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Chapter 361: Sowing Dissension

Chapter 361: Sowing Dissension

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Long Tianyun didn’t answer or take any moves. He just kept staring at the man in black.

Every move of the masked man in black was under his watch!

He was thinking about all this in mind. [I said he is from the Cyan Cloud Sect, but I am truly not so sure. His martial art, speed, moves, shape…

Who on earth… does he look like?]

He kept thinking about it, making conjectures.

[Obviously, the sword in his hand looks… inappropriate… His sword moves are overwhelming and powerful indeed, but there are some flaws during his movement. It actually feels so blunt.]

[The martial art that he is using… He moves so fast. His movements also seem to be inappropriate, like he is forcibly putting them all together… He is not using his own martial arts… He is simply holding it forcibly with his own powerful cultivation… Why?]

[Facing the encirclement of over twenty superior cultivators… Although they are not very powerful cultivators and not among the top figures in the Sky Origin Stage, it is after all over twenty cultivators fighting together. I don’t think anybody dares to look down upon them… But he is not using his real capability. Even so, he defended it all and he seems so casual about it.. There won’t be many cultivators in the two great sects that can be as strong as he…]

[Maybe he is not from the Sunlight Sect or Starlight Sect…]

[According to all these, it should be easy to have some guess about this man. Why am I all blank in brain? Why is it?]

Long Tianyun thought so hard.

After a while, many people who had been guarding the place joined them. Over thirty men surrounded one.

Fighting against many people alone was a difficult thing for any cultivators in this man’s level. It was rather more difficult for him… as he didn’t want to reveal his true identity.

The masked man was strong and powerful, but it was getting worse for him. He seemed slower.

As the fight went on, the man in black was cut on the robe on his back because he was careless. If he wasn’t that good, he could have received a fatal wound.

The man in black didn’t make any fierce strikes yet, but his enemies had attacked him with strong hands. He was furious. He struck out with a palm and the guys were slowed down a bit. He shouted, "Long Tianyun, do you really want me to kill here now? Do you think your men can actually fight me?"

Long Tianyun coldly spoke, "Will we survive even though you won’t kill us? Do it or not, it is your business. We are definitely trying to take you down!"

He sounded so horrible. The guys heard his words and felt fiercer!

Since they were all trying so hard to take his life, death was not something that could not be avoided today. They just wanted to injure their enemy as much as they could!

The man in black laughed and said, "Come on, guys. Why do you all follow Long Tianyun’s stupid lead? The plan he suggested is a good plan, but the surviving group has to survive. If anything bad happens to them, everything will be ruined! I am sure that even if the plan goes well, there will only be one clan of you who will get the supreme dan beads and improve greatly! Which clan will it be then? You are all smart men. You don’t need me to say it out clearly, do you? Truth is ahead of you. Why do you all try so hard to end your own lives for others’ interests! There is no way out for you, then why not come up with another!"

He successfully made the guys slower by saying such.

Long Tianyun was scared. He shouted, "Guys, do not believe this man. My plan is not perfect. It surely carries danger and risks. As long as we all stick together, there is a fifty percent chance to succeed. We are all the same in this plan. We, Long Clan, have no secret plans. He is trying to sow dissension among us. If we don’t take him down together now, our future will be ruined!"

They guys heard him and felt that he was right. They attacked the man in black again. He was again in danger!

However, the man in black coldly smiled again. "Did I lie? Like I said, it is a practical plan. That is for sure. But when all your clans start to arrange your own men, many of you may specially give orders to your own men… Something like this. There are people from other clans who are also carrying supreme dan beads. We are not the only clan… There are so many supreme dan beads in the Chen-Xing City…"

He laughed with a strange voice, "If you can survive, try everything you can to get the dan beads in others’ hands. In the future, there will be no more eight noble clans in the Land of Han-Yang. There will only be the Long Clan!"

"When that day comes, we can have ten or twenty of our own marvelous cultivators because of the supreme dan beads. We can even wipe the other clans out and take all their properties. We will become a super sect in the world…"

The man in black spoke and laughed while dodging the attacks. He looked quite in danger, but he was always just close to death. He always escaped the attacks.

At first, he was talking about some clans. At the end, he was specifically talking about Long Clan.

His words was like a powerful bomb falling down into the crowd! The men from eight noble clans were no more united. Their unity was blown into pieces by the powerful bomb!

They all looked different now.

Long Tianyun said with anger, "How can you slander us like that? How could I be such a kind of man?"

The man in black casually said, "Oh you are not? Maybe I was indiscreet?"

The men in the other clans showed a strange expression at the same time in their eyes, like they were saying "Aren’t you?"

[Of course you are!

Did he lie?

Definitely not!]

Long Tianyun’s face turned purple and his lips were shaking out of anger. "You… You evil, flagitious bastard! You are sowing dissension among us by slander!"

The man in black laughed with a weird voice. He said, "Didn’t I say I was indiscreet? I think it will be interesting if I say something like this when you are making the arrangement. ‘I came up with this idea. I just need to give them some hints’… Hahaha…"