their most important plan now!

"Who is it?" Long Yuntian had a fierce expression as he shouted.


The tough wooden door suddenly exploded. A man in black with mask on his face stood at the door like a spear. His eyes were cold. He looked at them and blandly said, "The clan master of the Long Clan surely is a wise man. You are indeed man with plans. You live at the present, yet you have planned the thousand year future of your clan. I was listening to it outside the door. To be honest, I am quite impressed. It truly is a good plan! Bravo!"

He sounded very strange. His voice was hoarse. Apparently, he had changed his voice so as to not let anyone to recognize him him.

Long Tianyun’s eyes were filled with anger as he stared at this man in black. He held his hand up to stop his people from taking any reckless moves.

He was a wise man. He always got to know the enemy before any fights. Others thought that they had to kill this man—in case he leaked their secret plan to the great sects—however, Long Tianyun had thought much deeper than them.

First of all, since the man dared to come alone and show up in front of them all, he must have a strong background!

He wouldn’t come just to get killed!

He might have a perfect plan for this, or maybe he was just so good in martial arts, and he was sure he could defeat them all by himself.

He could hide outside the door listening to them without being noticed for so long. That meant he was no ordinary figure!

Second, the most important one, if he was an enemy, he could just leave without leaving a trace. As he could get in easily, surely, he could leave as easily. However, he didn’t leave. He showed up to them. He was very possibly not quite close to the two great sects. If so, this man might become their support in this fight. If that was true, things would be better than they could think of!