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Chapter 365: Terrible Hornet“s Nest

Chapter 365: Terrible Hornet's Nest

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Liu Changjun was being hunted like crazy.

As Ning Biluo said, it was such an exhausting job to set somebody up!

Liu Changjun was the only one of the three that truly messed with a hornet’s nest!

It was like a huge terrible hornet’s nest!

He got into the base camp of the assassins from the Kingdom of Lanfeng…

If Liu Changjun hadn’t been instructed by Ye Xiao for several months and became quite much stronger than before, he might have long died during this mission!

However, he was only nearly killed though.

When they made the arrangement, Ye Xiao assigned himself to the most difficult job and it was the most dangerous one. Ning Biluo took the second most difficult and most dangerous one for sure as the No. 1 Assassin.

Liu Changjun naturally got the simplest job.

It was easy. He only needed to go to somewhere there were lots of cultivators and pretend to be an official from the court. He only needed to spread out the fake news that the royal court was hunting assassins down in the capital. They wanted to disrupt the assassins and disperse them.

That was all.

Liu Changjun knew where he should go. When he was here to kill Ye Xiao, he met the other assassins in this place. It was actually a normal place, but all the top assassins would gather there.

It was a place for all assassins to get news or give out news.

He should be doing it under cover.

To spread a rumor in this place should be quite easy for Liu Changjun.

He had been an assassin, and he was still an assassin. It was easy for him to go to a place full of assassins and tell everybody something that he couldn’t be sure about!

Liu Changjun even thought it was too easy for him when they were assigning missions.

[You call that a mission?]

However, when he arrived, after he shouted, he thought that maybe he f*cked up!

No. He absolutely f*cked up!

- Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot… -

- Shoot shoot shoot…-

- Shoot… -

Hundreds of assassins jumped up at the same time approaching him. Nearly half of them were emitting a blue glow with shining eyes!

A little bit further were more people jumping over. There were so many people and it looked like dark cloud covering the entire world! Swords, lights, killing intent!

Liu Changjun was stunned!

[What the hell!

What is wrong?

No way…

All the top assassins in the Land of Han-Yang are here?

Oh my god…]

He was like a wolf that wanted to show his strength in the flock of sheep, but when he really jumped in the the flock, he found that it wasn’t a flock of sheep…

He thought that there should be hundreds of sheep there, but instead there were only thousands of lions!

That was how he felt when he got there.

What should that wolf felt? It was exactly how Liu Changjun felt!

It felt like a billion alpacas turning into elephants and running over his heart!

It scared Liu Changjun’s soul out of his body!

He could only have time to say a few words.

It was actually just two words!

"Holy sh*t!"

And then he just turned around and kept running!

Thousands of assassins were there. How could they simply let him go?

"Get that official!"

"Kill him!"

"Tear him!"

The crowd burst into anger. Endless assassins chased after him! Endless assassins got over to stop him! Endless assassins showed up on the way Liu Changjun was fleeing!

Dozens of sword light showed up in the sky turning into dozens of long dragons!

They were emitting a shining glow, shooting over to him!

Liu Changjun nearly peed on his pants when he saw that, even though he had always been a brave man!

Not that he stopped being a brave man, it was just too overwhelming and shocking. [Really? I am just playing a small official. You are lifting a mountain to kill a fly, aren’t you? A cannon for an ant? Thousand years old tree to hit a mosquito!

What the fxck… Shxt…!

Holy shake!

This must be powerful enough to even deal with the House of the Chaotic Storms…

I actually hit on the center of this mess?

I actually tried to arouse dissension in it?

I… I… I was just too bold…]

Liu Changjun kept running like hell with tears of regret in his eyes.

The assassins wouldn’t let him go!

Many hidden flying weapons kept shooting at him on his important parts…

The only thing he could do was to run as fast as he could.

- Puff! -

"Ouch…" He suddenly screamed and then ran even faster. At the moment, there were two knives sticking on his butts!

Two knives on two sides. That was quite good looking!

What impressed the assassins was that he actually ran faster with the knives on his butt than earlier when nothing hit him!

What an unbelievable man.

Every assassin praised him in mind. They finally understood one thing. They realized that when they were retreating in the battle, if their horses were exhausted, they only needed to stab a knife on the horse’s butt to make it run like lightning!

Looking at Liu Changjun who was running fast like hell with two knives on his butt ahead of them, they all seemed to realize something!

[I see! That is actually strategy!]

- Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Endless flying weapons were like raining over him. They kept shooting towards Liu Changjun like crazy. Liu Changjun kept screaming because he was getting hit.



"Damn it!"


"My god that hurts…"

However, he never slowed down a bit. Under such fatal circumstances, even if his head was chopped off, he would run another three hundred miles before he fell down, let alone he was just hurt!

The assassins were chasing him without stop. They were determined. [God damn it. He was stabbed like a hedgehog, yet he actually runs fast like a rabbit!

I wonder how far can you run more!]