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Chapter 366: One Sword Strike Shocked Thousands Of Men

Chapter 366: One Sword Strike Shocked Thousands Of Men

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Although he was hit by endless flying weapons, those were no deadly wounds. Liu Changjun was covered by blood and forcibly rushed out to the street. He had lost too much blood. The energy he gathered up to escape had almost vanished. He started to feel blurry in sight. He couldn’t hold it anymore, but then he saw a masked man in black show up in front of him!

Liu Changjun didn’t spend time in thinking. He just raised his hand and swayed the sword against that man. He had been so exhausted, but suddenly became vigorous again. He rushed over like a mad tiger, with fearlessness!

He thought that if he couldn’t rush over, he would die there!

At the moment, the first thing he had to do was break through the surrounding and fled. That was the only way to keep himself safe.

"It’s me!"

Ning Biluo shouted.

However, Liu Changjun could only think about rushing over it. He had basically lost his mind. He only followed his instinct to fight. So he struck.

Ning Biluo dodged.

Liu Changjun drove his life energy to sway the sword and his sword struck down beside Ning Biluo with a colorful glow.

Behind him, the hundreds of Sky Origin Stage cultivators whose swords were emitting blue light rushed over!

The man in front of Liu Changjun was surely a superior out of superior cutlivators!

Ning Biluo’s eyes emitted hot qi with killing intent!

Suddenly, his waist straight up.

His eyes was calm and he was looking down upon everything!

He just stood in the air, and he looked so slim like a sword!

It was like a sword connecting the sky and the earth!

The next moment, he waved his hand and then a sword showed up in his hand!

It was like a sword that was made of water.

The sword light kept shining on it.

He stopped doing anything. He just kept looking at those assassins who were rushing over to him. His eyes were filled with heat.

As the assassins came closer, Ning Biluo’s eyes turned crazier.

The killing intent that formed into qi around him had begun to turn solid. The next moment, the qi erupted out!

Ning Biluo still didn’t move!

The hundreds of assassins who had been rushing over like crazy suddenly felt extremely scared all of a sudden!

It was an instinct that they realized their lives were in danger!

They felt like an ancient godlike killer was standing in front of them!

Everybody had one same thought, [If I rush over, I will die!]

When they had such feelings, Ning Biluo’s qi hadn’t burst yet!

- Whoo! -

Every assassin made the same choice at the same time!

They stopped without hesitation. They forcibly stopped themselves in the air!

The one who was leading couldn’t slow it down as quickly as he wanted, although he had tried his best.

When he finally stopped, he was about three meters away from Ning Biluo!

That was so close!

All of a sudden, that man felt himself covered with goosebumps. He felt cold on his back. He looked at the eyes that were filled with heat and killing intent. His palms were cold as well as his heart.

He was hopeless. He only had one thought, [I am dying!]

The man who had rushed too far away and became closest to Ning Biluo thought that he would die when he saw Ning Biluo, but unexpectedly, Ning Biluo didn’t do it!

He just stared at the man with cold eyes, like he was staring at a dead body.

He did nothing!

The man screamed in a strange sound. He stepped back a few steps and nearly fell to the ground.

He felt so grateful and happy that he didn’t get killed. He nearly kneeled down and say thank you.

That was lucky.

The man in front of him didn’t kill him!

The assassins kept coming over like tide. Everyone was a lawless figure, however, at this moment, they were stopped right there by one person!

Within just one second, they were stopped!

The man in front of them didn’t even say a word and he didn’t do anything. He just stood in the air silently. His calm eyes were emitting the heat from the killing intent!

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but have one thought, [This guy is a godlike killer!

If I go forward further, I will be killed. There will be no exception!

If he strikes over, no one of us can defend it!]

In fact, there were thousands of assassins. If they truly rushed over and attacked Ning Biluo, even though he was the No. 1 Assassin in the world, he would be smashed into minced meat at once!

However, the assassins actually didn’t dare to move when they were facing Ning Biluo!

A man with a sword, astonished thousands of assassins!

Nobody dared to step ahead a bit!

How fierce!

Behind him, in the dark, Liu Changjun was impressed!

[This is Ning Biluo!

This is the legendary No. 1 Assassin in the Land of Han-Yang!

So fierce! So vigorous! He truly is the No. 1 Assassin!]

"May I ask who it is?" Finally, an assassin stepped ahead and asked. He cautiously looked at Ning Biluo and asked with a low voice.

Ning Biluo coldly stared at him in silence. The killing intent on him was increasing!

The assassin was startled and he felt cold at once. He couldn’t help sweating. His clothes became totally wet within seconds. That was actually the power of just a stare.

The next moment, Ning Biluo did something else. It was not killing. He just turned around slowly in the air and moved away slowly.

He didn’t say anything.

The thousands assassins looked at him turning around and leaving—none of them moved either. They were shocked by his vigor and fierceness. Nobody dared to move.

- Thring! -

They heard the sound of a sword. It was Liu Changjun’s sword being put back into the scabbard.

Ning Biluo just stepped forward in big strides walking down in the air like he was walking down on the stairs with nothing in his hand. From high to low, he walked slowly to the ground and grabbed Liu Changjun. Then, they walked side by side, not fast, not slow.

When they started to walk away, Ning Biluo said something without turning over his head.

It was the only thing he had said since he showed up.

"If you want to act wild in the Kingdom of Chen, you better know you are far below the league!"