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Chapter 363: Situ Yu?

Chapter 363: Situ Yu?

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If they tried to stop it, they would be hit by this overwhelming attack. If anybody was hit by it, his body would be smashed to pieces, and his soul would vanish too!

Although they were prepared to die, they didn’t want to die now, not especially in such a miserable way…

Somebody died for nothing while somebody died for greater purpose. If they died now in this fight, they died for absolutely nothing!

The man in black made a good strike. The guys all moved aside. The encirclement was broken. He didn’t look back, instead, he only rushed up to the sky. His sword emitted light and he disappeared after that light!

The cultivators were resting on the floor. They were heavily breathing after receiving such a great shock.

Long Tianyun’s face turned green; he looked terrible. He stood there with his eyes full of terror.

"Is he truly Situ Yu?" somebody asked.

"Absolutely! Sword Breath In Blood! The sword glow is dark blue while there is red in it. There is only one man in the Land of Han-Yang who can do this! It is the Heartless Sword, Situ Yu from Green Mountain Sect!"

It wasn’t Long Tianyun who answered the question though.

It was an old man. This old man was known as the most retentive man in all clans.

He continued, "Situ Yu is a man with a girl’s face. His face is like peach blossom. He went mad in cultivation once a few years ago. That ruined his cultivation. Some time after, he found the cultivation method of the Pink Demon. Because of that, his sword breath began to carry some pink color! That was the Pink Demon’s special technique that he was well known for about a thousand years ago. There has never been no one else!"

"I see." Everybody got to know it.

That was why that man didn’t want to use his real martial art. It would reveal his identity…

The old man looked at Long Tianyun with a complicated expression in his eyes. It looked like gloating but not so sure. He blandly spoke, "I heard that this Heartless Sword is an old friend of yours, Long Tianyun. Well, that you are good friends… I guess you must have complicated expressions in your heart at the moment having such a good friend, right? I don’t think you will tell us the truth, right?"

Long Tianyun’s face turned dark. He was silent.

"However, Situ Yu came here today not for the supreme dan beads. No matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to snatch the dan beads from us." Another man asked with confusion, "Why would he come here then?"

Long Tianyun took in a deep breath and spoke with sorrow, "Simple reason. He wants to set Cyan Cloud Sect up. He wants us to believe that Cyan Cloud Sect was messing with us… That they were trying to get our resources… That would arouse an issue between Cyan Cloud Sect and us. He wants us to fight and both get hurt! That is his plan!"

"Hmm? Why?" the other guy asked.

Although that Heartless Sword had told everybody Long Tianyun’s secret plan and they were not so happy about it, but now that plan was never going to come true.

They knew Long Tianyun was smarter than the rest of them. Earlier, everyone would have sticked to the same plan too. They all knew the truth, so they just let it go.

Now they were in the same situation. They couldn’t fight against each other at this moment. They were not fools, so they decided not to mention it. They even thought, [It was a good plan for Long Tianyun indeed. Now that the secret plan was shown to everybody, nobody will proceed it. As they all give it up, why don’t I go for it? Wouldn’t it be a safe thing to do then?]

There must be many of them who had such thought!

"His own interest. Green Mountain Sect is also the two great sects’ target. They are trying to loosen their pressure. Cyan Cloud Sect always follow the Starlight Sect. They are simply Starlight Sect’s good puppy… Cyan Cloud Sect won’t be robbed. They will have to give in quite a part of their supreme dan beads, but they can still save some. It is much better than us…"

"If we start a fight against Cyan Cloud Sect, the two great sects can just come get on us with this reason. They won’t even need to rob us, they can just do it as a moral punishment to us… That is the great sects’ pleasure…"

"But when things go that way, it wouldn’t be something that can be solved within one or two days. Even though the great sects are powerful, they can never just wipe us out easily…" Long Tianyun coldly smiled. "We have thousands of cultivators in the capital after all. Even if we have thousands of pigs here to be killed by the great sects, it would take time… This is what the Green Mountain Sect wants. They need time to escape!"

"They can even get away from the Chen-Xing City without losing a penny. They can just disappear in the wild, and after that, they will be back to their home. Even though there will be people of them who will be killed and hunted, even though they may lose some dan beads, most of the supreme dan beads will be back to their sect! As long as the dan beads safely get to their sect, they can make up any story as they want. When the great sect gets to them, they can say that the dan beads are robbed on the way back. They can even make it up for the great sects by giving them other things. They may need to give up many treasures, but they can keep the dan beads. The rise of Green Mountain Sect in the future is going to be a great event. No kidding!"

Long Tianyun bitterly smiled. "Me and Situ Yu, we have known each other for a long time. But facing such a great benefit, it won’t be so difficult to betray me, will it? It is not something rare in the world. If we don’t know each other, how could he get to know what was in my mind and I get to know what was in his? We truly are close friends to each other… Haha, hahaha…"

He laughed. In his laugh, there was solitude and sorrow.

Nobody replied.

To be betrayed by an old good friend, Long Tianyun was the most lamentable man among them!

"No matter what, we have to change the plan now." Long Tianyun looked at the others. He could see that they were all on guard against him. He helplessly smiled and sighed. "It seems you all believe him? You think I am a foxy, despicable man?"