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Chapter 362: You Vile Man

Chapter 362: You Vile Man

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"Well then, you can make a very close guess about who would be in the surviving group from the other sects… You know well about how to deal with those men…"

"You will say a lot to your man. These and these, those and those… I came up with the plan, so they must be trusting me the most. When you guys survive, we are already dead… No matter what you do, they won’t know it."

"They won’t know that this plan is for the great future of our great clan, Long Clan! They won’t know that they sacrificed so much, including all their lives to protect the supreme dan beads, yet the supreme dan beads belong to Long Clan only! Hahahaha…"

The man in black impersonated Long Tianyun’s voice. He laughed wildly. He didn’t sound really like him, but it shocked everybody!

The last laugh of him was like a killing strike to them.

With one laugh, all weapons were down!

Everybody’s face turned pale!

[That is true. If he does it like that, the Long Clan will be the only clan who gets all the benefits!

It is Long Tianyun who suggested the plan. The other sects are all following him. We can never be foxier than him as he is a schemer.

If he set us up like this, we will lose everything!

The only clan who gets all benefits after it will be the Long Clan.]

The guys couldn’t help thinking about it. They became slower in their attacks.

Somebody even thought, [Damn it. Long Tianyun is actually such a schemer. He actually suggested such a plan for their own interest. We nearly get hooked. Now we are actually still under your command, fighting against such a great fighter… The longer I fight, the more I feel like an idiot…]

At the moment, Long Tianyun was nearly spitting blood because of anger!

[Where does this bastard come from? Why is he so good at schemes? Maybe I will have that idea tomorrow or someday, but when I say that plan, I truly am just thinking about our common interest. I truly haven’t thought about anything selfish…]

The joint forces was about to collapse. Long Tinayun gritted with his teeth and jumped out. While he was in the air, his long sword was out. "Lie! You schemer! I am not going to let you go today! Otherwise, the future of the eight noble clans will be ruined by you!"

Long Tinayun’s words reminded everybody.

[No matter Long Tianyun have thought about that or not, he hasn’t done it yet. Even if he did, he hasn’t succeeded yet. The masked man in black, he is the knife that hang over our heads. Once he leaves this place safely, it will be no peaceful days in the future for all of us.

No matter whether the man in black is telling the truth or not, the most important and prior thing is to kill that man!

It is the only way to keep the plan a secret!

Now we know that the Long Clan may be thinking about something nasty, so we can take precautions.

When that day comes, what can the Long Clan do about it?

Surely, we will be prepared about it, and maybe we will take the Long Clan down instead!

Long Tianyun might be full of schemes and he can think of things that we cannot, but now the possible plan of him is revealed. If we still keep focus on him and let that man go, we are fools!

Humph. We didn’t have time to dig deeper about it. Of course, they will do it. Who wouldn’t?

We are all selfish. We all fight for our own interests!

Who will take the biggest advantage in the future is not decided yet.

However, no matter what, this man in black is our first task!

The secret can never be leaked out!]

Thinking about this, they began to desperately fight again!

They were determined to kill him!

Long Tianyun was indeed a clever man. Even though he was under big suspicion, he could still turn the situation around by a few words. He didn’t talk much, but he had stated the logical connections of all. The fight went to another level because of him!

The masked man in black flew everywhere dodging the attacks. He was fleeing among swords and knives. He was still fine, but it was getting worse for him. He truly was under the encirclement. He had less and less room to dodge now. He knew things were getting worse, so he laughed. "Long Tianyun, well done! What a scheme! Only a few words to turn everything around! Admiring…"

While he was talking, an attack got to him quickly. He couldn’t escape the attack of a sword, and it wounded his shoulder and he bled on it.

It was the first time their attacks made him bleed. The guys saw it and was spirited up, so they were attacking more and more fiercely!

The man in black was hurt. He was furious. He angrily shouted, "You asked for it!"

He shook his body and emitted blue glow!

He finally used his real martial arts to fight back!

The man in black was covered by a dark blue light. Layers in layers, the light was spreading out gradually. His sword was swaying.

- Shoot! - There actually showed up a sword mountain that was shaped in a fan.

The sword mountain showed up in the air and then suddenly turned into dozens of sword breaths. - Shoot! - They all shot out!

Every sword breath was covered by blue glow, and there was a slight of red in it!

It seemed he was so angry because of getting hurt, so he made a fatal strike!

- Shoot shoot shoot… -

The five men who were closest to him moaned. They were wounded by the sword breath, and their blood splashed to the ground in the air like rain.

One strike, five wounded, all fatal!

Long Tianyun saw his overwhelming sword art, and his eyes widened. He felt pain and depression in his heart as he loudly screamed, "Sword Breath In Blood! You are the Heartless Sword, Situ Yu! Situ Yu, you Green Mountain Sect old bastard! You are pretending to be people of the Cyan Cloud Sect. You cunning prick!"

At the moment, there were several of the other cultivators who recognized him with his martial arts. They shouted in anger, "It is you!"

The man in black laughed with a hoarse voice. "You are mistaking me, really… I know you won’t listen to me. It won’t help for me to say more. Farewell!"

And then the sword mountain was a bit in mess. His long sword flew and made a turn. With a sound, a sword breath that was huge like a dragon showed up. The dragon was covered by colorful lights. It glowed in the dark night sky like a lightning shooting out rapidly.

It was a Human-sword Mergence!

Everybody tried to dodge away facing the prime level sword art in the cultivation world.