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Chapter 364: Share the Hatred?

Chapter 364: Share the Hatred?

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After what he said, a few of them started to cough. It looked like they had already agreed to do so.

Only the old man was calm and spoke in a deep voice, "I want to believe you, Clan Master Long. But tell me, do you think your words are still trustworthy? You insist that you would never do it like that man told us, but would you believe it if you were us?"

The old man’s words seemed desultory, but everybody believed in him. Even Long Tianyun felt convinced. [That is true. I didn’t think of that plan, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it if I can think of it. If I insist on denying it, it will be lying to myself too!"

After a while, Long Tianyun spoke with depression, "Believe me or not, it doesn’t really matter. The crisis in front is what we have to deal with now. If we cannot get through this, none of any schemes among us is possible. Don’t you agree? Whether you believe me or not, I believe in the truth!"

"Clan Mater Long is right. What do we do now?" They were smiling. They agreed with him in appearance, but more like slighting it over. Apparently, they were still vigilant to him.

Long Tianyun was downhearted, but he spirited up and said, "Maybe good luck always come along with misfortune. Situ Yu actually reminded us one thing…"

"He can set Cyan Cloud Sect up and get profits from it, why can’t we seek for supports from outside?" Long Tianyun said, "If we go to Reaching Cloud Sect and talk to their head master Xiao Moyan, maybe we can make allies? We are in the same situation after all. It would be also a supporting force to them."

Their eyes were lit up.

"However, Reaching Cloud Sect may not be a good ally. When we successfully get through this, we must be in a bad condition. If Reaching Cloud Sect comes up with some evil idea against us, we will be unable to defend." That old man had a different idea.

People all agreed with him. His concern was very possible to happen, so they couldn’t ignore it.

"Hmm. That is true… Hmm. We absolutely cannot trust Cyan Cloud Sect. It would be suicide to depend on them. Green Mountain Sect has shown their evil intention. Reaching Cloud Sect is actually the most powerful one among the three. We surely cannot ignore it… Apparently, they are all no good allies… Well then, since they are all bad choices… We have only one option now."

Long Tianyun’s eyes lit up. "The last option!"

They asked him, "Ah? What option? Which option?"

Long Tianyun spoke word by word, "The last choice is… Ling-Bao Hall! Feng Zhiling!"

The guys were shocked and then they were enlightened. They spoke at the same time, "That’s right! Great idea!"

Among all forces, Ling-Bao Hall was the one in biggest danger!

They were the most watched with greed!

They were also the common target to everyone in the world!

Now, although they were an enemy to the whole world, they were the best option for the eight noble clans to be an ally!

Only Ling-Bao Hall was not greedy about their supreme dan beads at all!

The dan beads were all sold by Ling-Bao Hall.

Those supreme dan beads were most likely Feng Zhiling’s work!

The only one who would never be interested in robbing supreme dan beads would be Ling-Bao Hall!

It would be hilarious that they wanted to snatch them back, because they simply didn’t need to…

There was another thing that was good for the eight noble clans about Ling-Bao Hall…

Ling-Bao Hall needed allies much more than the noble clans!

If the noble clans joined Ling-Bao Hall, they would be treated as distinguished guests!

There was more advantage for the noble clans to be allies to Ling-Bao Hall. Ling-Bao Hall wasn’t as powerful as the two great sects. They were surely rich, but not powerful. When things went by, the noble clans wouldn’t have to worry about Ling-Bao Hall getting back on them. They wouldn’t even care if they did.

No matter the noble clans used Ling-Bao Hall to get through the crisis, or Ling-Bao Hall used the noble clans, or maybe they were using each other, they were allies. Before the crisis was gone, as Ling-Bao Hall’s allies, it would be easy to ask Ling-Bao Hall for more supreme dan beads. It would be a way to defeat their common enemy. Ling-Bao Hall surely would consider about it, and most likely agree to it. That was a huge benefit for the noble clans!

With all these advantages, it would be fool not to become allies with Ling-Bao Hall—the best ally!

"Let’s go to Ling-Bao Hall! We share the hatred to the great sects and we fight together!"

Suddenly, they were all shoulder to shoulder now!

The masked man in black, the one who was recognized as the Heartless Sword, Situ Yu, moved a long distance and made sure no one followed him. He turned aside and disappeared behind a wall.

He pulled down the mask and wiped the sweat on his forehead. In his eyes, there was calmness and sharpness.

Behind the mask, it was a fleshless face. It was not peach blossom at all. He was actually the No. 1 Assassin in the Land of Han-Yang, Ning Biluo!

"That is so damn exhausting to set somebody up. That is so not my way," Ning Biluo murmured, "however, mission completed…" He dragged off a blood bag and threw it to the wall.

The blood splashed out.

Looking at the blood, Ning Biluo was lost in thoughts. [What a good trick to play wounded… I should keep it as a trick in real fights. It will make my enemy underestimate me. That will be a great help to me… What a good trick… I wonder where does Lord Ye learned it from. Why does he have so many weird but good methods…]

[Whatever, it is not my business. I should check on Liu Changjun. What a job…]

Ning Biluo put on the mask again and then disappeared in the dark like the wind.

Liu Changjun was running wildly like crazy!

That’s right. He was running for life!